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 Think of it like Walking Dead:

you might not be infected, but the sheer number and viciousness o... 
 I always accept reality and then do everything I can to maximize my life in reality. Delusion is the alternative. 
 Sort of. Yes, you're still living in the same reality that the others have influence over (their experience on Twitter can cause them to make decisions that affect you) but you can still benefit from the aspects of reality that you can control. Not using Twitter may still benefit your life greatly, even if not perfectly. My life IS better without Twitter even though many other people still use it. I can also mitigate the impact of other people choosing to use Twitter in areas I can control.

Everyone around me using Twitter doesn't negate all of the benefits of me not using Twitter. I still have some agency and exercise it to maximize my life in reality. This sort of viewpoint can quickly slip into nihilism if we aren't careful. 

The 'automatically play videos and GIFs' setting should be two separate settings if possible.

I want GIFs to play automatically and don't want videos to play automatically. 
 I said it before and I'll say it again and again: we need ideas to fix the huge traffic issue wit... 
 I think it would be a start to let people better choose what they see. I see so much content from people I don't want to see. I would only see content from people I explicitly follow (no global bullshit, nothing from the people they follow, etc). I literally only want to see posts from those I 'follow.'

This isn't a broad solution, but it would certainly lower the amount of data my connection needs to download. Currently, well over half of what I see on Nostr is shit I don't even want to see.

I'm sure there are other preference settings (filters) that could greatly reduce data usage. This seems like low hanging fruit, but I'm not knowledgeable enough on Nostr to know for sure. 
 Even then, 'Unlimited' is pretty much always limited in some way. At least in the US. It's a deceptive term here. 
 I conducted an experiment to demonstrate the point in my other comment. On average, I would NOT see 18 out of every 25 posts that are loaded on my feed (using the most aggressive filter offered by the client - which clearly isn't much of a filter). I don't understand all the underlying mechanics, but allowing me to only see the 7/25 posts I want to see has to save data. I can't see how it wouldn't. 
 I've encountered push back before on many topics which is to be expected given that my philosophy is generally in the minority.

What's always amusing is when my nationality (American) is used as a way to dismiss my views on something. This takes multiple forms, but the general intent is the same.

I'm amused because most of my philosophical views and politics come from people who weren't born and raised in the US. Many of my views aren't even popular with Americans.

The Israeli-Palestine issue, for example, is one in which my current views were argued to me by three people who were not born and raised in the US. I was convinced by their arguments and changed my views.

Most of my economic views come from several Austrians, a Russian, and several Europeans.

Most of my philosophical views come from a former Russian from the Soviet Union, Aristotle (Greek) and several Europeans.

My worldview has largely been formed by people who were not originally American (some of them later chose to be, some existed before the country did). I considered Eastern/Asian views in the aforementioned areas and found them to be lackluster. The reality in those places isn't one I want to live in.

The US is made up of parts of every place on earth. I've been exposed to a large array of people from other lands, ideals, cultures, food, religions, philosophies and politics. I had a conversation recently with an African refugee I work with who was tortured and imprisoned for political crimes. I learned a lot. I was partially raised by an old black southern lady as a foster child, so my worldview even goes outside of the white American family.

My point here is that people can be more than the country they live in. I've built a worldview from many components and I advocate for it because I think it is the best (otherwise, why have it?). I am not a moral relativist and I will never apologize for that.

I think the US is the closest that a government ever came to being moral and I'm not ready to give up on those ideals (for everyone, not just white men). And no, I don't buy Anarachy.

Maybe I'm not the ignorant one. 
 Not me. Lol I had coworkers who argued with me and told me I was wrong when I told then that we would all suffer for years for that stimi. I even did some math at the time to predict what it would cost them in the long run.

Turns out my math was wrong (I've always had to work extra hard at math). It turned out to be a lot worse that my math predicted. Hahaha.

I bought #Bitcoin with the stimi and stacked my nuts off during the bear.

