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 idk who needs to hear this today but you have food at home 
 *closes Uber eats*😕 
 My kids are gonna be so mad. 
 Lol, dont need it right now but i totally have moments when i do 🤣 
 Excellent note honestly 🫡

Lots of people need to hear this 
 I know I did 😂 
 Have you been fishing around in my fridge again? 
 it’s a nasty habit but I’m working on it 😔 
 All I have is Steak, lots of Steak 
 I actually don't haha  
 Well, she didn’t know it wasn’t you, but now we all do! 😆🤙🏻 
 Lol thank you for your services 🫡😆 
 I grew up always eating at home rarely ever eating out. My girlfriend grew up eating out. I always say this to her. I do not think anything triggers her more 😂. Her family complains about the prices when eating out but continue to go. Drives me nuts 😂 
 The slow cooker is your friend. Really helps bridge the convenience gap.
And use a good cut of meat from your local rancher…
You really see a difference. 
 at this point I enjoy most at home alternatives anyway because fiat food has gotten really bad 
 You should’ve posted this about an hour ago 🥹 
 So much food! 
 Lads, shes right. 
 Not chipotle 
 It was me 
 pairs well with the reminder that outside world food often has inferior lower cost ingredients for the sake of chasing profit margins to protect against the devaluation of the currency 
 I love cooking at home with family or friends. Real food. Homemade stuff. Cooking, talking, laughing,... I ALWAYS have food at home 
 False but I have a lot of condiments  
 I needed it because we picked up a pizza from a pizzeria next to the UPS store and not only was it terrible but we’re now down by $15.86 or so 🤣 
 I needed to hear this right here, right now. 
 Grateful 🙏 
 Come Erik, let’s bring more food on table. 
 Food at home is also cheaper than 23$ burrito (+tax +18% tip) 
 Let thy food be thy medicine. - Hippocrates 
 Idk why this made me crack up 
 People do need to hear it, the amount of trash being generated by overuse of delivery and takeout is obscene. 
 That's so random.
So random in fact, that I went and checked.
And you were right! Turns out I somehow put something behind my water cooker that was about to go stale - so i omnomed it asap.
Eventhough I know of my own disability, I still misplace food where I can't see it myself <.>