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npub npub1mutnyacc9uc4t5mmxvpprwsauj5p2qxq95v4a9j0jxl8wnkfvuyque23vg
name Mutiny Wallet
about Mutiny is a self-custodial lightning wallet that is targeting the web browser first. Getting started with lightning is as simple as clicking a link. For issues: https://github.com/MutinyWallet/mutiny-web/issues
displayName Mutiny Wallet
display_name Mutiny Wallet
lud16 mutiny@lnurl.mutinywallet.com
nip05 _@n.mutinywallet.com
picture https://void.cat/d/CZPXhnwjqRhULSjPJ3sXTE.webp
website https://mutinywallet.com