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 Good morning and Happy Halving. 🫡 
 Happy Halving everyone! 🎉 
 Someone explain the halving in the simplest way possible… cause I’m being asked a lot….and ... 
 The inflation rate of bitcoin eventually goes to 0. Every ~ 4 years the inflation rate gets cut in half. 
 Oh, shit!

This is old school af. Haven’t seen one of these since 2015/2016. nostr:note17m5qdqxnlf6k3gmx430st0d4rjhxnc3da78x3twa535kltflvvyswkn80u 
 Jupiter Ascending is one of the worst movies ever made. 
 “My trust in you is at an all time low and is strained to the breaking point” in theaters this summer. 
 I hate airports. Nothing like being treated like a cow in a chute🤌
 Waiting for grandma to come out of the jetway.

They took everything away. 
 is “post woke” a thing? 
 Soon™️ hopefully 
 Ok I think we got our zaps set up correctly. 
 Trying now. No dice. I’ll try again in a few. Maybe the addy needs time to propagate around the network first. 
 Did their zapper work for you? 
 What was the word? 
 Holy mother! 81 parties? WTF? 
 Kill everything you see but you’d better be nice and non-threatening about it.

Woke bullshit clogging up all the pipes. 
 Please say a short prayer for my AMD Ryzen 7 1700. I believe it just passed. A replacement is in ... 

21% or more off of a half cow when you pay in #Bitcoin 
 Be sure to follow @BeefInitiative.

I’m handling the account for now. 
 Sad. Although, I see opportunity for indoor urban farming. 
 More important than we think. Easier than we realize. nostr:note1vl0ephpzcrk54tvvclccu408rfx9w92229jjuplfkj4jdfwq3ejsgteaws 
 Good morning.

(Take that, ADL). 
 Either Damus Purple is trying way too hard or the Dutch language is jacked. https://image.nostr.build/b2bbcef59e2f07628faeb59798223f32d6d18ca0ead9783c4d8e9c4fc1be03ab.jpg  
 Runes are just digital CDOs. Not only are they just as bad as the CDOs that were the jet fuel for 2008, they are also unregistered securities.


Full episode: https://fountain.fm/episode/k0lWG0JppPBTkhzIAXp9 
 Read just the first chapter of John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty" (free via Project Gutenberg etc) a... 
 Must be company wide. Been doing that shit here full time now for almost a year. 
 Yup. Satisfies.

 Out there fightin’ that EVIL!

I sent my tax payment into the IRS on Monday. I do hope Zelenskyy’s wife enjoys the jewelry and it shields her against all that EVIL. https://image.nostr.build/e5213634f8ef26e90b3943e651a875820972619b5c2bdfa8892d8d64efad0e8c.jpg  
  @Start9 is sold out of all hardware.

Damn! Good problem to have (for them) I suppose. 
 Pls hurry. My raspberry pi is . . . well, it’s a raspberry pi.

Just saying. 
 Runeatics • Episode 886 of The Bitcoin And Podcast is LIVE! on Fountain

Episode 886 of Bitcoin And . . . is LIVE!

Topics for today:

- Stop The Bickering, Please.
- More on HK BTC ETFs
- UFC's Moicano Speaks On Freedom Money
- Blackrock Gets Into BTC Education
- Runes Are The New CDO: Stay Away

#Bitcoin #BitcoinAnd 

 The Bitcoin And . . . Podcast will go LIVE! at 11:15 am Pacific Daylight Time.

ZapStream: https://zap.stream/p/npub1vwymuey3u7mf860ndrkw3r7dz30s0srg6tqmhtjzg7umtm6rn5eq2qzugd

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/nostr_bidness 
 You’re the only reason I want to visit New York City again. Well, the Met too, but mostly you guys. 
 Yeah but my favorite part was the ancient Egyptian artifacts.

I would like to go back to Central Park too. Le Corbusier is one of my favorite landscaper architects. 
 This is PubKey’s first halving. 🌗
 You’re the only reason I want to visit New York City again. Well, the Met too, but mostly you guys. 
 Good morning.

Wait, hasn’t the ADL said saying ‘good morning’ is code for nazi or something? 
 It's already your grandson's. You just don't know it yet and neither does he.

 2/3 of my listeners are doing it on  @fountain_app.

Be better. Do Fountain app.

 Yeah? Yeah!? well . . . fine then. 
 I was just kidding. It's hard to give ya a ribbing with only text and no vocal intonations and body language.

Just picture me as one of your friends drinking with you at a bar giving you shit and we're laughing about it 'cause we just kicked the living shit outta two guys at pool who thought they were all bad ass . . . but weren't. 
 Congratulations, Peter.

Maybe Bedford brass will appreciate what you’ve done for the city now. 
 He’s probably not amused either, cranky old bastard. nostr:note1gykwnp0sn3cum0apq6t4h6fxc6jmappzz4tx0u6tjc5gn3cndq8q5umudx 
 You’re cranky and probably need a nappy-pooh. 
 And some nice tea.

Earl Grey perhaps? 
 That’s that new fangled shit, right? 

Bah humbug. 
 If I click on the number '368' under 'Location' I get to go to the original Kindle location of the highlight I made while reading this book.


 The Kindle highlights plug-in is so well put together.