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 Has anyone had success adding muscle while on a low carb diet? In my experience it's great for losing fat but is a huge challenge for gaining muscle.

If so, what's the trick? 
 These guys deserve to get rekt. I have plans in motion. 
 I have a theory that if a sufficiently decentralized test network remains in operation long enough, it will accrue value. 

While we can't kill testnet3, we can abandon it to the degens. 
 As a full-time VPN user you also end up becoming an expert at solving cutting edge CAPTCHAs. 
 Just posted! 
 I have the same problem with my VPS VPN.

Seems like tons of services block all data center IPs. 
 It should be borderline illegal for a server hosting provider to only offer Linux versions that are 4+ years old. Becomes a huge pain in the ass to build recent C++ software with obsolete libraries! 
 Ubuntu is 5 years IIRC  
 At least a quarter of my thoughts that I consider posting never get sent... because I decide they would leak too much information about me. 
 Do people really use phones to do all sorts of things? I think I use my phone just to listen to p... 
 Pixel Pro 50X camera zoom has resulted in me taking far more photos. 😏 
 Bitches managed to lose the other $49,500 even more than it was lost last week. It was at least appearing in the balance of one of the 401K providers. This week it's not showing up on either end!
 In the most fiat possible resolution to this month-long ordeal, I found my account manager's boss and emailed him, explaining my frustration. An hour later and the account manager had magically fixed all the account balances. 

 I'm just using a GPU and a special modified Bitcoin node. 😏 
 If you ever need to feel better about your romantic life, just watch Love on the Spectrum and it will cheer you right up! 

 I was told that you're supposed to mellow with age, but I feel like the older I get, the more radicalized I become from observing my government's actions. 
 Had a good time talking about the future of Bitcoin development at Harvard today. 

Damn shame the conference was sponsored by TRON. 
 I don't get paid to speak at conferences. 

I do request travel reimbursement from for-profit conferences, but not from academic conferences. 
 CoinMarketCap's community/ social network is rather odd. Many of my posts supposedly get a ton of views and reaction emojis, but never any comments that look organic.

So I did a test post recently asking for everyone to comment on the post... and it got basically no engagement.



 So Iran likely spent over $100M attacking Israel and Israel spent over $1B shooting down nearly all of Iran's drones and missiles.

What a fucking waste. 
 Please delay WWIII until after the bull market. I need some time to build my bunker. 
 I wouldn't ever want to have to defend a boat. 
 To be fair, if you have price alerts enabled, you're doing it wrong.
 I'm starting to think that one of the big problems with America's Constitution is that the penalties for violating constitutional rights are insufficient.

For example, if you violate the constitutional rights of millions of Americans, perhaps that should be worthy of the guillotine. Even if you're the president.

Just spitballing; all I'm sure of is that those in power are not sufficiently afraid of violating our rights. 
 A reporter emailed at 5 pm on Friday requesting a comment for their article. They gave 3 hours to respond before publishing.

I honestly don't know why you'd even bother reaching out unless you wanted to be able to disingenuously print "he didn't respond when asked for comment." 
 The days of needing third party moderators should be coming to a close. 

I see no reason why it shouldn't be possible to train an AI agent on what types of content and replies you prefer not to see, and hand off the heavy lifting to the AI. And if the AI screws up, you simply give it more training! 
 Why would Bitcoin core constantly shut itself off during sync and not output anything to debug.lo... 
 Did you check your syslog for errors? Most likely is that your kernel killed bitcoind in order to free up RAM. 
 The State says it can't tell us why it needs to keep violating the rights of citizens to be secure against unwarranted surveillance.

If the State's surveillance regime was successfully stopping terrorist attacks, wouldn't they be boasting about their success? Please, I beseech you, show us evidence!

From what I can tell, just from civil asset forfeiture and TSA burglaries alone, agents of the State commit far more crimes while violating our rights than they prevent. 
 I find it strangely surreal to see people I respect like nostr:npub1qny3tkh0acurzla8x3zy4nhrjz5zd... 
 The more likely scenario is we're talking past each other due to holding different definitions or assumptions.

