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 Would have preferred an octopus, but this also works nicely. 
 It’s crazy that you have to deal people who want to see you suffer and fail simply because you ... 
 Last week someone told me he randomly saw the guy who spent 16 BTC on the Bitcoin Sign auction ju... 
 What happened?  Did you have several boating accidents? 
 Sorry to hear that, I just had an acquaintance have 10 bitcoin stolen by one of his friends.  He reported to the police but it had been washed by a coin join.  Keep stacking it's not too late in the game! 
 How dare they burn an Israeli flag!!!
They are only allowed to burn American flags and cities, THESE ARE THE RULES!!! 
 Wow, looks like fun.  I have never had an event (besides prom) that required me to wear a tuxedo. 
 Tell them they must keep their elbows in and their chest must touch the floor, form is everything.  No slacking off for Nostr sir! 
 With 100 Billion EUR dumped into the Ukrainian war effort by the EU, each EU citizen has contribu... 
 It is always cheaper to sacrifice someone else's life rather than your own.  Now that's cheap!

I would take another look at your European masters' grand plan...
Japan income tax 5-23%
US income tax 10-24%
Russia income tax 13-15%
Europe income tax 15-55%
※ Plus the inflationary tax they print to pay for the wars.

Of course there is always bitcoin to defund these wars. 
 How did you add the scratch off square?  Is it a clear sticker you can put on your lottery card? 
 Crazy you feel that way.  What state do you live in?  On the west coast I have never seen or felt something like this.  When I would visit my abuela in Maywood (next to Compton but more Hispanics), I was instilled the opposite image of yours, like saying I'll vote for the orange man.  Gladly.  I have lost two cousins to drugs and violence.

Instead vote for bitcoin, with nodes and mining.  Too much time, resources and energy are waisted on these egotistical asshat political clowns.  Build the future you want to see! https://image.nostr.build/5e415b170a81478676d18b99889aa148a9f10b5a620cc2e1f5a560703111c92b.jpg  
 No, I meant crazy how our environments shape us.  That is why I asked you were from.  West coast I never saw or feared the picture you posted.  If anything, the Mormons were the picture you posted. 
 This is one event I will put on my calendar for next time. 
 Safety in the exchange of freedom, such sad days. Reminds me of Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here "...
 You have some beautiful art!!!  I don't particularly care or feel that this piece highlights your skills but I liked the image you painted with your words, so I clicked on your link and was pleasantly surprised.  My compliments. 
 I think you are use to it, very nice.  Thank you for sharing the link! 
 Oh no, I’m calling out bitcoiners who praise Trump.

These people and companies who never suppo... 
 Never put a person on a pedestal.  The fanatic Trump supporters, Elon Musk supporters, Biden supporters, Obama supporters are the NPCs of today.  With that said, I vote with my nodes, S9 and if there is an opportunity... https://image.nostr.build/e0502c49d394c9a8271746b83a3dd909322e71acc52a17e1ddb4e323c43fd99e.jpg  
 Don't ruin my fantasy!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Also he will never run for President.  

The libertarian party has Chase Oliver running for them.  I don't know too much about him, but most of the podcasts I have heard described him as a woke leftist. 
 Here's a scammer # if anyone wants to make some crank calls 𝟣(𝟪𝟤𝟪) 𝟦𝟣𝟦-𝟣... 
 Do they only speak Chinese like the spammer calls I get?
+1 (800) 170-1682
+1 833365443916
+1 955916328892 
 Sad when you have to repost your own posts because there are no algorithms to help you spam and trigger people. 
 You instantly assumed that we care about your #Ageist #Sexist #Vile  Algorithms don't promote your trigger words here, time for you to grow up. 
 Egirl pianist click bait, good short term strategy.  If she is identified, bad long term strategy. 
 I unenrolled myself from school on my 18th birthday as an 18 year old 11th grader with a 1.9 GPA.... 
 Reply to this post with your best ascii art


 Is this brail?  I have never seen such font before. 
 Braille ⠮ 
 I grew up surrounded by Mormons and casinos in the middle of nowhere.

 When people are more dramatic, insane, sensitive, hate filled, and retarded than I am....

I worr... 
 Damn that is vicious!  You must have really cared.  Normally if someone is wasting my time, I block or ignore and move on. 
 I don't know that person and can't really judge.  I actually liked his rant (in the comedic sense) and don't know the intent or the build up to the situation.  Maybe they are just bored and have no goals? 
 That joke was horrible, now I am even sadder than before. Quick tell me another joke. 
 Slow chuckle, but I feel you are holding back your good jokes. 
 Wow, great quote.  It reminds me of the people who work for 40 years but only have one year of work experience.  They never grow, just repeat the cycle, vote for Biden, sad life. 
 They weren't saying that about you, they were saying it about me.  Now I am sad, tell me a joke to cheer me up. 
 That joke was horrible, now I am even sadder than before. Quick tell me another joke. 
 You are so ridiculous, even if you did make a true statement nobody would listen. 🤡🌏 
 Are you a psycho? Are you mentally ill? 
 They weren't saying that about you, they were saying it about me.  Now I am sad, tell me a joke to cheer me up. 
 one of the main forces behind vw beetle was adolf hitler ... and still it was one of the most pop... 
 I also love Wagner's ring trilogy!  Do I get a prize? 
 I heard that after his sentence is served he will be deported to America where he will stand trial for criticizing the US' involvement in Ukraine. 
 To stay anonymous is a choice. Also he might have other accounts, so he might be able to speak and post freely. 
 GM, today's date in Japan is 令和6年6月6日.  Going to be eating some spicy food today, hot as hell! https://image.nostr.build/0c622bf65d030c1eaf50a7961fc5b103c5750ad999c1d239e5b84833372f135c.jpg  
 I was disappointed that the food wasn't more spicy but maybe that ring of fire will hit me tomorrow on the way out. 
 GM, happy bitcoin pocky day from Japan (1 bitcoin = 11,111,111 jpy). https://image.nostr.build/af2dc1196aa7181f506a16ed145fa80ea8d59189af97c7eeb960a7153a5c5194.jpg  
 Best investment I ever made!!! 
 This is soooo mr. Robot! 
 I made it to the top of the trending list with all of my clothes on. 
 I think that is the reason you made it to the top of the list!  Thank you for being you. 
 The red stamps are the official stamp of the temple, similar to a signature.  Often these will use an old or unique way of writing the kanji.  Also the Japanese kanji is from China so there are lots of similarities to Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.  You should definitely visit if you can and take a Shodo class. 
 Yes 八十八 = 88, it is nice that I can read the menus and get general ideas when I visit China but can't understand full context maybe 5%.
豚 is a common one I see on the menu, just need to make sure it isn't the intestine I am eating. 
 80/20 Rule:

20% of study time to master 80% of the language, and then 80% more study time to master the final 20% of the language.

China will accept 20% while Japan expects 100%.  If you don't speak Japanese perfectly, then you don't speak Japanese.  Even my work's professional translator gets these criticisms. This culture has its pros and cons.  

Also if you think about it can we truly speak any language perfectly? 
 Yes! You can personalize your own印鑑 stamp with whatever design.  Depending on the material and where you get it done it will cost between $30~$500 usd.