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name Marie
about AUStrich 🇦🇺 Bitcoin novice #11 Nostr is punk! Freedom is free here at Nostr 💜🧡 Creator of Ladies Night Nest Chat 🪹 Bitcoin doesn’t discriminate and neither should we! To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid! Your vibe attracts your tribe! Be grateful and remain humble every day!
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display_name The Marie 🦂⚡️
lud16 marie@getalby.com
nip05 marie@nostr.com.au
picture https://image.nostr.build/3bf7c1635dd70579a8489bb271dae28c0c8815e0a377fc683ced700e2cdb823f.jpg
website https://www.avoiceforwildlife.org/