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name Piecover
about I work for #BItcoin on my free time at https://piecover.com teaching #Bitcoin to people who need it the most, eventhough my writings/spellings are horrible I can't stop trying. #Nostr PubKey: npub1442cldwt7575fuqtrae7hwtkeelyedp9k6eh8xjqj6728sln2k5q0a09ae I also talk #Bitcoin podcast on my way to work here: youtube/@piecover.com You can support my work on Geyser.fund at: https://geyser.fund/project/piecover I got banned from Twitter(X) for being tomuch of a toxic bitcoiner so FOR BETTER OR WORSE FIND MY old posts UNDER @lovepluslove96 IF YOU NEED TO SUPPORT MY WORK dirrectly, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ZAP: piecover@getalby.com
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website https://piecover.com