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name Brisket
about When you push against something, expect it to push back. When you attack something, you initiate both defence & retaliation. Our only fight is internally with our fiat conditioning. The fight is against our inner judge & victim. They do not serve our purpose here. ♥️ Let go the fears 💚 Fill your heart with love. 🧡 Connect to your inner node nostr:nevent1qqsww0uatwea4ps9cv2ldh24zrn0zpwgvtdf3980pztpu3yxx34rlcspz3mhxue69uhhyetvv9ujuerpd46hxtnfdupzp9kgwajajq93d86lmk9urxle00vvd5trlaqk4zw5tjahetzge9pnqvzqqqqqqye5gwqc
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display_name Brisket
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