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 @LynAlden killing it in her opening keynote at the Oslo Freedom Forum. https://image.nostr.build/d84e4c27ef4211ea591a504a18acba56c78a2f7806dc5fe3dbdc1689a6da165c.jpg  

 You need to take a nice picture of Lyn 😉 
 Looks like a new character from the matrix. What’s Lyn’s hacker name? 
 Pure octane.  Nobody drops bombs like Lyn. 
 Absolutely LOVE Lyn.  Right up there with Saife!..😍 
 But what about cat jpegs? 
 Bitcoin is often lumped in with CBDCs by the freedom crowd. 

How was the Bitcoin content received?

Are they starting to warm to it yet? 
 Please God let there be a recording somewhere. 🙏🏼 
 #Bitcoin will outperform any other asset in the next 12-18 months reaching heights after heights & targets people can’t even imagine and think of

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