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 So does nostr:npub1rtlqca8r6auyaw5n5h3l5422dm4sry5dzfee4696fqe8s6qgudks7djtfs's legendary number ... 
 The block reward is actually 6.25 lol 
 I don’t “get” kill bill lol 
 The Superman speech in kill bill 2 is some of Tarantinos best writing imo 
 2 is way better 
 Thanks to @petermccormack for inviting me to do the keynote at cheatcodes inaugural conference. 

I had a blast visiting the U.K. and will definitely come back the next time I get a chance. 

Here’s the speech below https://youtu.be/nQ0o2Do4n5k?si=oGbsB1R4HZohrEC5 
 Thanks bro! 
 Thanks bro! 
 We’ve been through a hell of a journey at this point man, and the craziest thing is I have this sinking suspicion that we’re still at the very beginning 
 Your grandma: eat liver, take cod oil, get some sun, go for a walk, don’t trust the banks. 

Average bitcoin bro: eat nose to tail, take fish oil, get sun, lift weights, go for a walk, don’t trust the banks. 
 Noble origins 
 Seeing my bitcoin friends continue to win fills my heart with joy. 

My fiat friends are not doing as well. 
 Silver lining: the longer we hold the price down the faster GBTC goes to 0.   
 Much more likely to be an inside job in that scenario. 
 This is my creed 
 You can’t control what other people believe, but belief is contagious so you can spread your beliefs to others. 
 I believe that as well lol 
 I generally don’t either. 
 We all got high as fuck and watched planet earth on an HD TV in a shitty apartment sometime in the 2010’s right? 

That feels like a universal experience. 
 In 8 years the block reward is going to be sub 1 bitcoin… but you’re bearish lol 
 The greatest ending in television history. https://youtu.be/1x9YACdBUrU?si=7QH515EGwNuzy1iL 
 I think this is 3 promotions in a row actually. 
 Technically yes 
 No promises 
 I always reserve a call option on fucking around and starting a revolution lol 😂 
 i’m am truly loving the self-help turn this account is taking.

no-homo. nostr:note1srq93mhxsya... 
 @ROCKSTAR thinks I inevitably end up as a guru lol 😂 
 No promises 
 People who like you will see that you are trying to be better than you were yesterday and appreciate you for it.

People who hate you will judge you for who you were yesterday.

One troubling thing about humanity is knowing that there will always be those who wish to judge you based on your past mistakes. 

One uplifting thing about humanity is that there are many many more people who are interested in your growth and development. 

Let’s say you overcame alcoholism. 

It’s more rare than not to meet a person who says “once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. You’ll never change”. 

Most people will congratulate you on overcoming your challenge and wish you well in regards to your future. 

The reason the negative outlier stands out is often because we speak to ourselves the same way. 

We are our own worst critics.

And hearing an outside source validate our secret horrible thoughts about ourselves makes them seem even more true. 

But they’re not. 

Don’t give in to fear and self doubt.

Most people are rooting for you. 

Give yourself permission to root for you too. 
 Rotting for you bro 
 What didn’t you like about it? 
 I had the exact opposite perception 
 Finally got around to watching killers of the flower moon. 

It’s a masterpiece. 

One of Scorsese’s best films. 

Definitely check it out if you haven’t already. 
 What didn’t you like about it? 
 Dear Bitcoin haters, 

Check the scoreboard. We are right. You are wrong. We’re like Mozart and you’re like that guy that was ALWAYS jealous of Mozart. This isn’t checkers, this is motherfucking chess. Be serious. This isn’t Halloween. Grow up Peter Pan. Count Chocula. You don’t get to make believe that you’re a good investor too. Most of you can’t even outperform the S&P. This is the big boy table for big boys. You can’t sit here. We don’t have height chairs for you. Get real. Be serious. Stop being delusional and start engaging with reality. We are winning and you are losing. 


 Probably should repost to twitter 
 I reposted it to x and aimed it at Peter schiff lol 😂 
 I think from a macro perspective when I tweet. Not from an individual perspective. This is why th... 
 If you remember I was always pro stacking sats and anti staying humble lol 😂 
 I’ve made peace with it at this point and don’t expect or desire a different outcome, but many of my family members owe me a massive apology for the Covid era. 

The funny thing is that they are likely awaiting an apology from me lol 

It will never happen. 

I was right. 

Even if I was abrasive and unkind I will not apologize for being right. 

The truth is too damn important. 
 The ego is a tool. You use it where it suits you. 
 lol the absurdity of the fiat era personified 
 Im aware. I’m flipping the meme. That’s the point. 
 Usually I wouldn’t but this is motherfucking Morpheus himself lol 😂 I couldn’t help myself 
 It is 
 That’s what he said yeah. Big supporter of the club lol 
 lol luckily he was not 
 Bedford is the top citadel at the moment. 

I don’t make the rules. 
 Most bitcoin investment per capita lol 
 It’s a really astute point. And if you’re going to be wrong, be wrong in an optimistic fashion. I’ve made a lot of wrong bull calls that haven’t been proven right… yet. But they will be eventually. Meanwhile the people who said bitcoin was going sub 10k post ftx have to sit there in there wrongness and be wrong forever. 
 It’s a really hard thing to understand. 

Basically if you think of it as science you’ll do ok and be less wrong over time. 
 what’s the dan thing? 
 I don’t know but I didn’t want to be left out lol 😂 
 Something tells me “my mother/father listened to an influencer and it ruined our families life” is going to be a significant piece of recurring trauma for gen alpha. 
 Probably true in every generation, but more niche now than ever before. 
 Tough but fair 
 my inner monologue has become so healthy and understand, i barely recognise myself at times 
 This is what success looks like 
 Dumbest thing Hodl has ever said and he says dumb shit all the time. nostr:note1jqd7tvguyugunawng... 
 You know I’m right. 
 Let’s debate this out next space we’re on. 
 SSOV of course 
 I’ll grant that my original post is hyperbolic, probably should say “doesn’t matter that much”. 
 That said there’s not a damn thing we can do to stop countries from hoarding it and issuing cbdc’s against it other than maybe appeal to the general public. Idk hoarding by sovereigns is likely inevitable. They’ll do it to maintain power. 
 Idk who needs to hear this but in the Information age medium of exchange and unit of account don’t matter. 

SOV Is the whole game 
 If we all puss out and let it be 
 “Bitcoiners are carnivores” is one of the greatest lies ever told. 

Bunch of potato lovers. 
 One time somebody ordered like 100 pizzas to the conference lobby when everyone was drunk. Not a single carnivore to be found 
 Sometimes I think fiat is the most evil phenomenon in human history, but then I remember fiat gave us the chipotle matte plastic fork and I’m like damn maybe it’s not so bad after all. 
 Whatever they’re made of I like it