I'm doing alright. 😁 
 Meh. They know they can't ban it. But they are essentially banning themselves from the industry if this is the plan. They'd be smart to welcome the industry and the downstream growth that would come with it.

Alas, fuckem.
 Lol fucking morons. 
 It would be cool if #Amethyst removed the zap button for people who can't be zapped. I waste a fair amount of time trying to zap people who don't even have an address setup.

An alternative cool option would be to allow a default to be set that sends the sats to an address of my choice (configured to be default with no extra input from me when zapping) instead of the user I'm trying to zap.

The point here is to either stop wasting time or at least have sats go somewhere when I click the zap button. The former makes more sense, but having both options would be cool. 

This is a good opportunity to recommend Bitwarden and the highest 2nd factor option offered for accounts.

But don't use Bitwarden for your 2FA as well. It's unfortunate that they encourage that.
 No, I just meant the default wallet. I'll have time to screw around with nodes when I'm done with school next year. 
 I wish it was faster to startup but I think that'll be quicker now that I'm using it more as my main wallet. Still going to be unfortunate when I take a week off from Nostr or something and don't use it.

I'm not sure why it's slower than Phoenix. There must be a technical reason and quite possibly one I'd respect. 
 Already is. Thanks for the suggestion though. There's probably a tradeoff somewhere that made Phoenix faster. I'll survive. 
 I want to start mining Bitcoin at home. Any recommendations on FOSS mining software for generic PC hardware?

This is a lottery/principle/hobby setup. I don't care about odds of winning and don't plan to use a pool, if that makes a difference.

#Bitcoin #Mining 
 Appreciate it. Address for zapping? 
 What software are you using? 
 Yes, that's what I was trying to ask. I didn't realize it has specific firmware. 
 It's probably an unpopular opinion, but I think the US government becoming more aggressive will ultimately lead to more freedom. Every day, more Americans become disillusioned by being attacked from various angles.

People are becoming freedom fighters in unexpected ways. For example, we now have an association fighting for the right to have fucking cigars. Yes, that's a sign of how fucked things have gotten, but it's also bullish because it shows that people are fighting on fronts you may not even know exist.

I think this will have a compounding effect over time.

I'm bullish as fuck on America. It gets disheartening sometimes though. I have bearish moments and my family is prepping in case we ever have to leave. But I'm not giving up until I have no other recourse. The original ideals are worth fighting for even though they haven't been applied equally.

Americans are also pretty resilient people. We tend to get pretty unruly very quickly when pushed too far. Unfortunately, we can take quite a lot of abuse.

I think people should adopt the virtuous American ideals in other countries too. I hope we can adopt the good from abroad too. I want to see all humans thrive everywhere. But this is my home and I love it.

It saddens me to see Americans trash our home and what is good for the actions of government and central banks.

#Bitcoin and #Nostr are going to be super important in the coming years. 
 It was always that way to some degree if you look back at our history. It doesn't require a large percentage of people to cause the tide to shift.

You have to remember that we made it through a Revolution and Civil War. I'm not saying it won't get messy, only that I think we will come through it better off. Fortunately, I don't think violence is necessary this time around.

I think our odds are better than they ever were for those before us. The enemy needs us to feel defeated. Don't give them that privilege. 
 We are prepping to leave if it gets so bad that we can't realistically live here anymore, even if temporarily. That can mean many things, but I'm just prepping because I can't know the future.

I'm a patriot, not a fool. I like to prepare for anything. 
 I should add that my plan even includes moving within the US between states. Lots to consider for stuff like this. 
 People who change nym and disappear into thin air should also take their memories with them...
 This song came to mind for some reason.

Although, it's the opposite emotion of what you're conveying.

 Just because something is too expensive for you doesn't mean it is a rip off. A new business or small business isn't entitled simply because it is new or small. Those things aren't virtues on their own.

I also take issue with the claim that #Nostr is free. It may be free for you to use, but that doesn't mean that someone isn't bearing the cost of it. Relays use energy and require hardware and maintenance. Developers put time into building either at their own expense or those of us who make purchases, donate, etc.

