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 We have a good time at our #meetups — come get coffee with us sometime!
Next one is May 11 ☕️ 

 past me: I'll put away these pre-pregnancy clothes and wear them again after the baby comes 

HA ... 
 Don’t throw ‘em out!  It might just need a little time. 
 I just tried to mute my laptop fan 
 I frequently try to turn down the brightness on the …world. The outside world. With my volume button. 
 Hey cool it’s good for something!

It’s actually edible if you only eat small amounts, kind of like maltitol. I think this use is more interesting

#permaculture #knf #eattheweeds #foraging #invasive #grownostr

 Hey nostr:npub1wmr34t36fy03m8hvgl96zl3znndyzyaqhwmwdtshwmtkg03fetaqhjg240, you're a fucking faggo... 
 Might not actually be bots, but it does FEEL that way on Facebook with the fact checks. 
Wouldn’t we be able to mute the bots?  I mute bots all the time. 
I don’t like the idea, don’t get me wrong. I’m just loath to imagine things that Nostr can’t survive. I think and hope it’s more robust than that. 
 That is so incredibly annoying. I have heard of someone having a similar experience. 
 Looks like artichokes on pesto, no less. My absolute fave 
 Everyone needs to understand this about #bitcoin

 Hey, women of Nostr!

Did you know we have a Telegram group?

We’re using it to plan a recurring ladies’ Nest, as well as for some general chatting. Reach out to @Marie to get added!

#womenofnostr #womenonnostr #womeninnostr #nests #women #grownostr 
 Prayer Nest in a little under an hour!

#nests #prayerchain #Jesus #Christian #Bible #grownostr 
 Glad you found us! 😊 
 A fish crow came and cawed for peanuts today, then flew to a nearby tree to watch as I put them out instead of fleeing when I opened the door. 


#crow #corvid #birds #urbanwildlife #grownostr 
 This yarn is too scratchy

#catstr #yarn  
 Somehow this was saved and posted, before finishing the directions. See below for the final steps... 
 Have you ever tried frying gnocchi? My brother in law made a dish of that tossed in sauce. It was incredible. 
Pretty sure pan fried, not deep fried. 
 It’s time for The Pollening here in #Virginia

 Whoa, what kind of milkweed is that?!

Do dewberries taste like blackberries? 
 Thank you for recommending us! 
 I’ve enjoyed listening to your hunting journey, Erin! 
 On the podcast * 
 How does one go about starting a fedimint?
 @🥪AVERAGE_GARY🥪 might be interested in talking about starting fedimints. 
 Well if it makes y’all feel better, I started my tomatoes and peppers about a month late 😂 they’re doing ok though 
 Ooh do you use painted rocks? I want to try that trick 
 😅 noob question here
Is there a way to un-report a user? My finger slipped. 

#asknostr #devs 
 Dear #nostr #devs 
This experience has taught me that a cool feature would be a dialogue box saying “are you sure?” after clicking “report user” 
 Fast food is expensive both now and later. 

#food #health #inflation

 As great as Bitcoin is, Jesus is greater. 

To know and serve the living God is the meaning of life. Money is a means toward that end, no more. 

#Jesus #Bitcoin

 Check out @Vilja for some extraordinary #art

#painting #grownostr

 My first sewing project — drawstring bag. 

✨Nothing matches!✨

But it works and I made it 😁

I learned a lot yesterday, but most importantly, thread quality matters. My sewing kit came with a rainbow of low-quality thread, and the matching pink one snapped more often than it worked, so we used the better thread my teacher had even though only green was on hand. 

I can get some ribbon that includes both pink and green to replace the dark gold ones 😂

#sewing #diy #grownostr https://image.nostr.build/0177cf5daa3679e463909057e9ab96dc3e94c79b501d86264b9406ecdcf7bbd3.jpg https://image.nostr.build/12078e5584b6dbf5f4c8693a982e8abdd5b805ca01d174ae5bd1166aa831d1da.jpg  
 Building #community through #farming #compost and #bitcoin ❤️‍🔥

 Started reading the newest and maybe only fiction about bitcoin called The Atlas Maneuver. Not ba... 
 There’s a fiction anthology called 21 Futures 
 I cant stand engagement-farming, and even the phrase "follower" kinda rubs me the wring way... bu... 
 If you see an interesting post, jump right in with your thoughts.