For example, the claim that "no more protocol changes doesn't equate to no more protocol maintenance" doesn't compute for me.

It sounds like a conflation of maintaining client software implementations and actual protocol development.

Software has to be constantly maintained. Protocols don't. But there's always room for improvement. 
 It's amazingly cringe arguing with non-developers about why ceasing work on the base Bitcoin protocol is retarded rather than a genius way to eliminate risk. 
 Archive is a reliable service, the problem is that it seems their domains get taken away regularly.

I fixed all the links by updating to their latest domain. If you find more broken links, please open an issue on the GitHub repository so that I don't miss it. 
 I've graphed the performance evolution of node versions here:
 Ossification of software is impossible.

Ossification of network protocols is inevitable.

 Right, it's unprecedented for a protocol to be DECLARED ossified. No one can authoritatively state that development is done until we're far enough in the future that we have hindsight.

Ossification is an inevitable result of a protocol becoming so widely adopted that it becomes impossible to coordinate updates. 
 I don't know what Saylor wants, I haven't spoken to him regarding this matter. 
 I cover risks and rewards in this presentation. 
 It's probably safe to say that most of the things claiming to be "Bitcoin Layer 2 networks" are of a questionable nature.

But on the flip side, one should not automatically dismiss all second layer projects as scams.


what are the commie bitcoiners fighting about today on Twitter? 
 Apparently OG Bitcoin developers should all work for free because they're all rich. 
 What are your favorite ways to fund open source devs? 
 My favorite way to fund Bitcoin development is to make tax advantaged charitable donations to entities that issue grants. This ensures a double bonus of keeping more money out of the hands of the government.

 Shouldn't God's pronouns be "they/them?" 
 OK I think I figured it out.

Since singular persons are allowed to identify as plural, we also allow plural entities like gods to identify as singular.

Got it.

 Bitches have found $500 of my $50,000
 Bitches managed to lose the other $49,500 even more than it was lost last week. It was at least appearing in the balance of one of the 401K providers. This week it's not showing up on either end!

 Feels like more context is warranted... 
 What's the best lightning wallet in terms of accounting and reporting to use for powering zaps? 
 Feels like the calm before the storm.

Currently in "hurry up and wait" mode. 
 Oh well, there's always tomorrow. 
 Props to MIT Bitcoin Expo for scheduling the conference on 4/20, on the 4th halving, in a state with recreational cannabis! 🫡 
 Mr. Big 
 Shout out to Colorado for legalizing lane filtering for motorcycles! 
 I think nostr dot build had been having issues today. Mine is hosted on there. 
 Ooh what was hater news discussing? 
 "Crypto? Nah, I don't do crypto.

I'm old. I'm a metal detector guy."

- Dave Attell 
 Bitcoin Cash is 8 blocks away from their halving and the network is behaving erratically.

They just went 4 hours without a block mined.

Their version of mempool dot space is down: https://bchmempool.cash
 Where's all the halving hashrate death spiral FUD this cycle?

Are the haters sufficiently embarrassed that it didn't pan out the last 3 times? 
 4 years ago I set up my primary lightning node hosted server.

I funded it with several coins, figuring better to have too much liquidity than not enough.

I opened dozens of channels under the same assumption.

Over the years I've barely touched it other than to update release versions.

Today it only has half a dozen channels due to peers disappearing or closing channels, but the value of my liquidity is higher than ever, so I don't see a need to open more channels.

Which begs the question: is this centralization? 🧐 
 It will make sense for liquidity providers who have other services that naturally drive capital in their direction. 
 For now, seems like it. 
 Bitches still haven't found my money.

 Bitches have found $500 of my $50,000
 T minutes 1 month till the Fallout TV series drops! Looks promising. 
 Fallout doesn't disappoint!