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 LocalSend - An open-source cross-platform alternative to AirDrop

 Just tried it and it was great! 
 Same this is cool  
 & https://snapdrop.net/

Always forget about this 
 Snapdrop is by Robin??? That's crazy! 
 Small world! 😅 
 Looks great. I usually do my syncing with Syncthing, though.  Works like Dropbox but local. https://syncthing.net  
 I use it for bookmarks but over internet is switching to local sync easy? 
 Switching is handled transparently. If Syncthing detects known peers in the local network it'll connect locally only, and avoid public internet altogether. 
 This and snapdrop. Also running this inside of deta.space 
 Sounds like an essential app! 
 This one is really minimal and works perfect when it comes to share files between iOS devices and Android or Linux.

 I use localsend a lot. 


 Just gave this an install! I've been using samba for this up till now 
 Finally! Something that works, and its FOSS 😍 
 nice 👍 
 good morning 🌞 
 Needs a catchier name. 
 I need to test this! 💯🤙
 Handy if you know what AirDrop is.

A shipcoin release? 
 me very excite! 
 Not really the same at all, airdrop doesn’t require you to be on the same network. From what I understand airdrop does an unspec’d bluetooth thing for discovery and then wifi-direct (p2p wifi) for transfer for much higher transfer speeds.

Closest thing to achieving this on linux is https://github.com/seemoo-lab/opendrop but last I tried the wifi card driver I was using didn’t support it.

The fact that the open source hackers are so behind on this is a bit sad because the tech is mindblowing. 
 Well its the problem of unified tech stack - if you control the entire platform (he and sw) its much easier to ensure compatibility, doing it generic for endless amount of hw options and drivers is a different game 
 This is pretty cool.

I'm reminded of Syncthing. Check it out for local file syncing between devices. https://github.com/syncthing

 That’s amazing 
 Thanks. I’ve been using a keet.io group chat between my devices . 
 Check out PairDrop for self-hosting, it's a fork of Snapdrop with some improvements and new features.