I do think Nostr is better, but there's a subtle (increasingly less subtle) distaste for anyone who dares to charge for things growing in the #Bitcoin and Nostr space from what I have been seeing.

There is usually a veiled moral superiority attached to things that are free of cost, as if those things have no cost in reality.

If you're using Nostr, clients, etc free of charge then someone else is paying your way for you. That's just the reality.

I get that not everyone is financially able to pay (if true, maybe you have bigger concerns than social media and should spend that time elsewhere, but that's a separate topic and really depends on the person and context).

It's the smug moral superiority and disdain for those who dare charge for their effort that bothers me.

X isn't free to operate and the businesses on the platform probably aren't giving their effort away for free either. Small or new businesses don't have to buy those extra services. The market will set that price.

I don't see virtue in encouraging people to be leeches and shaming those who charge for what they're offering. Nostr has many worthy virtues and advantages over X without shaming the profit motive.

 Being a farmer/doctor/artist/etc. that incorporates bitcoin into the business of your everyday li... 
 True. I'm starting to be known as the #Bitcoin guy in my hospital. I've had people ask me randomly about it who I rarely see or talk to at work.

It's happening slowly, but it's happening.

Unfortunately, I do still get paid in fiat and have fiat bills, but I save in Bitcoin and spend and replace when given the opportunity.
 I don't even know what you're talking about so maybe this is blissfully unaware inception. 
 Being ignorant isn't always bad. I tend to focus on the big stuff. Some people get bogged down in the minutia and do nothing useful in the world. I prefer to spend the majority of my time being productive instead of following every little drama on the internet. 
 I don’t know what drama people are taking about now. I must be asleep during all this commotion 
 Boredom probably. 
 That's probably a good sign. 
 I don't even know what you're talking about so maybe this is blissfully unaware inception. 
 I don't understand why it needs to be 'or.' SeedSigner is strictly a signer. It doesn't store a seed in a secure element. I have a use case for both. I use a Coldcard and SeedSigner.

SeedSigner, in my opinion, is great for multisig and absolute zero cold storage. You can use it for everyday use, but I don't like to keep a single seed laying around with too much value attached.

Basically, I find the SE more convenient for #Bitcoin I plan to touch a lot more often. Once that gets large enough, I may consider moving it to a key I generate using Entropia and use the SeedSigner if I ever need to quickly use a key without loading it into a SE.

The point is that there are uses for both. They aren't really the same.
 The west, even with all of it's problems, is still the best in my opinion.

There's no place on earth I'd rather live than the US and I have the resources to move to any country I want.

And even if I did want to live in another country, it would definitely be a western one.

We have work to do, but I'm not ready to forsake the west in favor of something worse.

 No, and I have no desire to. I know my current needs and no other country on the planet, currently, allows me to do the things I value most as freely as I can now. Hopefully that changes. I doubt it will. My best hope currently is do everything I can to not lose this in the US.

I have spent a lot of time researching to come to this conclusion though. I can't live as I do now in any other country, sadly. Even western ones. But that's all from a legal perspective.

Philosophically (my preference for Westernism), I don't need to visit any particular place. I think Western philosophy in general is better.

So this issue for me is one of legal structure and philosophy. That, for me, means the US is best. I can leave and choose not to. It wasn't until I could leave that I fully realized this because I didn't have a choice one way or the other before. Now I stay completely by choice. I'll never say that will never change though if somewhere else meets my needs better. And I actually hope competition does improve. I'm not excited about the fact that I have nowhere better to go from a legal perspective.

I'm less rigid about visiting other places, but there are places I will absolutely not visit in their current state. Nothing has interested me thusfar. 
 I am not sure what your point is or which opinions you are referencing. This explains the opinions I expressed in this note. I have a wide array of opinions on many topics that I spend time researching and thinking about. 
 I've thought out my position and made up my own mind based on research of history and philosophy. Where I live has nothing to do with that.

