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 I often forget that if you are reading this and on nostr, you are part of an extraordinary high signal group that understands on some level WTF is going on. 

Don’t get dismayed by the haters, detractors, doofuses, and dumbasses. Building this tool and other parts of the sovereign tech stack will be one of the keys to keeping humanity free in the future. Keep building frens. 
 just drove 21 hours and listened to your interviews with @walker and @petermccormack  absolutely inspiring stuff. thank you 
 Here is another episode with the great Erik Cason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJdCpa-ohAQ&t=215s 
 Keep building, weird..
#weirdstr #growNostr
 Signal is strong.  
 Stay positive, stay vigilant. Stay sane. 
 Keep it up 
 FUCK YEAH DUDE, plus it's more genuine here, people actually want to interact and it's much less "pick me pick me!?!" energy, which I thoroughly enjoy 
 How's the rib mate? 
 Well-tenderized :/ 
 Very true. I often think of something to write that would be ‘insightful’ on a normie platform but would just be preaching to the choir here. 

Writing on nostr really requires raising the bar. 
 To Inclusive 
 Bitcoin is an impenetrable shield against the entire fiat world!!! 🛡️ 
 In Nostr, you just copy the Note ID and paste that into the note man.

The Copy Note Link is for posting a link outside of Nostr.