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 Good morning ☕️ 
 #fiat is the math problem. #Bitcoin is the solution. 
 I am not a chart watcher at all.. but I have an urge to stay home and watch market open tomorrow. 

Anyone else feel this strange urge? 
 Good morning ☕️ 
 How do I avoid getting my nostr follow list nuked by accident? 
 I’ve been told it’s feature not a bug. 
 ✉️ and the normie-brain award goes to… Andrew Sorkin 

Knowing people like this exist make me stack #Bitcoin harder https://v.nostr.build/L3v2.mp4  
 That clip is likely gonna hurt one day .. he’s pretty silly looking. 
 These people know BTC is over 50k, ETFs launched and the having approaches… and they are still so smug. 
 Good memes > watching price of #bitcoin in fiat terms https://i.nostr.build/33Kx.jpg  
 Worked 💪🏼 
 Happy Valentines Day! ♥️

 Another day…
…another stack of satoshis!  💪🏼 
 g o o d  m o r n I n g 

 GN Nostr 💜 
 GN 🫂 

 GN 🫂 
 愿你龙马精神,健康快乐 ! ❤️ 
 The dragon blesses you and your family.  🫂🫂🫂 
 Gracias rey! 👑 
 UTXiaOlin 💪🏼 
 With fees at this level I decided to consolidate all my already consolidated UTXOs again….

@w_s_bitcoin makes a great deal of sense on UTXO management 

I feel setup now (again). 
 Happy freaky Friday freaky and geeks! 
 Happy Chinese New Year! 🧧 
 People with dry powder 🤣 
 Imagine having to fit 8 billion people into 21 million houses. 
 All the people that bought into the ETFs last week week are bragging to their no-ETF buddies and discussing color of lambos 

nostr, help me out here nostr:note16zkzqaudd082vh7jvxsetj0n3zys59k3gz4eqp3c3hyaeezp97fsv856y4 
 Ahh thanks @Rex Damascus 
DN do not fit in little red envelopes… 
 Select one of the red envelopes below. Once an envelope is opened it’s gone! Go! 

  1    2    3    4
🧧 🧧 🧧 🧧

 5    6    7    8
🧧 🧧 🧧 🧧 
 Great number! ⚡️ 
 HCNY ⚡️ 
 Happy New Year my Argentina Brother! 💪🏼 
 Enjoy eternal prosperity! ⚡️ 
 You bet! HAPPY New Year! 
 Happy New Year! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 
 4 is a terrible number actually but happy new year!  ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ 
 Enter the dragon! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 
 Say 6 
 Happy CNY! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 
 I can’t zap you. ⚡️ Post an invoice for 888 
 Maybe. What is DN? 🤣😅 
 Dragon blessings! 
 Goodnight! ❤️😃 
 Put some of those coins under your pillow so the fairies will keep the demon away! 
 It’s folklore about Chinese New Year! 
 X/Twitter #Bitcoin convo continues to be one massive circlejerk of price predictions. 

Here at #... 
 Indeed. My X/Twitter use case is reduced to porn. 
 Wishing you all the strength and courage of the dragon as you pursue your dreams in 2024. 💪🏼 
 In queue for #coldcard Q

I’m going to use it to lock away my little red CNY envelopes 🧧 and all my zaps ⚡️ in it. 

So pumped! 
 Chinese New Year incoming.  🎆🐉 🧧 
 I hate when #bitcoin does this the day before payday 

 Does anyone else have a somewhat painful indent on the middle bone of the pinky finger?

Is this a sign of spending too much time nostr’ing? 

 How did you find an artist that specialize in micro tattoos? 
 Hehe I’ve just been putting in my time trying to figure out a better way! 
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 🙏🫂 blessings! 
 Thank you! May the dragon give you strength and prosperity! 
 Thank you 🙏 let the dragon bring you and your family peace, strength and prosperity! 
 Thank you! 🙏 and to you and yours as well. 🫂🫂🫂 
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 Damn. I’m goood! 
 Indeed! Handing out wishes makes me happy! 

(fine print again: results are not guaranteed or may vary wildly) https://i.nostr.build/r6RG.jpg  
 Granted! (On low time preference basis) 
 Height is notoriously a hard wish, but I’ve got you! 

 @fishcake So tell me what you want. What you really, really want. 🎶 
 Easy! Granted! 
 … er… rather 
🎶🎶 … too easy, but that's the way it is! 
 Good wish! Keep stacking and it can come true! 
 Sorry we don’t accept lightning invoices under 250BTC 
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 I have no idea what I’m doing but I’ve never been more committed at anything in my life.