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 its about to get wild https://i.nostr.build/0jWk6.jpg  
 Cold Stone 
 Oh damn...
@jb55's glitching the Matrix 👀

 Are you able to use the bitkey as one of like a 2 of 2 multisig with a Q1? 
 Doesn’t seem like you can from the iOS app (exporting descriptors, signing psbts, etc), maybe have to look into cli tools if they have any 🤔 
 I really like the way Bitkey handles security. Must be great for new Bitcoiners.

I heard Bitkey has only one receive address, do you know if this is true? 
 I just got home, haven’t got a chance to test it yet 
 don't you miss a display? somehow i'm so into displays for my signer 
 this is why I am pumped for the @TwentyTwo Devices signer. I was hoping I could use the bitkey as a key in a multisig descriptor but I don’t see an option for that 
 I am very enthusiastic about stateless devices that support seed qr, like passport, jade or seedsigner.

but whenever I see a new signer I want to know everything about him 
 the display is the phone, in this case  
 that feels wrong to me 
 it has endless addresses. You can refresh the page to get a new :) 
 İkisi için de değerlendirme bekliyorum, Will. Meraktan çatlayacağım! 
 Forgot the orange one https://i.nostr.build/4oeZ4.jpg  
 Highly highly recommend @SeedSigner 
 your collection keeps growing 👀 
 Which one you like the most? 
 🧡🧡 #gearslut 
 That’s looks amazing 🔥 
 Haven’t had the chance to open it yet. Is BitKey multisig compatible with other devices? 
 If it is I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that yet 
 It looks like a blackberry 
 What is it? 
 BitKey shines for ease, ColdCard makes us sleep better. But we want less wear & tear plastic. Including hardware wallets. 
 What is that hexagon shaped thing?  
 It’s like you are about to use a rock to bash a made for jail transparent blackberry. 
 I'd throw the black rock in the river and keep the coldcard.