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 It’s the halving countdown 🎶 
 Hello world, I new in #nostr 
My name is Coraima 👋🏻

 nostr:npub1qqqqqqyz0la2jjl752yv8h7wgs3v098mh9nztd4nr6gynaef6uqqt0n47m good morning!! 🩵 I’m s... 
 😱 I have yet to see one of those in the wild 
 😱 is it missing health checks and alarms? 
 Good morn'n 
 nostr:npub1qqqqqqyz0la2jjl752yv8h7wgs3v098mh9nztd4nr6gynaef6uqqt0n47m I vote that hour next emoji... 
 Hour emoji 🕑 is not impressed 🦉 
 Are we in World War III? 
 🙂‍↔️ that’s for the survivors to decide 
 Look ma! Im on the TestFlight for Purple members! 

Just finished the first release of my very first Home Assistant addon. With it you can run a NATS server locally within your Home Assistant instance:

 Neural Autonomic Transport System 
 This is truly amazing technology:

 It’s a communications system and data layer for services and devices. You can use it for pub/sub, request/response, key-value and object stores, streams, work queues, and much more.

You can instantiate and connect multiple nodes to create clusters, and clusters to clusters to create superclusters.

For example, you can use it as the backbone or message bus for a microservices architecture, or to interconnect IoT devices, to create chats, as a secondary transport for Nostr. 
 Things are weird. 

Have we tried `:q!` ?  
 I see what you did there 
 Nostr is a better place when nostr:npub1qqqqqqyz0la2jjl752yv8h7wgs3v098mh9nztd4nr6gynaef6uqqt0n47... 
 Angelaaa you are so nice to me ☺️

I was living and breathing Nostr for a while and took a much needed detox… life also got busy as it does periodically and had to re-prioritize. 
 Thank you sir 🫡 
 Paulo… Paulo… controla esas hormonas 
 Did you know Chrome doesn’t close tabs when you command it to? It keeps them up for a few minutes, hidden away 
But one could assume it would just open a brand new tab and navigate to the previous address. 
 Hi new. Not sure, maybe @fiatjaf broke it on purpose.
Which Nostr client are you using? 
 Nothing of value was lost 
 Pleasure is closing the 10 browser tabs it took to conquer the stubborn error. 🙂‍↔️ 
 Haha I saw it and immediately adopted it! I’m not even sure what it is 🤪

Love is in the air it seems!!! 
 git commit -m “Fix what the previous commit was meant to” 
 A missed opportunity for sure lol 
 This! No regrets 🔥 
 Not my proudest commit message…
but we can always rebase later and make it look like it never happened 😇 
 Just the start of ww3 hot phase. Not much. 
 Maybe the world is due for a reset 🤷‍♂️ 
 And this iron dome you speak of is here with us? 
 I am tired of reading stuff in English and writing stuff in English. 
 Fala no portugues então 🫨 
 Last night I created an addon for Home Assistant. It wasn’t as difficult as I initially imagined. 
 GM kind sir! 
 I figured they are free to choose whether they disclose that or not.

How and whom they choose to distribute their funds is their prerogative.

Any outside interference is an overreach. 
 Capuchino 🙂‍↔️ 
 Artists quitting social media in protest is like removing links to your website from Google.

They are only hurting themselves…

It’s an irrational move. 
 Exactly. Couldn’t find the post for some reason. 
 nostr:npub1qqqqqqyz0la2jjl752yv8h7wgs3v098mh9nztd4nr6gynaef6uqqt0n47m hasn’t been here in a wee... 
 🫂 but why is nobody gone? 
 Rent situation in Toronto be like 
 Literally the only appeal that method had is gone 🤣 
 I think not 
Can answer 


No nostr:npub1qqqqqqyz0la2jjl752yv8h7wgs3v098mh9nztd4nr6gynaef6uqqt0n47m 
 🥲 I’ve been busy these last few weeks but will get back here eventually 
 something like this but for pubkeys
 Good morning! 🌞

How is everyone doing today? 
 Good morning! 
 bake this into every nostr client  
 Every ban brings us closer to hypernostrization 🫂 
 This is why Nostr doesn't need a marketing budget 
 Nostr might be too much for TikTok-brain people, those with deep-fried dopamine receptors 
 Oh you mean USD compared to the other fiat shitcoins? 
 Has anyone tried to open an iPhone using someone’s picture lol? 
 My twin bro can unlock my phone if he wears glasses