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 Okay I see you haven't had adult conversations before.

Good luck with this approach. 

 whats it like having the temperment of a 13-year old american teenager - female? 
 I'm saying your defense is full of ad hominem attacks. No substance. Just insults. 
So yeah I'm saying you don't know how to have an actual conversation without resorting to insults.

It was pretty clear if you just look at the conversation. Especially considering no one was even talking to you.  
 having clearly snuffed reason out of what you clearly fancy as some type of "actualization", you have earned every ounce of ridicule.

 What are you even trying to say here 
 forget it boo... back to marvel or whatever it is you normally do. 
 Alright boo 
 Hello 👋, how are you today?
i can help you mine your nodes I don't know how interested you are