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 Release time!

In our biggest update yet, we've completely redesigned the home screen, added a nostr-based profile setup walkthrough, and have finished our initial fedimint integrations by adding a federation discovery & recommendations!


Most lightning wallets these days are what we call "invoice-oriented." We want to go back to the basics to solve what people are really trying to do: paying a person. We've added a new wallet creation flow to make the wallet about you!


The new version of Mutiny now allows you to create a new nostr profile, or import a nostr private key from an existing profile. From there, you can now DM other mutiny & nostr users to send or request money directly from the app. No more copy / pasting invoices!


To double down on social, we've redesigned our home screen to put people first. We now include a row of recent profiles for quick access. We also now have tabs on the home screen for looking at your payment activity, your friend's zap activity on nostr, and your payment requests.

Next up, better fedimint support!

Mutiny has had beta support for the fedimint protocol for a couple of months now. Instead of opening a lightning channel on your first receive, with a minimum of 100k sats, you can get started on a fedimint with just a few sats.

This new update adds a way to discover available fedimints to join. Naturally, the discovery process is powered by an open protocol built on nostr. You can see who recommends a federation, and add it with one click.


You'll automatically receive funds to that fedimint, as long as the amount is smaller than 200,000 sats, and you'll automatically spend out of that fedimint, with a fallback to your regular lightning balance. You can also swap from fedimint to your lightning balance at any time.

Coming up shortly after this release, we'll be adding federated lightning addresses that lock incoming payments to your key, which you may redeem at any point by coming back online. We'll be rolling this out to Mutiny+ users first, stay tuned!

Let us know what you think! We're excited about this new direction and need feedback to help us continue driving forward.

 So pumped about this release!

If you've never used mutiny yet, or were intimidated by the high channel opening costs, now is a great time to try it out with a fedimint federation before opening your first channels.

 Absolutely! Well done. Great product experience. This makes it accessible to many ordinary users.  
 Didn’t read it all but looks good 
 ありがとう💜⚡️ @Mutiny Wallet 
 Great work!!  
 Arrrrrr ✊ 
 WOW big changes👍 
 I would like to create it with my Nostr account only :) 
 Totally can! There's a step to import your existing nostr account if you would like to. 
 Ok Will look into it :) 
 Can I use my nostr public key instead? 
 Not exactly. This also works with nostr browser extensions so you may use that instead of importing a nostr private key. 
 Oooo chat like payment screen 👏 
 When creating a new profile it asks for NYM and LNaddress. Is that an LNaddress you provide or one the user should already have? 
 Right now, you need to import one you already have. However, we'll soon be offering an LNAddress as well, just couldn't get it into this release. 
 Like WoS LNAddress? 
 Oh wow LFG 🔥 
 Congrats! This is an incredible release! Nostr + ecash is the future of #bitcoin payments 🚀  
 I’m bullish with Mutiny 🚀🫡 
 Gas it created a random nostr account ? I see anon one 
 Looks dope! 
 Love it 🤩 Congrats!

I wonder about the privacy implications of social-first... are there things you'd like to improve on that front?  @Tony

 Nostr log in is opt-in, no? 
 That's fantastic! Well done 🔥🚀
 Love it! 🧡 
 What a great update 👏🏻 it’s a great change. Let’s try sending him a super #zap 
 So many people doing things I didn't know I needed.  Is this what a free market looks like? 
 The everything app— isn’t twitt*r still stuck on this 3 years later? Maybe it takes a lot more work to integrate a bunch of surveillance 😂 
 LFG 🔥 
 Looking forward to trying it out 
 So to import an existing Nostr profile you need set up a new wallet. Correct? How about esats? How do you convert them to sats? Where can I read more about this mechanism? 
 For existing wallets, it might not walk through the flow but it's still there in the settings.

