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 Saw someone on the train signing up for Mullvad today. 
 Oooo this is your subway, cool 🔥🤩 wanna go on that one day ☺️ 
 Saw it on a bus too 
 There's no signup 
 needs URL as a CTA, as QR codes can be taped over etc 
 The brand is the signup.

Unique logo
Fun logo
Unique name
Consistent brand aesthetics
Consistent freedom and privacy messaging 
 my parents for example would not know what this is for

plumbing maybe?

mullvad says nothing, nor does the VPN part of it and the image also

but as it's most likely part of a bigger campaign with a tv ads + youtube ads, then the story comes together 
 Do you think your parents are Mullvad’s target customers?

NYC MTA subway have “free wifi”. 

With everyone beaming wifi, and bluetooth everywhere, I’m pretty sure ad agencies can see who exactly interacted with subway ads. 
 yeah, was the thing i was pondering on after clicking post

demographics and targeting

i'm not sure 
 Curiosity is also powerful marketing. Guarantee people who saw that and didn’t know what it was would simply google it on their phones. 
 i think you overestimate people's curiosity

or maybe i'm a doomer 
 Mullvad is a for profit co. Doubt they would be spending $ to compete with BigCo consumer retail cos in pricy NYC unless there were returns.

This is a strong signal to privacy and freedom texh cos that there is demand to counter the gulag tech status quo. 
 “If we are seen, you won’t be - our marketing approach”

 That’s interesting… 
 You generate an account number. 
 Do you also "sign up" for a bitcoin wallet when you generate a seed?
Not worth it to enter a discussion if random bits are created or discovered, my point is that traditionally the term "signup" is loaded and suggests providing PII such an email. 
 So adverts are good when convenient eh?  😏 
 Adverts are good when they’re not invasive 😅 
 Altho I’ve learned to block its invasiveness even then I still don’t want it.. at all. 
 Without ads on the train we’d actually haft to look at other people. 
 which city is this? 
 An American one. 
 wen nostr advertisement? 
 “NOSTRings attached” - that’s it. That’s the slogan. 🤣 
 Never heard of Mullad VPN.   Are they good?  Better than nord?
 Nord VPN logs your data. Nord VPN has a maximum number of devices that can be used in parallel. This is not possible without recording and saving the session. Take a look at the provider “Perfect Privacy”. 
 I may just have to switch over.
 Every provider that has a maximum number of devices, logs the data. perfect privacy has RAM based servers that completely reset when unplugged. There have also been a number of cases where the police wanted user data and nothing could be given out except email and payment information. But the police have that anyway when they approach the provider. 
 Recently (a year ago) I made some research about VPN, because mine didn't work here. But Mullvad I didn't see anywhere! 
 Sounds like you should have been mindful of your own damn bidness.  
 Not my problem if they didn’t have a privacy screen cover. 
 They don't have money for privacy screen but they care about "security" and pay for Swedish-one of the worst jurisdiction when it comes to privacy- service.

That is how marketing works and stupid sheep follow.🙂 
 on the NYC subway. mind blown 
 Best VPN IMHO.  
 Mullvad browser is sick! 💯🤙