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 I don't understand Blossom. How do you find a piece of content in it if you only have a hash? Or ... 
 Remember when people were crying out against NIP-94? What a time... 
 Yep, but the happy path doesn't solve anything. It is still centralized media database. Nobody wins if devs stay in the happy path. It's like saying custodial bitcoin is an innovation vs fiat systems. No, it's not. It's just an illusion. 
 Some clients are putting `data:image/jpeg;base64, ` uris right into the .content of kind1 because we don't really have a better solution right now.  
 If relay operators are surprised by base64 images, I got news. There are worse things being transfered in broad daylight through regular events.  
 Finally got around to just resetting Amethyst. For some reason it has a bug which just caused the... 
 Interesting. Did you Log off and log in? Or had to fully uninstall and install it back? 🤔 
 There is a space for a new Nostr client that automatically groups follow's posts and replies into topics, maybe even on a chat interface. Every day new topics emerge and fade away. You can short-term join and leave topics by getting into their rooms. 

Dan would have become a topic. Halving another one. 
 Yep, but global lists/labels are overrated. It's nicer to just do it on what your follows are talking about and then bring everybody else in the same topic to it. 
 Information flow is probably too fast for humans, even at today's scale.  
 I'm reporting nostr:npub14h23jzlyvumks4rvrz6ktk36dxfyru8qdf679k7q8uvxv0gm0vnsyqe2sh for SPAM. 

 Hum... Why is the bot creating reports and not NIP-32 labels? Those are two very different things in my mind. If you want labels, use NIP-32 not NIP-56. 
 Why does no one talk about ICANN centralization and alternatives like #OpenNic?

or email self ho... 
 Mostly because ICANN is just a small part of the centralization of domain names. But yes, we talk about it all the time. :) 

OpenNic is not that much better. It is also centralized. It's just different overlords. 

It's like the PlayStore vs F-Droid. Both are centralized catalogs with their own review process to what and who can be there. Exchanging one for another doesn't solve much.  
 Thank you! On translations, nobody has made a FOSS in-device AI model to translate text in the phone yet. There are services that use FOSS models on servers but while the model is FOSS, the server is not. All that without going through the privacy issue of sending plaintext DMs to a server to translate.  
 I am not sure if we do customer support well or not, but I feel like the sum of #Amethyst + the Amethyst Users chat + my DMs are working ok for now. I see many users replying when the team is not available, which is great! We could integrate creating issues from gitworkshop.dev directly in the app to facilitate tracking, but I am not convinced these Product Management formalities make great user interactions. Ideas? 

 Looking forward to it. Just don't make it corporate. :) 
 it's not about onboarding the next billion people. it's about creating the next billion shitposts  
 shitpost quality?  
 nostr:npub1gcxzte5zlkncx26j68ez60fzkvtkm9e0vrwdcvsjakxf9mu9qewqlfnj5z what logic does Amethyst us... 
 hum.. we do discard any report that is not from a follow, so I don't really know where the complain is coming from. Is there any chance you have an exemple that I could look at? Maybe the users saw the bot + their follows?  
 Yep, they do receive a notification if the bot pTags the user.  
 Reports only affect the followers of the bot. So, bots can report as much as they want, it's not going to change people's experience. 

Unless they follow the bot, which I assume they agree with the bot and want to see the warnings. In the end, each user has the freedom to consider the bot's reports or not by following it or not.  
 It doesn't make much sense. If they can't see on Amethyst, they will see in other applications and will be angry no matter what or when they see it. I don't think this is a matter of being notified or not. 

The notification on amethyst allows them to respond to the Report event in case they don't agree with the assessment and have a discussion with the reporter. Bots won't be able to reply, but if the bot is receiving too many complaints I would assume the bot is not doing a good job labeling things. 

You can always not include the p-tag on the event and just report the e-tag. That will not show up as a notification. 

 Yep, this is just Android constraining the app to operate under 512MB of memory. We gotta fix this, somehow.  
 The app can use more, up to 1GB of RAM, but Androd will push it back down to the 512MB range  agressively. Each jitter is the OS literally pausing the app to run Garbage collection. Since Garbage doesn't find much to clean, it stays close to the limit and the OS calls it again. 

What we have to do is to redesign Video cache and Event cache to load only parts of objects and be more aggressive on keeping only the things the user is seeing. 

 Most people look at well-rounded Nostr apps and think Nostr is "almost finished": it just needs some touches here and there. That's like looking at Windows 3.11 and saying: "this is it". 

We haven't even started. We are still a whole kernel re-building away from Windows 95. 
 Yep. Welcome to our own shitshow. Glory doesn't come follow a straight path.  
 Yep, you should expect some instability moving forward. :)  
 Funny that "Workgroup" is exactly what we are missing in Nostr currently.  
 It's a must.  
 It's not about role model, but what I think will happen. My wishes are irrelevant. :)  
 Let's go!  
 Has anyone tried double ratchet on Nostr? 
 My understanding is that Double Ratchet requires a strict order of messages and it is quite unforgiving when one of the messages is deleted. Since that happens all the time on Nostr, because relays generally not have everything or sometimes are just offline/busy, it might not be a good usecase. Key derivation branches would happen all the time. 

The algorithm works better when a single server takes some channel management responsibilities and maybe even keeps the state of the ratchet machine, which I don't think we can do in Nostr. 

I know there are fixes for it, but I didn't explore them because it gets quite complicated.

Also, keep in mind that Double Ratchet is just a concept. There are lots of ways to implement it and each has distinct levels of privacy and security with many side effects. 
 Correct. You will have to save them locally, something not a lot clients can do reliably. Webclients will have to save on the browser's database, for instance. 

