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 Bitcoiners probably are the perfect people to bootstrap nostr, because they have already demonstr... 
 The American people are the bitches of their government. 
 This world is full of stupid people, opportunists and cowards. Everyone talking about the price of Bitcoin but no one talking about any fundraising initiatives or signatures to stop things like this… 

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 Incredible how to see people these days losing even their virginity for some sats, everyone down here is like cattle heading to the slaughterhouse… 
 My God you are alive then thanks to Bitcoin 🤓 
 Here's why there are deep incentives for a Bitcoin fork with the Ordinals people.

 Ordinals 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 
How do you guys feel about governments funding freedom tech?

Governments (US/EU) have fund... 
 Seems like Bitaxe assembling workshop is imminent 
 How profitable is this? 
 This device does not convince me. 
 Hey If you want to deposit your assets in this device without a screen to verify what the hell is being signed and dependent on a mobile app to be able to function, go ahead do it yourself. 
 Milei 👏🏼 
 nostr:npub1sg6plzptd64u62a878hep2kev88swjh3tw00gjsfl8f237lmu63q0uf63m is there anyway you could p... 
 Someone needs to buy that platform back 
 Julian Assange's wife & brother are now on Nostr. #freejulian

Stella: nostr:npub1xw7h0efeg5s8gla... 
 Welcome! 🙏🏼 
 F*ck governments, tax laws, injustices, communist party, corruption, manipulation of the masses... damn humanity 
 This is my new home now, 
I never go back to Twitter again!