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 Fun fact : 3.125 is the new reward after the halving, expressed as sats, dropping trailing zeros:... 
 At the very least, the last few epoch won't follow this, they'll be less than 5 
 ok can you guys stop hashing 
 Please don’t stare directly at the halving. I recommend wearing a bitcoin full node. 

 Not your keys, not your notes. ZBD no longer allows ZBD Developer credentials to be used for sign... 
 Porn already fills the demand for ai girlfriends. The ai part only adds someone to talk to, which boys don't really crave. The ai boyfriend will be a bigger deal, women get someone to talk to all day without anything else. 
 @zapplepay is back up, still working on recovering the previous configs but feel free to re-register and everything should work again. 

Sorry about the down time, my computer shitting the bed was not a part of my moving plans 😅 
 It's the picture icon. Github dumb like this. 

You can also email it at team@mutinywallet.com 
 Open source AI chat GPT kind inside the client could attract more people 
 You can just dm @Unleashed.Chat 
 If splicing becomes available in ldk then nostr:npub1mutnyacc9uc4t5mmxvpprwsauj5p2qxq95v4a9j0jxl8... 
 Voltage's lsp is CLN so it has splicing support. 

Would love to do splicing once LDK supports it 
 No, splicing makes privacy worse actually. 
 still shook at how good dune 2 was. I enjoyed it even more than the first. 
 I think my favorite movie ever  be

Imax was amazing 
 Creed has officially taken over nostr:npub15t3qpnzd9h6lgh5zfeywl5353nefpjv6fls4lg6yqy2rypzslyas5c... 
 Why am I tagged lol 
 New Nostr who dis?

For real though, Amethyst looks awesome, but it's a bit overwhelming... I fol... 
 Not yet, we'll have a free one eventually 
 Think this is from us running concurrent servers. This should be pretty easily fixable 
 Fixed an issue on our side where if we processed an invoice twice we'd make 2 different zap events. Now it'll reproduce the same one 
 I don’t understand how ppl can be comfortable with the A/C blasting super cold . 79* is perfect... 
 79 is hot af lmao 
 Testing out nostr:npub1mutnyacc9uc4t5mmxvpprwsauj5p2qxq95v4a9j0jxl8wnkfvuyque23vg iOS app, and it... 
 Appreciate the feedback! In the future we'll have lightning address available to everyone but right now it's paid only. It's a good point that it can be confusing to enter a lightning address on start up, we'll take that into account. 
 These are either coming in from a dm if you follow them, or from nwc 
 hey npub1u8lnhlw5usp3t9vmpz60ejpyt649z33hu82wc2hpv6m5xdqmuxhs46turz do I need to have my mutiny a... 
 No that shouldn't be an issue. 

Did you change federations? That currently isn't supported yet 
 What's the exact issue you're having 
 @miljan on setting the lightning address, sounds their issue. 

You currently can't fund a mutiny lightning address from primal because they use strike in the backend for lightning and they have an issue where they can't pay to federations. Should hopefully be fixed soonish from what we hear. 
 Anyone know who runs @MinibitsCash? I need them to turn on CORS 
 We were getting it on the melt endpoints. Don't see it on the info endpoint either. 
 Sounds good, thanks for looking into it 
 Looks like it happens on the OPTIONS request 
 Looks like this was my fault / bug in our code, sorry! I hate cors 
 I just learned that when Latinos spell jajaja as hahaha they are pronouncing it as hahaha lmao I ... 
 In Korea they do kekeke 
 Shout out to whoever is surpressing the price to keep $69420 on 4/20 halving day possible 🙏 
 Fuck all this data migration shit, figuring out raid for my next server 
 Anyone else feel uneasy about mutiny wallet? 
 Yes! We recommend those over the web app 
 Mutiny feels really good now. So much progress in the last year since the lightning summit 
 AI songs is a cool shit by the way 
 that's how we did nostr:nevent1qqs2hv8xnl9muu4vxs4l995e4vuadr8sa2s6rpw2cr5cg9qlcr5y9ngpzamhxue69uhkummnw3ezuendwsh8w6t69e3xj7sp2amhxue69uhkv6tvw3jhytnwdaehgu3wwa5kuef0dec82c33d46hgmnev93kxwt4vv68gdtdd4u8vurswfmhxct4dg6hqvn30pcnjdtkx3snj63sdfuxcwrhde4kvan409ch2efjxdmxwqguwaehxw309ahx7um5wghx6at5d9h8jampd3kx2apwvdhk6qgdwaehxw309ahx7uewd3hkcrt3z2j 
 Needs to be lowercase 
 You might not be on the latest version 
 Unpopular Opinion. Cashu is probably better for a mint because if the custodian rugpulls there is... 
 You can see who signed the txs on chain 
 Gateway can't rug at all 
 Not super easy as a user. There is an audit log that you can get that gives you every event in the mint. You can find the onchain txs there and see who signed the txs 
 who’s working on building megastructures in orbit so we can induce a man-made eclipse 
 Jeff bezos 
 Doesnt understand basic software practices 
 Yeah it's something we want to do. Have different modes for the wallet to operate in based on your preferences, rather than having everyone use the current hybrid model. 
 Dans wish they could compare to the council of Bens 
 go collect your chimes 
 GM nostr:npub1u8lnhlw5usp3t9vmpz60ejpyt649z33hu82wc2hpv6m5xdqmuxhs46turz  
 Gm Derek 
 The laptop that everything ran on broke, but all data was recovered! Should be back up tomorrow night nostr:note14qf9p9unqapu9r5xfhn5ryx4st2lgkavwl9ptfxjwccmg6y0s2sqeku7pw 
 Yeah sorry wanted to get to it this weekend but didn't have time. Hopefully sometime this week. 

Nwa + Fedimint shouldn't be any different 
 Try loading the plus site on desktop and scanning with the mobile wallet? We're running into a bu... 
 If you're on the latest version of the app it should all be in the settings 
 Could could y'all please make the Android apk available for nostr:npub1mutnyacc9uc4t5mmxvpprwsauj... 
 Available here: https://github.com/MutinyWallet/mutiny-web/releases

We recommend to use unobtainium 
 The next release (1.6.3 iOS / 0.6.3 Android) has been submitted now which fixes some various thin... 
 Yeah that's suspicious, can you send your logs 
 Opening an issue here would be best 
 Yeah that's suspicious, can you send your logs 
 Think we found the issue. Will be testing and then hopefully shipping the fix ASAP. 
 User discovery on Nostr is hard. Please shill me 2-3 npubs to follow. These should be profiles yo...