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 God worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th. When you don’t work someone else is to provide you with goods and services.

The truck driver 
The sewer plant manager 
The power line technician 
The road construction crew

Stop making it seem like work is bad. Work allows all of us to have a better quality of life

Blame the failure of money which makes work feel soulless.

This is why we #bitcoin 
 I don't think that's the meaning of this.  We work way more than what we need to provide for our immediate needs.  All of that extra productivity gets dumped into mindless consumerism and excess that ends up robbing us of what we truly want in life. 
 Which is why I blame the broken Money. Just don’t want to see work demonized. So many people work hard every single day so we can maximize our time on this planet. 
 The message isn’t about work. 
It’s about grabbing life by the balls detached from fear and going after the life of your dreams. 

It’s about not giving into failure. 
It’s about putting in the work. 
It’s about detaching from narratives and putting in the work. 

It’s about walking in your authentic truth. 
A life well lived requires a bit of boldness and courage. 

It’s about having faith in yourself and achieving beyond the limitation of circumstance. 

It’s about not giving up. Pushing through resistance, and creating the life you want. Without regrets. All In. 

Hope that clears things up. 
 A bit. Fiat has rotted our brains to thinking that “passive” income is something to strive for and a good days work in whatever you do is meaningless. 

I thought this post was feeding into this senseless idea that people shouldn’t work. As long as humans are mortal the work we have to do will never end. Soon as it does we perish as a species. 
 I agree with @BlokchainB  work is an inherent part of existence. I also agree with @lauren , I would like to offer another idea into the conversation: what if the purpose of work has been abstracted, and maybe, the way we create jobs and gigs is what kills us. 
 Yes work has been abstracted from survival to the accumulation of stuff and entertainment. This explains why Americans are so hyper focused on retirement. We have blown past needing enough to sustain it’s all about getting more and more