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I would ask that you follow @BeefInitiative and that you ask your people to follow it as well.

I started this account for my friend Texas Slim because I knew his crew did not have time to do it themselves. nostr was new (still is) at the time and I was already all in and knew how to work the thing. I told Texas Slim I was doing it for those reasons so he is not in the dark on this.

I have only been posting verbatim what TBI's Twitter account has been so as to respect their marketing etc. but the time is coming when I need to turn the keys over to Slim and his producer, June (the posts are beginning to get questions and I am not about to start answering out of turn).

When I turn those keys over I want to place in their hands a freedom account with at least 1000 followers and a rowdy bunch of activity: replies, reposts, and likes. If I turn over an account full of "meh" then the chances it remains as vibrant as it is (585 followers so far) decreases.

The Beef Initiative is something I have been involved with since Texas Slim published The Harvest of Deception: https://producers.beefinitiative.com/blog/the-harvest-of-deception  He was the first person I called a friend after I moved to Canyon, Texas and that friendship solidified my passion for soil, ranching, land management and my sense of the sheer Glory of God's Creation.

If you are reading this then hit the Follow button: @BeefInitiative,  and make a post asking others to do the same. It don't cost ya nothin'.

Let's build this thing into a major nostr property that the TBI will be proud to take possession of, continue to steward, and help propel the nostr community into the future.

Can I get help from @Marie (Hellthread Queen -- you know what to do), @ODELL, @MartyBent, @hodlonaut, @hodlbod, @HODL, @SatsMcd, @doc, @PUBKEY, @jb55, @CARLA, @jack, @yegorpetrov, @corndalorian, @lopp, @fiatjaf, @Derek Ross, @Gigi ⚡🧡, @kidwarp, @The: Daniel ⚡️, @Vitor Pamplona, @PABLOF7z, @Semisol 👨‍💻 @NVK, @ewelina, @rev.hodl, @Tony, @brock, @Luke Parker, @ck, @BigSeanHarris, @DrBitcoinMD, @Dr. Jeff, @preston, @LynAlden, @walker, @jackspirko

Thank you,

David Bennett (AKA Nunya Bidness)

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 You got it, also added to my freedom onboarding list. 
 Already following 🤠🤙 
 I've been planning to add all the places of the beef initiative to go.yondar.me. Just little details 😁. I guess I need to know more about maps to not mess stuff up 
 Follow @BeefInitiative and support real food. 👍🏻 nostr:nevent1qqswx40ky8dhgw2es6amn006z8hq5w3sev62agm5ju2dkfvnq4znduqpp4mhxue69uhkummn9ekx7mqzyp3cn0nyj8nmdylf7d5we6y0e5297p7qdrfvrwawgfrmnd00gwwnyqcyqqqqqqgdlyre2 
 You got it chief 🫡 
 sound money 🤝 sound food 
 And who is Texas slim exactly? 
 Followed #plebchain 
 🫡 followed when I saw a post yesterday. Great job, will renote for good measure. 🤙🏻🫂 
 This is a direction we all need to head.  And this at the end is the most salient point of all. https://image.nostr.build/3341eb752d983c5eb945097bf4e5481f7bafc3d4ee82ad217bb9171a025e5199.jpg  
 any similar project in Australia? 
 Yes, the Australian beef initiative. @JakeWolki is a great resource! 
 That feeling when you weren’t tagged in the hellthread…. 
 great initiative - I added a few local producers to the index  after meeting them 
 proof of beef! great idea!! 
 My buddy who is a cattle farmer doesn’t think Texas Slim is particularly useful. He feels like Texas Slim is identifying with the cattle farming industry without putting in the real work associated with cattle farming. He is profiting off of the labors of real farmers while traveling around and building an influencer persona.

(I agree with my friend but I don’t have a cattle farm so my opinion is less valuable than someone who has skin in the game. I think most influencer types are fiat.)

Bitcoin removes redundancies, inefficiencies, and non-value add middlemen. 
 So he's basically a realtor, but with a cowboy hat?  
 Yes. And he’s aggregating (centralizing) the work of all these cattle farmers and monetizing it with a “on brand” marketing scheme. Seems pretty fiat to me … I suggest we proceed with eyes wide open. 
 There is no possibility of someone with a working ranch to find the time to go do this.

Every industry has niches to fill and Slim is filling one that has been sorely lacking.

Now, if I start interviewing ranchers and farmers to bring out their stories and products will that make me fake?

Do I have to take on a ranch to get the cred? When would I have time to do anything but ranch? I wouldn’t.

We may not like everything everyone does but we have to try. Besides, I know Slim. He ain’t doing this for oddles of money. 
 His “service” isn’t necessary. They market their own product(s). Or at least my buddy does. He sees this persons as a schtick that leverages his work for someone else’s profit. He’s a big time bitcoiner and a hard pass on TS.

Maybe not oodles of $$ but he is definitely gaining clout and working to build a brand that seems pretty weird. Why not just use his real name? Why not just dress and talk normal? 
 Already following brother 
 On it. 
 Thank you for doing this! I already followed them (which is how we found our rancher) but was so happy to see them on here 
 followed <3 
 Followed 🤙 
 Real food for real money lovers 🥩