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 What are the best nostr overview and getting started resources for developers?

@jb55 @PABLOF7z @fiatjaf @tyiu @Vitor Pamplona @franzap @miljan 
 If nostr allows for disappearing notes, it would be cool to see this function added to popular cl... 
 Nice. How big is the team? 
 Woah. Biggest team on nostr 
 #askNostr is there any way to schedule a note on nostr?? 👀

posting a note at a specific block... 
 Me and the boys around our bitcoin full node as the halving draws near at block 840,000. 

For larger vids (>10MB) consider getting a nostr.build subscription 
 GM auntie, remember sunset is the best time for influensoor pictures 
 Apple actually beat google to the punch on our latest release. Minutes after submitting. A rare m... 
 How much are yall paying them 😅 
 If you’d like to bug mullvad vpn to add LN payment directly on their website or browser you can write them here


There’s a non-mullvad party that accepts LN which is one hop too many 
 Thanks. Issue closed shortly thereafter. It appears Mullvad devs dont like lightning. 
 Is ai assistant in every app a trendy gimmick or do people actually use these 
 Trying to KYC my wife with Apple to get an Apple developer account

Is this domestic violence? 

Did your appstore connect account get banned? 
 hey nostr, can anyone help me figure out how I can host some Bitcoin meetups in Paris, Berlin, an... 
 Not your keys, not your notes. ZBD no longer allows ZBD Developer credentials to be used for sign... 
 Whitney sheds light on the sketchy carbon credit “market” and “decarbonization” scam as instruments for surveillance and control.

Excellent work, pod, and investigative writing. nostr:note1lt34ej0535acmpxcukxla6ktz9cdwcvqw8ttv4de7urgxxx29sqs3dg7cn 
 Bitcoin mining pools should issue rewards in ecash so that participants can mine without an accou... 
 nostr:npub1sg6plzptd64u62a878hep2kev88swjh3tw00gjsfl8f237lmu63q0uf63m , I heard in a recent podca... 
 Or lightning and telegram 👀 
 Whats on the agenda? 
 Trying to learn basic coding of Nostr. I like to post/sign a note to a relay, this without librar... 
 @Meredith Whittaker as CEO and leader of Signal Foundation how do you reconcile with a Signal board member and chair in Katherine Maher who advocates for censorship, and stands against freedom of speech? nostr:note1np0d0g26vzxqy68a796ns36vkfld8l280qjrh486nepvyk6mmktsam6msz 
 Needing an email address to use Alby doesn't make sense to me. 
 @saunter 👀 
 @hakkadaikon このバグを一貫して再現できていますか?


 @𝓢𝓮𝓻 𝓢𝓵𝓮𝓮𝓹𝔂 we found how to recreate your bug 
 🌞GM 🌞

NPR CEO calls first amendment a challenge in effort to “regulate” speech. 


One minute of research reveals that NPR CEO is chair of Signal foundation board.

Previously served as CEO of censorship maxi organization Wikimedia.  

Not surprised about NPR, and Wikipedia. 

What does this say about Signal though🤔


Love local communities, human friendly ways to get from A to B. 

What disagrees with me is central planners imposing a cost on the free movement of people. 
 Maybe @Meredith Whittaker can tell us 
 I think the silence on the topic tells us a lot as the signal CEO has opinions on many tech, privacy, censorship things: google employees protesting google’s military israel ties, tiktok and the dc swamp reaction, and “censorship” - see post below. 


I hope and will be happy if the CEO of Signal @Meredith Whittaker  can right the record of a censorship maxi chair of Signal’s board. 

Conversely self-censorship on the topic will speak even more loudly. 
 Agree. NPR glorious leader clearly stands against freedom of speech. I hope Meredith disassociates. 
 Very happy to be wrong in my assessment 
 pants are a psyop

 🌞GM 🌞

One of the few independent, non-corporate, and investigative journalists in 🇧🇬 Dilyana Gaytandzhieva was just demonetized by the guulagul for spreading “misinformation”, or as we know on nostr information that is not approved by the narrative.

I am organizing the 🇧🇬 freedom tech community to rally behind her, set her up with a LN address, teach her and her team about nostr. 

Beyond this individual (and predictable) case of censorship of an independent investigative journalist, I am thinking nostr and bitcoin could have a landing page titled 

“So you’ve been censored. What now?”

Queue a quick and practical intro to nostr, and bitcoin: download free speech client damus, amethyst, primal etc download free speech wallet phoenix, mutiny, wallet of satoshi (ideally with a LN address ready to go). 
This landing page would be tailored around the specific pain point of censorship. 

This site would be localized in various languages - Bulgarian, Portuguese etc.

What do yall think?

  @Nackoo2000 @elidy @vrod @Karnage 
 @DeAllen Young I was thinking this would cater to journalists, podcasters. My understanding of these customers pain points is that they simply want to do awesome, independent investigative work, communicate directly with, and allow for supporters to subscribe to their services with no risk of censorship or rugpull. 

These folk can then in turn by way doing demonstrate the benefit of free speech protocol, and free speech money protocol. 
 Friends, I want a low-data text-only nostr client. Does it exist? 
 check @balas alphaama.com 
 Rockstar came along,
Singing his little uncle song,
He said to me with a grin,
"Hey buddy, you ne...