Feel free to challenge my arguments with your non-chauvanistic, non-fanatic, non-ignorant counter arguments that must be better since I haven't met the arbitrary standard of having lived in a country you approve of.

I can only imagine how enlightened I'll be after seeing this preview. 
 Lol Maybe having a bunch of little shitcoin shields will work out in the end.
 I'm reminded of grunts

 The fuck are they talking about? It's being offered to clients by the largest asset manager on the planet lol 
 I’d argue that Shitcoins have actually delayed the DOJ’s efforts to attack #Bitcoin . 

 Lol Maybe having a bunch of little shitcoin shields will work out in the end.
 I don't see #Nostr as a compelling YouTube replacement yet. It isn't even close in my opinion. TikTok, probably (I don't use it). The others, definitely. I have already replaced them.
 Its not about what is written into law

But rather the laws are enforced and what is targeted/foc... 
 Unfortunately, it does matter because more laws allows little tyrants to pick and choose when convenient. There have been examples of really old laws coming back to the surface because some politician needed it.

Dormant doesn't mean not dangerous. We should remove as many as we can. It rarely happens because it's too convenient politically to keep them around. 
 100% I thought your point was that they don't matter if not currently being enforced. I've seen them be reawakened before. 
 Man it must suck to be a company having to navigate the SDNY DoJ right now. 
 It sucks to be a company navigating in the US period. Our government has almost total control of economics now. It was hard enough even when I ran a small LLC. I can't imagine all the bullshit larger companies have to deal with.

I'm sure it is worse in some states though. I don't doubt that.
 Some is hijacking the anti-israel-genocide protests in US.
Palestinians and sane people will neve... 
 Or it's far more simple. Universities and Islamic sympathizers have conditioned particularly young Americans to think that the West, even with it's problems, is worse than middle eastern alternative ideologies, where barbarism reigns supreme.

Ridiculous ideas like Israeli genocide contribute. Defending yourself from people who are on a religious crusade against you isn't fucking genocide.

Palestinians enabled Hamas and continue to do so. All blood is on their hands.
 It's a sign of how fucked things are that the FBI suggests that a sign of legitimacy is being asked for your identity information, all of which is typically used by identity thieves and financial criminals.

NOT having to give over your identity and privacy for a service though is probably illegitimate.

Lol Clown world.

 Productive day. Rust is such a cool language. Now I understand why it's known as the language for... 
 I've started learning C++. Not sure I'd call it meditative though lol Maybe I should have went with Rust 😂 
 Hey nostriches, I need your help with some advice. 

After 2 years doing my best to counter bitco... 
 B or C all day and B doesn't need to be in Bitcoin really. You're falsely limiting yourself. If you can, awesome. If not, then just get a fiat gig. If anyone gives you shit I will personally donate time telling them to go fuck themselves.

I'll also buy your newsletter in whatever state it's currently in while you work on it.

Throw stack selling right out the window. Let's figure out how to solve this problem AND build your stack more.

 On a side note, I recently saw something somewhere about how Substack is slowly working to fuck it's writers by taking more ownership of the subscribers list (so it can't be as easily moved elsewhere). Something to consider since you're considering building it up more. I really dont want a Substack account again but I will for you. Would appreciate an alternative or something on Nostr whenever possible.

This may be a thing at some point:

 Let's make B and/or C happen for this man.

He has a newsletter linked on his profile.

@OpenSats ?

#Bitcoin #Nostr
 “We need to be inspired by the divine to be out best selves and know who we are” 
 No we don't.
 I've been saying for a bit, start by making neat and nifty bitcoin wallet apps normies can use on... 
 A concern I have is that people need to understand that there is a key involved that can't simply be reset like an X password currently. Hiding that may be a disservice. 
 We legit need a s33d oil disrespectooor sauce and dressing range to release to the public 
 Do you mean a condiment company that's seed oil free? I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.