But there are ways around it. It just gets complicated.  
 Hey nostr:npub1xtscya34g58tk0z605fvr788k263gsu6cy9x0mhnm87echrgufzsevkk5s!
When I try to upload a... 
 How big is the video? Most servers cap it at 5MB or so. 
 Or pay for the storage of that. Nostr.build offers up to 20GB: https://nostr.build/plans/ 
 Maybe.. which server are you using and how big are the files? Are you using with Tor?  
 It should work, you just need a place that can receive 93MB. I don't think any of the servers allow it without extra payment. 
 Nostr.build's free service only accepts less than 10MB files.  
 The bunker is on your phone! 🚀
 The bunker is Nostr Connect. 
 Amber already does that for us :) 
 The bunker is on your phone! 🚀
 Yep, lightning wallets do not have a way to pay multiple invoices at the same time. 
 all nostr clients become relays
 P2P all the way. 
 GM 🌤️ PV 🤙

Would it be possible to build a desktop Nostr client that you can simply sign... 
 Yep, this is probably a feature of Signers, not the clients themselves. 
 Airchat is old news. We have air replies here. 
 On Nostr, rocks do the talking.  
 The trio of power: amethyst, amber and citrine, powered by quartz.  
 It's 3:34PM. That means it's time to wipe Amethyst cache and reload the app! 
 Also because I suck in coding :(  
 No, it's a cache cleanup issue. :( 
 What clients currently have this implemented ? nostr:note1urzft7r3ffmsvk2sg4j6vp023p2e3q47yj9r9g8... 
 Most? It's NIP 96, almost everyone is using them these days.  
 nostr:npub1gcxzte5zlkncx26j68ez60fzkvtkm9e0vrwdcvsjakxf9mu9qewqlfnj5z If I make a file server, ho... 
 Yep. But I want to add a settings page to help people add any servers they want  
 As long as your server to receive images and put them own your S3 instance with your AWS credentials is coded accepting the NIP-96 interface it should work :)  
 I think you are asking for the Fork feature. Is it to just copy the text and post like your own? That's what fork does.  
 You are welcome, let me know if that is what you meant :)  
 nostr:npub1l2vyh47mk2p0qlsku7hg0vn29faehy9hy34ygaclpn66ukqp3afqutajft nostr:npub1lunaq893u4hmtpvq... 
 And some people are hurt because they were not chosen first. 
 Nah, we are just humans doing human things. 
 New NIP to allow users to post into Hashtags or Topics without polluting their main feed. Feedback is welcome. https://github.com/nostr-protocol/nips/pull/1180 
 A single follow list for all Nostr apps doesn't make any sense. Your Twitter Follows and your Spotify Follows are not the same.

 I would only get terrible music if I follow Nostr devs in my spotify. :) 
 Yep, but we changed the name of our original Contact List NIP to Follow List, creating a huge mess. 
 yep :) 
 We were the first ones to support Lists front and center in the app and I have been driving that need for more than a year now. But many apps ONLY want to work with Kind 3. 
 For example? 
 Does wavlake support lists? People could just follow you by putting you into one for their lists. Then they don't need to see your posts, just see what you are listening to. Either way, the list should be theirs, not yours. 

You can already use the current lists we have to manage access controls. That is easy. You just need to code the control itself (check if the key is in the list before downloading). I think Blossom has a version of that already. 
 For now they are only lists of public keys. There aren't any other meanings associated with them. You could do a PLC-like thing by reusing those lists or by creating your own style of lists. 
 Or just contacts, but even with that it doesn't make much sense. Some folks are getting close to 3000 follows. o.O 
 Not a bug but a tricky UI. The list of relays include the list the person is using + every other place the app has found their posts. In this case, your private relay has some events from this person, probably events that you replied to through Amethyst. Replying to events rebroadcasts them to your relays automatically. 
 What would you like to see in the Alby Extension 4.0? 🤔🌟😎 
 Full tax summary.  
 That's how I did the last time, but I think you guys can do better :) 

Let us mark which transactions were NOT income and NOT expense (most zaps are, just cash in and cash out are not) and build a little report out of that. :)  
 This was a joke, just in case anyone got the wrong idea

 People know me way too well around here. :) 

Of course, it is a good idea and will make money, so somebody will build this for sure. It's as inevitable as the web. 
 Want to make more money? 
Start a business, it's the best vehicle.

Want to grow a nonprofit?
 Sure, many ways. Most of them are terrible. Some are ok for small business. Largely speaking, if you don't fight against the status quo, the business is fine, but try getting out of it just to see what the system can do to you. Small business are ok. But I don't consider them to be on the "want to make money category". Most small business never make anything beyond living expenses.  
 Ok settle this for me: 

I don’t think anyone actually checks your education for developer posi... 
 Self taught is too broad. Self taught from where, when and which high schools? 

Most universities/schools train for a given style. It usually follows the professors style. You can find some variance, but it is largely predictive. When you are hiring and need a certain angle to your team, a recruiter can easily find the most likely places to find them.  
 Nostr is far too difficult to use for customer support. Which is a shame because there's pretty g... 
 I am not sure if we do customer support well or not, but I feel like the sum of #Amethyst + the Amethyst Users chat + my DMs are working ok for now. I see many users replying when the team is not available, which is great! We could integrate creating issues from gitworkshop.dev directly in the app to facilitate tracking, but I am not convinced these Product Management formalities make great user interactions. Ideas?