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 If you haven't got all trophies in elden ring are you even a bitcoiner  
 Never played that game, it looks like a huge time drain 
 2nd Father’s Day without my dad. Better then last year but still 😔. 
 "you hungry?"
"i already told you, i had 2 cups of coffee w/ ghee and cocnonut oil. I'm not going... 
 No butter? 
 And it tastes fine? Nothing to sweeten it? 
 Tate def has mommy issues 😂 

 The only picture I had of my father was a mugshot which I can't find anymore.
I only ever talked ... 
 Can’t change the past but can change the future. You can stop the pattern moving forward 🫂 
 If you think about it, Jay Powell's job is literally to steal as much money as possible from peop... 
 Eagles are so bad ass
 You’re not impressed by how deep in the water it went and the fact that it has the reaction speed to grab a fish? 😂 
 Your cutting boards are made of plastic
Your kitchen tools are made of plastic
The wrapping of mo... 
 I use a wooden cutting board. My kitchen tools aren’t made of plastic and my toothbrush is made of bamboo. But all the food comes wrapped in my plastic idk what to do about that smh 
 Sams club sells peppers and salts in glass containers. The honey I buy also comes in glass. The butcher I used to go to wraps the meat in paper but the paper is lined with plastic 🤡 
 Happy Father’s Day to the hard workers that stuck around 🫡
 Government always getting in the way 😤😂 
 The legal system is a circus anyway 🤷‍♂️ 
 All my friends said I was crazy…

You make that much money
And you live in a small apartment
 How many cycles did you have to hold through before you could live like this? 
 How much bitcoin do you think someone would need today in order to retire in 2 cycles? 
 I’m living to 100 but how do I know how much I need annually? 🤔 

 People I’ve spent many years talking to about Bitcoin who still don’t own any.

You’ve been... 
 Arrogance is expensive 
 It’s the number one problem for all the intelligent people I know that haven’t bought yet. 
 I really like the combination of techno music over anime, any good resources for this? nostr:note... 
 Idk if this is what you’re looking for but it was the first thing I thought of

 What’s marfa? 
 Hey Nostr. 

this protocol might be the protocol we use for proof of identification in the future... 
 It helps to be a nym 
 The universe didn't create itself 
 Did God create himself? 
 And to murder little boys and non virgin women while taking the virgin women as sex slaves 😂 
 Genesis 17: 10-11 in the Bible 
 Watching this video is what really got me to start questioning religion. Circumcision is a barbaric cultish practice.

 If you really want to know the history of why they do it 😂 
 What's the opposite of an influencer? I want to be that. 
 I am just bone-tired of Christianity becoming a religion where we are to worship the rich and sne... 
 Just hard fork it like the other Christian denominated religions 
 That’s a soft fork. The original branch is Judaism 😂 
 No way it’s Judaism cash 😂 
 The world is run by military industrial complex. 
 And pharma 
 Is that why it’s been dead lately 😂 
 Are you Filipino? 
 Do you live there? I’m curious if it’s a Bitcoin friendly country 
 Asked my wife today if anyone at the work event she traveled for was “based”. She answered th... 
 This is the criteria I consider when looking for a partner. Not much luck so far lol 
 I read a lot of “self help” statements saying the strength of doing things alone… while I g... 
 Humans are relational animals. We learn and grow in relational contexts. It’s nice being able to do things alone and be content alone because it makes us less vulnerable to abuse from others. But ultimately, we still need community. 
 How much money or wealth you possess, how you decide to use your money or spend your wealth is no... 
 Such a simple idea that statists can’t seem to accept lmao 
 Have you read the sovereign individual? 
 I think you’ll like it 
 For a new liberty is good I need to finish that. I gave up on the brothers karamazov haha 
 Yeah I can imagine. I’ll probably give it another shot in a year or two when I have more free time 
 GM. Stay sats and stack humble 🫡 
 GM. Be careful where you put these stickers. Since this is private property, I believe it can be considered vandalism. 
 I think there is benefit but I just don’t want people to get arrested for something that harmless lol if someone put a communist sticker on my house or business window I’d retaliate. 
 Make sure to post this note on all the relays 😂 
 If you don’t take self-custody of your Bitcoin it belongs to the state they just haven’t take... 
 Saylor didn’t get the memo 
 That Trump RIZZ is undefeated 😂
 It’s always down for me lol 
 It’s the filter.nostr.wine that never connects. And it’s only on primal. Damus is fine 🤷‍♂️ 
 Sorry I’m retarded. What is nip 42? 
 I’m actually autistic too. What does that mean? 
 the thing about nostr women is yall tradwives. I need my sugar mama 🥺 
 Nostr and Bitcoin women don’t stay single for long. Gotta put in that proof of work and convert one yourself. 

Kill your heroes, save their ideas 🫡 
 Do pancakes have to be cooked all the way through? I feel like that’s just a fallacy the govern... 
 Mavs with the W 
 No way they can come back from this sadly 
 You really don’t like him lmao 
 Bitcoin doesn’t fix everything. It is a tool that provides people the opportunity to improve their lives if they’re smart enough to take advantage.

From the Sovereign Individual:
“In 1828, 4 percent of New Yorkers were thought to have owned 62 percent of all the city's wealth. By 1845, the top 4 percent owned about 81 percent of all corporate and noncorporate wealth in New York City. More broadly, the top 10 percent of the population owned about 40 percent of the wealth across the whole United States in 1860. By 1890, records suggest that the richest 12 percent then owned about 86 percent of America's wealth.”

Even on a gold standard, before there was a money printer, wealth accumulated in fewer hands. This seems to be the natural state for humans. During this same period, the mid 1800s, about 1/3 of Americans were considered incompetent. They could not read, write, or do simple arithmetic with a calculator. Today, most people can do these things but are still incompetent. The problem is the unwillingness to think. As power accumulated in fewer hands, it became easy to establish the federal reserve and end the gold standard. Is it reasonable to think that power won’t accumulate in fewer hands again on a Bitcoin standard? Will the “good times create weak men” cycle end? Probably not. The people that use their minds will find solutions to the world's problems. The incompetent normies will always suffer and fall for scams. You may not like it, but this is human nature. People are incredibly lazy when it comes to using their minds. Ironically, it’s the most important organ that differentiates us from wild animals.

Bitcoin is a great tool that will give people a way to gain more freedom. But Bitcoin didn’t save us. We saved ourselves. If Bitcoin didn’t exist, we would’ve found another way to gain more freedom. Maybe not as much freedom as what Bitcoin allows, but we would’ve found something. The difference between us and normies is that we used our minds to find a solution to a serious problem. We used the internet as a tool to learn and better our lives. Incompetent normies used the internet to find distractions and excuses for their problems. Bitcoin doesn’t save stupid people. It just helps people that actually use their brain. Unless you think humans will suddenly stop being dumb and lazy, the cycle will repeat. The important question is: will bitcoin reduce the damage that these cycles create? Will the cycles be shorter? I think so.

Bitcoin, like other technological advances, pulls up humanity as a whole and provides benefits to everyone. But they have to take advantage of it. Your greatest resource is between your ears, it’s not Bitcoin. Bitcoin is just a life raft in the middle of the ocean that will be there for you when you're tired of suffering and ready to use your brain to solve your problems. 
 I see what you’re saying. I think this next bull run will attract a lot of new investors. The incentive to get more customers by offering Bitcoin rewards is strong. I can see that happening.