But I do make my own ranch and have found my other sauces without seed oils or other bullshit. Just ingredients I'd use myself. There's trust there, but ketchup and BBQ are simple enough that I doubt they're lying, especially since oils aren't even in them (olive tends to be faked). 
 It took me a while, but I found out how to see who sent me #sats in a #nostr post. It made me thi... 
 This only matters if you want to be anon. At which point you'd just use Phoenix or something anon like that. Seems like a non issue, at least in #Amethyst. I don't know how all clients work. I don't care if you see that I zapped you because you can already see me on Nostr anyway. If I cared, I'd have an anon npub and zap with an anon wallet.

Aren't the zaps going to the same address listed on your profile? I don't see how doing it there would prevent you from seeing who sent the sats. We aren't doxxing each other by sharing information that we already know about each other. Unless I'm misunderstanding. 
 Why would you give sats to someone you think is going to come after you for it? Either way, you don't have to use an npub or wallet attached to your real identity. 
 I see. I didn't realize you meant that your issue is with other people seeing it. I would say that this problem can't be solved if you're using your real identity to send me funds. That information is going to be somewhere.

Are you sure that this information is visible when using an external wallet? When I click zap, my Phoenix app opens and handles the transaction. As far as I know, #Amethyst is just sharing the destination with the Phoenix app. Maybe it is visible. I have no idea how to even check. I will zap you 64 sats and you can see. 
 I actually just noticed this in Amethyst, so I'll send another (56 sats) with the non-zap option. This may be the answer to your concern. This is how I assumed zaps were happening for me, but I think now I was wrong.

 It looks like you can make this the default behavior in Amethyst, which is pretty damn cool. Problem solved in my opinion. Thanks for bringing this up. It's a good point. 
 Yes, I just deleted all my defaults and readded them as non-zaps, so you shouldn't see the info when I zap this note now. 
 I'm hard on #Lightning, #Nostr (and clients), etc because I want them to succeed.

Sitting around and patting each other on the backs isn't going to make normies want to use this stuff.

We need it to be easy for the least tech savvy people in my opinion. Otherwise, all of it will be niche forever. Maybe that's fine for some people, but not for me. 
 Mfw I realised it's like 50% cheaper to withdraw my DCA sats to cold storage from Kraken by using... 
 It's probably better for privacy too. I'm not sure by how much, I'm just guessing that it is to an extent. 
 On a side note, Strike does no fee withdrawals if you're willing to wait 24 hours. They must be doing it as a batch and building it into their buy fees, which are also pretty good in my opinion. 
 Imagine being in IT for 30 years and not understand #Bitcoin. if you've been in IT for that long ... 
 There's a difference between understanding technology (some of it) and understanding philosophy, economics, history, politics, banking, etc.

It's not fair to say that they should have understood the need for #Bitcoin simply because they worked in IT (which can mean many things anyway).
 My brain can't understand the X maxis who talk about #Bitcoin signal.

The signal is clearly on Nostr. I get that we want to expand the content here (I do, at least), but it doesn't get better than this for Bitcoin centric people in my opinion.

It's just weird that people don't apply the same principles to something like social media. X is pretty much the fiat version of social at this point.

I know I said I'd call things fiat less, but I think it's fair here when discussing #Nostr vs X. There are many similarities to Bitcoin vs fiat.

I'm not even saying they have to be Nostr only like me. But they aren't even cross posting. It's just weird. 
 things i realised while developing nostr:npub14a3s46a8mr8kar9duvfzd2gz8sntjxcykwslyx84dfnexfzfdzh... 
 Seeing people talk about unexpected NIP changes is the major reason I don't plan to bother with developing on Nostr.

I'm simply unwilling to constantly chase changes that wreck my work. Backward compatibility or fuck off as far as I'm concerned. Constantly changing the rules in the middle of the game sounds like hell.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the complaints, but this has been my takeaway as a developer who considered it.
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 Probably because it contradicts everything he's spent 30 years selling people.