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 REALITY CHECK: I had the opportunity to meet some big creators the last days.

Been trying to nostrpill all of them. 
There is an interest in having the community non ruggable.. but they don’t really worry about decentralization or being censored. Also they don’t care about zapping… 


I got some interest from the interoperability of different apps on the protocol - but it’s still hard to understand for them. 

For most people #nostr doesn’t solve a problem yet. Which is fine.. I think it’s just an important reality check and it makes you realize how early everything on nostr is right now. Most here did their POW - and if you read this you’re an #nostrOG 

I just realized how fkn exciting it is to be part of a new technology emerging. We all see the work we need to do but also have the grand vision - which no one knows how it’s going to play out. 

 If the demand convenience, let them enjoy slavery. 
 Here is a reality check, 
F- your big creators.
If they are entrenched in a system because theyve had success in it, and wont change unless we coddle them and beg them to come, let them enjoy the inevitable collapse that comes to all who cannot stay humble, stack sats, and evolve.
The path to slavery is paved with conveinience and safety  
also, you suffer from fame worship. 
 We are the early birds. 
 The early birds are nostriches 
 Most people have not grasped keypairs, but the world is going that way with “passkeys” from the big tech companies. People are tired of passwords. 

Once people get over this hurdle, Nostr is the only implementation that makes any sense. 
 Am I early!? 
 Yeah and here's the beauty of it:
whoever, whenever creates the "right" UX for #nostr, which takes off, EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY on nostr is going to benefit
It mimics beautifully the main incentive paradigm of #Bitcoin:
What benefits one, benefits all 
 #Nostr is win-win-win 
 Rug them and they will care. 

Rugs teach. Moar rugs. Moar. 
 What sort of "content creator" is not worried about being censored? Trash creators and dogs of the System, I would say. 
 "grand vision" cool-build it they will come! 
 Once people realize the power and true flexibility of being able to leverage your social graph, and take it with you between various application platforms, your web trust and web of interest can be come a quite powerful mechanism for usability. Decentralization and censorship resistance are definitely important, but they're not cool and sexy. We need to bring sexy back. I think portability and interoperability are sexy. That's our hook. 
 Lets make #nostr sexy 
 Is that what you were doing in your recent video? 👀 
 For this sort of creators the better part of interoperability is that they can actually *increase* their user base trough influx from applications they do not know exist.

Probability we need just a good UX to keep the users in the app, and a great interoperability UX to invite them to easily jump elsewhere.

And because usually clients' priority is not to let users go away, we need to build this good interoperability UX at protocol level. We can achieve this with rock solid specs and tools, paired with a great information layer, like you, @MaxDeMarco and @Gigi ⚡🧡 are doing brilliantly. 
 Yes. And I think this will happen when you have a few different clients doing radically different things that catch on, and it will dawn on users the power and flexibility they have. 
 Proof of work 💜💜💜
Thank you 🙏 
Whats better than clicking two buttons and youre connected to an amazing protocol 
 And we can iterate harder. We don't associate and build tools for advertisers, trackers or fraudsterz.  
 Having joined Nostr a little over a year ago, it has gotten substantially easier to navigate and engage with others. I can only imagine what another year of building is going to do to the platform.

I try to think of Nostr today as what Twitter must've felt like in 2008 
 I've been thinking of small creators.  They are the ones who get $4 checks from Spotify, or have worked for 10 years to get 9,000 subscribers on YouTube, or reached 10,000 and are not granted authrorization to monetize.  Bandcamp users.  Local cover bands.  Farmers market / festival booth / consignment shop artisans.  TBH I don't care about successful musicians bringing starpower to Nostr.  I care about talented people who are getting excluded and know it. 
 Fair point. 
 I’m guessing zapping could also be something that’s interesting 
 As a creator, I think finding the time that your audience would be most receptive to checking you out on a different platform is another important side of it. Both the creator and the audience need to really know how they’ll use and benefit from it. 
 Yep. Nostr wins with exceptional UX and new experiences. Censorship resistance is a side effect not the carrot. 🥕 
 shutting down Telegram might lead to Nostr influx  
 Where there is an audience to tell their stories to creators will come.  The larger the audience, the bigger the creators.  I believe there will be an event horizon at some point. Then, creators will be forced to come. 
 When zaps are the most important component of Nostr for people, they are quite greedy. We don’t need that type people yet now imo 👀
We need the people who care about keeping the ownership of their data and see the benefits of the portability of this in the ecosystem (the nostrverse) 
 Breaking news, the influencers of yesterday are the no-coiners of tomorrow and don't care about anything but UX.  Bahahaha 😂  Who gives a fuck what they want?  The real influencers of tomorrow will be created on nostr.  Like @Ainsley and @OpenMike

