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 Running nostr 
 real or fake ? 
 Omen either way id say 
 Real. Will DM you from twitter.com/balajis to confirm. 
 Welcome 🤙 
 The proof should be public 
 fwiw here’s the right way to do this: https://www.nostr.directory/ 
 Amazing. Was wondering when this would see this happen. Balaji takes a ton of maxi punches, despite being a heavy Bitcoin proponent. 🫂 
 Put the npub into the Twitter profile or has Elmo outlawed this?

Apologies if it's already there I wouldn't have access to verify. 
 Substack works too. 
 👀 did he ? 
 Nvm just seen ur quote note 🔥 
  https://i.nostr.build/L6V9.jpg https://i.nostr.build/qQKL.jpg  
 nice! heads up zapscript not running atm for me unfortunately. have testflight and alby connected, no lightning icon at all 
 Does Damus receive eNuts cashu DMs? As he has no lightning address yet, that's the only way to zap him 
 "Anything in particular I should look at and try?" - Said every single person that is completely disinterested. 
 CN you just quote your npub in your Twitter bio? 
 You will save me nitter trips. Welcome !!!!¡  
 Eventually this will reverse. Nostr will be the proof of identity. 
 just post the npub on your twitter 
 New platform who dis? 
 new protocol who dis 
 well, did he DM you? real? 
 No npub on his Twitter profile yet at least 🤷‍♂️ 
 true if huge 
 #nostr is an open protocol, ain’t it?

Look at da moose run. 
 We need answers! 

 Wen lightning address? 
 Welcome to nostr! 🤙 
 Welcome! 🎉 
 Does he know this isn't a blockchain. 
 yes. He is not the enemy. 
 Yeah no? 
 Pura vida 
 Welcome 🫂 
 Please be like @LynAlden and post your bear content here!

 About damn time 
 Welcome 🤙 
 GM, おはようございます! 
 🤙 PV  
 Welcome to the network state 
 There i”z” a state in the network?! For real?! States are in everything these days!  
 👌 excellente! 
 Welcome Balaji!
Set up a wallet so we can Zap ya! 
 Welcome 🟣✊🏼 
 i'll follow you if you follow me ✌ 
 Gotta pump that follows number up 🤙 
 Ok you got 1 more. That's a start. 
 Good timing!
 nice to see you  ! please reach out I have a seeiousky wicked investment idea... 
 Glad to have you here! 
 Welcome to Nostr! This is Listen Later. Email the link of an article and our AI will narrate and add ii to your podcast app. Would be amazing if you gave it a try: https://www.listenlater.net 
 you're invested in Farcaster I have a better no kidding invesment for you in this system: it will help tirbo charge asoption, fund devs, all whole keeping the Bitcoin ethos 100% intact 
 So when are you gonna stick a heatsink with a fan on the latest raspi and charge derps here $500 for a nostr computer ? 
 Welcome to the new frontier of community and development! 
 hello and welcome 
 Welcome. Onward 🫡 
 If you set up a ligtning address, we can zap you some sats! You can set one up with lots of providers - eg @Alby or @primal 
 I bet you a million that you will get to 90 followers within a million days 
 Welcome sir! 
 Followed, new friend.  
 Hey - welcome! 
 wen Zaps    you must feel it 🤙 
 Welcome to nostr, followed, i can't zap you, don't forget to set a lightning address with your nostr account 
 I recommend @Alby you get a lightning address + you can save your nostr key encrypted in the browser extension then log in safely in any nostr clients 
 You have to request an invite code for @Alby now, just FYI. 
 hey Balaji -- good to see you here! 
 Welcome 🤙 
 Fake. Will only believe if another 2M bet is placed with proof.  
 Welcome 🤙 
 Welcome to the freak show. 
 Wow. Welcome to Nostr 
 Welcome ✊ 
 Welcome!! 🐸🤝 https://i.nostr.build/4KGm.png  
 Nice, welcome 
 Nice 🤓 
 blocked half of twitter, time to join nostr? 
 try primal  
 Welcome mate. Enjoy the experience.  🦘 
 Welcome to nostr. 
 Welcome 🫂 

Make sure to set up bitcoin lightning address on your profile, so you can receive zaps (there are ways to do it non-custodialy, but good easy "hosted" solution is with Alby or Wallet of Satoshi or Stacker News...) ⚡💜 
 welcome aboard 
 Welcome 😃 
 Welcome 🫡 

Wen $1M? 
 now we're talkin ✨ 
 setup a lightning wallet to get in on all the zapping ⚡️ 
 Well played sir 
 Good morning and welcome to the new frontier. Remember, typos are forever on Nostr. No edits, no deletes, come as you are. Live free or die  
 What took you so long? :) 
 Welcome to Nostr 🤝 
 Welcome! #introductions 
 Welcome to #nostr! 