For federation swaps, there's a new swap button when there's sats next to your fedimint balance.  
 So the goal of federations is to be able to start without lightning 100K initial transfer? Where can I read about federations and nostr? 
 Federations give users better protection from single mint operators rugging users. Fedi is multi party custodial ecash. Cashu is single party custody ecash. Both interact with bitcoin via lightning. Lightning with nostr.  
 ecash is like a protocol build on top of bitcoin that connects via lightning? 

Chaumian ecash is an old version of electronic ecash for dollars that didn't work out.

"eCash", "eNuts", "eStats" are all slang for versions of chaumian blinded mints that now run on top of lightning. Fedi is one protocol, cashu is another, similar ideas, different trade offs.

Send bitcoin to a mint via lightning, get issued a near perfect private bitcoin iou you can spend and send out of bound redeemable by the mint for sats. 
 Wow...okay, so I'm enjoying Alby & Zeus but this...I'm going to have to check this out...

 Looking good boys! 
 Dude this is badass! 🔥🔥🔥 
 I deleted nostr account that was generated on mutiny behalf and it still shows this 🤔 https://image.nostr.build/a3ae01f891e01e2d72546a330ca70b34a4cd44733cc312481b5bf5c027ac329f.jpg  
 Your contacts stay imported but we can probably get rid of that if the account is deleted. Made the deleted feature last minute to appease apple.  
 Thanks ! That’s makes sense now 😅
Congrats on the release 🫡 
 Great! 😊👍 
 Yeshh. LFG. Looking great guys. 
 Great work making your platform better and better! 
 Install it, joined the federation and tried to receive some sats. Lightning payment timing out from 2 different wallets... Am I missing something? 
 Oh the funds arrived in the end... It just took some time .(1 hour?).🤔  
 There might have been issues on the federations. Probably getting more usage than normal. 
 Ok thanks.. another strange thing i noticed is, its not showing up in the iOS wallet selector (damus) 
 We don't have deep links on iOS yet but when we do, we'll let the damus team to add it to their wallet selector. Thanks for the reminder about this, good feature request.  
 Ok just zapped your answer with mutiny federation by copy/pasting the invoice from that damus wallet selector. It worked👍 
 Can I run this parallel on 2 devices with the same seed? (If i only use federation) 
 It seems to work although it requires you to close the app on the other device first. Fyi wallet selector on Android Amethyst doesn't show Mutiny wallet either 
 This may be the most impressive update release I've ever seen. Absolutely amazing. Keep crushing gents. 
 Holy crap. Mind blowing. Cant wait to try it out. The integration with Nostr is insane. 
 Congrats on the release

🚅 nothing stops this train

I am surprised most Mutiny users are trying to make payments in person 
 oh wait *paying a person*, (not “in person”) makes all the sense in the world 
 LFG 👊 
Just tested the Bitcoin Madeira fedimint, it works perfectly! 💪⚡ 
 Awesome job 🤙 Will federated lightning addresses be rolled out to all users eventually? 
 So rad! When does Apple shut it down on iOS? 
 Can't happen. That's one of the glories of a PWA. 
 What PWA is? 
 Progressive web app 
App in browser
 Also what is dope about Start9 is that you can run Mutiny from your server separate from your phone.

"Instead, your StartOS server hosts the web app that you can access from any device on your local network or via TOR."

 That's dope indeed! 
 Yeah, you can have a private instance of it over tor off the server and another with your nsec in it on your phone. Swap between same or separate federations on different wallets for privacy etc.

zaps to cashu
cashu to fedi
fedi to fedi private lightning  
 That's some next level swapping mastery Ima be honest. 
 *Fedi in mutiny doesn't have LN address, so I use minibits which is cashu
*Once big enough balance in cashu I can confirm iou's are good by sending out of mint over lightning to fedi on mutiny which is multi party custodial and has my nsec
*Once fedi balance is say 200k sats then I would confirm fedi balance by opening a 200k channel on mutiny without my nsec, potentially connected to my own lightning node on my start9 
 Progressive Web App
It's an app that "lives" in your browser, not one that you download onto your device from the Apple app store or Google play store. Benefits: 
. less storage on your device
. updates without having to update from app stores
. freedom from app store restrictions
. probably more 
 Use the PWA if or when that happens 
 Mutiny is getting social with a wide range of new Nostr integrations. 
 Love the new look. 
 Wonderful!! Good Job 👏  
 This looks incredible! Congrats on the release 
 well done . looks great . going to test it 
 Amazing! A great update. 💜🫂🫡

