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 Trust the Fed, end up dead. 
 Tsar Bomb Nuke right here 
 Damn right 
 Our join to them and be the evil guy  
 Wesome balajiis! I have an epic idea please reach out ! 
 But I heard that the state has only good intentions, no?  
 The road to hell is paved with good intentions. 
 Trust the BCE, end up dead too, but a bit later. 
 Imagine a financial Pearl Harbor, a bank run attack. http://www.deepthroatipo.com/how-to-wreck-a-big-old-gsib-bank/ 
 I agree and also just realized something.

Fedimint .... dope project, name gives me the jeebies 
 So very true! Welcome to Nostr. 
 When 1 million dollar Bitcoin ??? I lost my house following your advice 
 Where's that hyperinflation $1 million god candle? 
 Welcome to the party 
 Trust Balls of Jizz, get a face full of whiz.

 Someone help him get an alby invite to receive zaps 
 hate to break the news, but we all die eventually. I don't trust central banks in life 
 You need help setting up a Lightning address?

Protip: Don’t ask Brian Armstrong, amirite @joenakamoto? 
 Preach brethren. though they may not hear you, continue to spread the good word  
 Trust the Vampires,  lose your pint of blood🤣  
 trust yourself, gain lots of wealth 
 Welcome to nostr 🤙 
 Or buy #bitcoin 
 "Author of this account cannot be zapped."

Aw, c'mon! Let's get that nip-57 setup, @balajis