I look forward to many more Balajis streams of conscious over this protocol. 
 Finally! Happy to have you on board. 
 Hope you like it 
 About time brother! Welcome! 
 GM GFY 👋 
 Welcome 🎉 
 Let's go! 
 wen $1 million BTC ser 
 haha, Trolling started  
 Fix your zapper 
 Wow! Welcome to The Nostr-work state!⚡️⚡️⚡️ 
 Welcome to Nostr. We're glad to have you in our decentralized social future. 

Future 🤞 
 Welcome! 🤙 
 I won't believe it until I see thenetworkstate.com nip05 
 Dont you think Balaji would post on Xwitter that he is running nostr? don't trust, verify.
 wow hi 
 Bienvenido 👏 
 Yo big guy 
 Can't block here by the way

Welcome too  
 is this the real balajis? 
 You sure? He's been a pretty big #Farcaster supporter. See my notes

 He’s not just a supporter. He’s an investor in Farcaster. Also, it’s no secret that Balaji loves Ethereum. 
 Condidering his twitter profile, I had always thought he was mostly a Bitcoiner. Guess I thought wrong. 
 You asking the real questions... 
 Big if true
 Welcome to nostr! 
 Welcome to freedom of speech 😎✌️ 
 Fakie tre? 
 What took you so long? Welcome aboard. 
 Welcome to #nostr !!! 💜 
 Looking forward for your content here 
 How’s your Farcaster 💩🪙 going? 
 welcome to freedom 
 The real Balaji would setup his `/.well-known/nostr.json`. 
 You gotta show him your nips 😏 
 Welcome to Nostr 🤙🏻 
 Proof or it didn’t happen. Run your own NIP-05. And/or post your #Npub for the public from your Twitter handle. Npub is supposed to be, you know, public. 
 I long for QR codes for zaps again. 
 Welcome fren 🤙 
 misspelled runningbitcorn but OK  
 Running shitcoin casino, also. 
 Set up wallet so we can zap you, dude! ⚡️⚡️ 
 Welcome 🤙 
 hi and welcome 
 Welcome Balaji! 
 Welcome Balaji 😃 Nostr & Network States, like peas in a pod 
 Welcome sir, I've highly enjoyed some of your longer guest appearance podcasts. 

They're like crack, I listened to the Lex one 3 times 😂 
 Following Balaji on the Nostr 
 Welcome, tried zapping but no luck. 
 What took you so long? 

Glad you're here. Welcome.  
 Welcome 🐤  
 Welcome. Get a LN⚡  address so that I can zap you! 
 Welcome to your nostrich peeps, @balajis! 
 welcome to freedom world sir 
 welcome sir.  
 Be cool to see someone with a good following verifying themselves using a nip-05 from their web address

 great to have you on nostr! 
 Welcome! Will follow when nip-05’d 
 welcome!! we missed you!! 
 Hopefully it's not a fake! We need a proof. We are proof-of-work people ... don't trust verify ...
plase @balajis put your nostr npub on your X account! or something like that! =)

 welcome aboard 

⚡️Get a lnurl for some schweet zaps!⚡️
💜 Followed 💜
🙏 ₿oosted 🙏
🤙 #plebchain 🤙 
 USDer also needs nostr 
 Let's fucking GO!!! 
 it's a one way worm hole  .. you can't go back :-)  
 Link a lightning wallet so we can Zap! 
 You met a bitcoiner at prospera didn't you??? 🤣  
 Great to see you here!  
 just set up my nostr as well! seeing many comments about zaps

can someone kindly explain what they are/how they work? 
 Zapping is just built-in use of lightning network to tip someone's posts. You do need a custodial lightning address to receive last I checked. I am a novice but googling is easy. I just checked and apparently Jack tipped me. I didn't know that. So thats cool. 
 I'm glad! Farcaster is not Bitcoin aligned.  
 Atta Buoy.

Let's get to crackin' some Eggs here... 
 Welcome 🤙 
 Welcome to the party 🫡 
 Hey i just remembered, what happened to the $1 million bet you made on twitter? Did you pay? BTC has not reached $1 million even now, and according to you it was to happen, like what a year ago? When did this nonsense happen on twitter, does any pleb remember?