 Yeah, some will simply be left behind. 
 There is no ALGOS here pizza boy! 
 nostr:nprofile1qywhwumn8ghj7mn0wd68ytndw46xjmnewaskcmr9wshxxmmd9uq35amnwvaz7tmwdaehgu3ww35x2umpd4jkxct59e5k7tcppemhxue69uhkummn9ekx7mp0qqs8eseg5zxak2hal8umuaa7laxgxjyll9uhyxp86c522shn9gj8crs6l4g8t  that's exactly right! 👍 and ❤️ are going to be a thing of the past #⚡️IS  💛 and I can't wait for the future ✨ nostr:nprofile1qy88wumn8ghj7mn0wvhxcmmv9uq32amnwvaz7tmjv4kxz7fwv3sk6atn9e5k7tcpzemhxue69uhk2er9dchxummnw3ezumrpdejz7qpqlelkh3hhxw9hdwlcpk6q9t0xt9f7yze0y0nxazvzqjmre3p98x3skarrdr  is right too.... UI is still a real challenge for most. 
 How might nostr devs improve UI and UX @Ainsley ? Any specific feedback for particular nostr apps you use? 
 Hey nostr:nprofile1qyghwumn8ghj7vf5xqhxvdm69e5k7tcpzdmhxue69uhhqatjwpkx2urpvuhx2ue0qyvhwumn8ghj7am9d33k7mt99ehx7um5wgh8w6twv5hsqgqh2wxu9f38d8gfgsl33smuhc6cl26mh7vpzu6592nutlchrmthcsrs3e8n  💛 I think it varies from app to app. Most still feel pretty "glitchy" I don't mean that as a bad word. One might not connect to wallet properly another might alway hang and never post, sometimes my posts go 3 times in a row (I think because it looked like it didn't go and I keep hitting post). I just tried to reply to a comment in Damus and it never posted? Some cool Nostr apps (Like NOS) don't have lightning yet so that's a real bummer too. For me what makes this so different is the ⚡️ replacing likes and hearts. I've worked with a lot of the apps, Damus, primal, coracle, NOS, one on one, but I'm always here to chat or test! I am dreaming of a day when Nostr really replaces IG, TT, FB!!! 
 My biggest hurdle when bringing on a new musician is getting the fiat to bitcoin to Nostr onboarding done all at once and almost seamlessly in the background.  As soon as you talk too much ‘tech’ or ‘sound money,’ the eyes start to gloss over and we sound like salespeople.  If we introduce and new revenue stream that didn’t exist before ( @wavlake or @tunestr ), then they can take the deep dive later when they see the value. 
 " but it’s still hard to understand for them. " There is no big tech spoon feed - SELF-LEARNING is BEST TOOL 
 Is usability and UX really what’s most important to them or is it just a proxy for easier revenue generation and/or lowering costs? 
 They are used to highly polished products and apps. 

Most don’t have the tolerance of clunky user interfaces etc. if something doesn’t work it’s a scam for them. 

Again those people have fundamentally other goals and incentives as everybody on here. But I think it’s worth mentioning and taking that into consideration if nostr should become THE SOCIAL protocol. 
 The tragedy of life is often found in complacency 
 We are built different. Learning to accept it. 
 Most creators careers are brief, and very few can survive a trend shift 
So is monetarising on their viewers on centralised platforms. I've been around for 12 years now and 95% of our influencers are hypocrites. Very view actually live the "bitcoin standard" they're preaching and even fewer create quality content even close to your own. It's not the UX, it's the money. Fiat money. 
 I think nostr is still, understandably, still too Bitcoin centric for most people. 
 Can send the UI focus but just from regular users. They just don't want to think and have no idea about anything tech wise and have very little time if it's annoying in any even small way.  
 Yes totally agree, NOSTR will be the light at the end of the dark tunnel, everyone will come running. It mirrors Bitcoin, it is a life raft. 
 Their hook will be different than most of our hooks. 

Once their inconvenience happens.
As options get easier, better, sexier as others say.

Keep chipping away. 

Awesome that you're planting nostr seeds in their heads. It's going to take a while for those  to blossom..

 For most people #bitcoin doesn’t solve a problem yet either 
 I still don’t get why usability and UX are viewed so negatively. Signing up and using #primal was faster and easier than twit*er— sounds more like a perception problem or a cop out