Feedback: The first option of the default CHOOSE PAYMENT FORMAT
is Unified. Lightning payment did not succeed. Maybe I did not operate it correctly? It is recommended that when creating the payment page, you can choose to display whether it is lightning payment or on-chain Bitcoin address payment. 
 Looks incredible, great job! 
 Insane progress. 🔥🔥🔥 
Apart from a slight slowness, sending zap e-sats with NWC also works well 💪⚡ 
 Every bitcoin I own is in mutiny. #YoHoAPiratesLifeForMe 
 Mutiny matched all Satispay (Italian cashapp) features... With better on-boarding, better privacy and self custody

Insane what bitcoin+lighting+nostr can do 🤯

 Everything is very impressive, except for one thing. I sent a message to my other Nostr account, but it didn't receive it. Which relays does Mutiny use for Nostr messages? 
 You guys are gonna make me setup my in-laws with this wallet haha. So happy to see the progress. 
 Whoa, HUGE update! Awesome! 
 Is there kind of a list of the federations already available for testing ?

Out of your "discover feature" (from which I can only see one mint recommended by  @Tony by the way, I don't know if it's normal), is there another way of finding federations for testing ?

Thanks and congrats for the work ! 
 Increíble trabajo 👏👏👏 
 it's absolutely not good imho 
 Wow, first a #Nostra app #Primal with built-in #Bitfoin wallet and now a #Bitcoin wallet with built-in #Nostra app. This is just incredible! Can't wait to dive in and check out all the details.  
 Congrats! I have a question. What about setting up multiple bitcoin seed phrases toward a single Nostr account? for example: multiple browsers over desktop and mobile 
 awesome 😎...

 what's her npub? 
 Sorry, that's @Paul 's girl. 
 Awesome. Dumb question, how do I swap better ln and federation? I can send to my federation from an external wallet but want to use my Mutiny balance.  
 There should be a swap icon next to your fedimint balance if there is one there. Right now it's just fedimint->LN swaps until we build a more comprehensive swap screen.

You can use your fedimint balance just as a normal balance too though. Funds spend out of the fedimint balance first and then LN balance if it is not enough.  
 Great work nostr:nprofile1qy2hwumn8ghj7un9d3shjtnyv9kh2uewd9hj7qg3waehxw309ahx7um5wgh8w6twv5hszxthwden5te0wfjkccte9eekummjwsh8xmmrd9skctcqyr03wvnhrqhnz4wn0vesyyd6rhj2s9gqcqk3jh5kf7gmua6we9nsssphmj3   well done! 
 Yes incredible job 
 The same old problem with lightning is that convenience leads to centralization. It's very inconvenient to manage your own channels and liquidity. Lightning nodes will become the new banks with checking accounts.  
 Amazing to see the development happening in real time!
Just as I thought I was comfortable using a wallet, another one is getting updates and makes the experience even better!

it's finally time to test  @Mutiny Wallet
⚡ ⚡ ⚡ 

 Fantastic redesign and finally a contact management functionality!  
 Legend! Looks beautiful guys! 👏  Well done. 
 I just got a wave of happiness through my chest reading this!

You guys are a beacon for everyone else on how to make p2p work.

I’m super excited to see the fedimint integration and I can’t wait for it to be dead simple to onboard ppl to bitcoin via a few bucks worth of sats in a fedimint.

Pushing the boundaries 🧡 
 Thank you Brad! Really appreciate those kind words. Building up to that ease of onboarding has always been a top goal and federations really help get us there.

We have some further design mockups for better referral-like onboarding too.