Post interesting stuff and use relevant hashtags so people searching for that kind of thing can find it (only a few clients support keyword search; I think all support hashtag search and some support hashtag following). 
 What are the vibes like on Nostr, say, on Monday or a weekday vs the weekend? Does it change? Is ... 
 You can see the languages change based on what part of the planet is in day 😁 I always think that is cool 
 I’m a rather oblivious person sometimes, but I don’t notice a weekday vs. weekend difference. Zapathon, though… Thursdays or Fridays, you’ll notice that 🤣 
 Know of a #meetup in #Lebanon #Egypt #Japan #Philippines #Turkey #Italy #SouthSudan ?

#Liban #Turkiye #Italia #Sudan #meetups nostr:note1rsspnay3rvkgaezuel06s29fca2f7auap9v4mfn3yrp3gmfurpuswcap58 
 I mean Vox sucks but this sucks too 
 Need infant formula?  Check this one out. 

#baby #kids #parenting #health #breastfeeding #pregnancy #grownostr

 I actually think I wear my Bitcoin shirts more often than you 🤣 at least the Genesis block one 
 Probably a huge opportunity for someone in the Bitcoin community to make and sell these for bitco... 
 Custom 3D printed shells… 
 Today will be my second #sewing lesson!

I’ve been meaning to learn to sew for years, and with the help of two good friends — one who makes amazing clothes and sent me a collection of YouTube videos that helped her teach herself, and another who is actually teaching me  in class form — I think I have a shot at becoming proficient in yet another expensive, stash-encouraging, but useful hobby 🤣 

Pictured are fabrics we might get around to cutting today to make a pillowcase on lesson 3. My love of rainbows and metallic gold are in full evidence 🤣 
One of the videos my friend sent says I should spend some time thinking about my style. I really should try to figure it out, because from a color palette standpoint alone, we’re talking wildly disparate stuff here. On the one hand, earth tones, nature vibes, and on the other hand… this 🤣 

Today I should be making a drawstring bag out of material my teacher has. 🤞 

We have so many fiber artists here; any sewists / tailors / quilters / embroiderers / etc.? https://image.nostr.build/76518d1cf345e70750ab00ba8e21056b8badae70b2504c022505724675e795e0.jpg  
 I was told that you're supposed to mellow with age, but I feel like the older I get, the more rad... 
 Two trajectories for aging:  the mellowing out one, and the “I’ll say whatever I want because what are you gonna do about it” crotchety badass one 
 Nature’s markets are free

#mycology #fungi #economics

 Are you based in Charlotte?
My hometown 👑 
 Fun times 😁 love this pic of all our Nostr QR codes 🤣 nostr:note1mdpwsjsm7sxysxhgvg4y5hkyx85kcqggfzpwp2yjhlegv7dyk4usjm0lf9 
 I wanna know what music y'all are playing for your babies

 She mostly listens to whatever I listen to, so since birth, a diet of jazz, metal, Minimalism, Baroque, Persian music, Senegalese music, Eastern European folk music, and cozy acoustic music including bluegrass and related sounding styles. 

Music played especially for her is of three kinds:

1. Her mobile came with the ability to play a bunch of typical baby songs. I wouldn’t have chosen them,  but she actually loves her mobile, so what she loves she gets 😁 she especially loves when I sing along with them, too… so if I know the words I will, or sometimes I (and always @boatingaccident ) will just make up words 🤣 
I also sing her the one lullaby from my childhood I remember, a Scottish folk song. 

2. I made a playlist of songs with lullaby vibes before she was even conceived and play this sometimes when I’m hoping to calm her down or keep her calm:


3. I made a playlist of songs that I could probably sing to her with Chinese lyrics while I was pregnant; this one hasn’t been played nearly as often as intended 🤣 I always just end up skipping to 苏阳乐队 songs because that’s what I like to hear and sing 🤣 

 🤔 what about you, @karo ? 
 Yesterday we had our monthly “#Bitcoin” meet up! 🤣

Lots of new amazing plebs. Please #nos... 
 #heaventhread FTW 😇 
 Things like Bitcoin and anarchy are meant to be in the background, enabling abundant lives. 
How would you be living if that were our society?  What would your focus and interests be?

#bitcoin #anarchy #asknostr

 welp. seems that there's very little on nostr that interests me. guess I'll keep to myself, same ... 
 Nostr too 
 Damus too * I meant 
 New Nostr who dis?

For real though, Amethyst looks awesome, but it's a bit overwhelming... I fol... 
 We share some interests!  I suggest following hashtags (possible in many clients, I think including amethyst) and posting about what you’re interested in, including relevant hashtags.
For example, I’d like to see some of your fav Mongolian art 😁