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 Rights are granted by a higher power. Then they are either recognized or violated. 

Anything els... 
 by who? 
 rights aren’t given, they’re taken.

bitcoin and nostr help you take and defend them, peacefully. 
 i don’t care that your note is doing numbers 
 the influencer wears no pants 
 Single devs with shoestring budgets are criticized for not having everything ready for everyone. ... 
 he’s having problems with tor getting access. could no longer connect.  

 jack, do you think nostr is a failure if they don't find a killer product in a few years? How lon... 
 How about we build on principles instead of just recreating the existing system.

People don’t ... 
 "it had a single point of control/failure"

yep - in the form of a selfish little boy billionaire... 
 the cypherpunks are on nostr

(but not exclusively)


and no one cares. i wish it were different. 
 "are you awake yet?" == "woke" 
 "As an adjective woke was first recorded in African American usage in the late 19th century, meaning awake, not asleep. The contemporary meaning arose in the US during the 1960s, with the idea of being well informed and aware of what was going on in society. In the 21st century woke was popularized by association with the Black Lives Matter movement and by the lyrics of the 2008 song “Master Teacher” by Erykah Badu, in which the words “I stay woke” serve as a refrain. More recently the word has been used in a more derogatory way, by people who oppose progressive reforms or feel that their advocates are unrealistic or interfering." 
 nostr is still mainly used alongside twitter. in the best rare case, as a replacement. and only because people are running away from something about twitter they don't like.

there is nothing that people want to run to nostr for yet. zaps were promising, but bitcoin is still a hurdle (one that primal is doing the best at overcoming), and it's doubtful lightning could scale to a massive adoption moment.

nostr needs a feature or experience that's unique and sets it apart. i *think* that is the ecosystem of microapps over the long term...but it's definitely not in the short term. and that might be ok.

for twitter the initial draw was the simplicity and weirdness of 140 characters (we started with zero network effect, facebook had it all...that's built over time). later it became the conversation which lead to the "public square" (owned by a private corporation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). and then as it grew, it had a single point of control/failure people could attack.

nostr doesn't have to worry about that last bit. it's an incredible feature. but not one the average person cares about (no matter how much they yell "FREE SPEECH!"...if people actually cared about free speech, bitcoin and nostr would be all they used...they don't). 

all this to say, we're not doomed. but what we think is the killer feature isn't right now. who's going to discover the one that is? 
 payments eventually. store of value and remittance today. 
 no doubt zaps makes it click. 

but i don’t think they yet make people stay. 
 we had zero advertising. 
 no i’m not 
 kill your heros 

good morning 
 kill your spel checks 
 I really don’t like seeing pictures and videos that are not the full width (iPhone) it’s stup... 
 full width would be edge-to-edge. 
 Primal feature request time! 

Let us know what you would like to see next in Primal. What’s mi... 
 It’s time for miners to wake up and start migrating to Sv2.

Mining centralization is as bad as... 
 where's the body composition data coming from? scale? 
 withings scale 
 You do any physical activity that deep in ? 
 weights, sauna, and long walks 
 You haven’t eaten for over three days? 
 What app is that? 
 zero and a withings scale 
 my opinions don’t change if i learn what happened in some random convo. Bitcoin doesn’t care.... 
 Kind of turned off by hope.com given the latest news 
 My thoughts after my first 24 hours on Nostr are: 
1. There’s a learning curve here but seems w... 
 today i learned most bitcoiners don’t understand bitcoin
 Ye but who the fuck is Dan 
 “dan is hope” 
 i’m going to legally change my name to dan nostr:note15umaeuznxdzrk7ar42mm66xg932ae4hxgfc63knjm723j2ruu5msq7f33m