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 Since Flare was abandoned we need new clients for replacing YouTube with Nostr. 
 TIL flare was abandoned 🤯 
 Oh ok 🤙 I've seen @walker posting content to it recently so was surprised to hear if that's the case.  
 Oh nice 🔥 Been a while since I looked at Highlighter 👀 
 Good to know! 🙌🫡 
 AFAYK Halving takes place in block 840,001 pls correct me
 Negative. The block reward cuts in half beginning with block 840,000. The previous ones were block 210,000, block 420,000, and block 630,000. Easy enough to pull up previous blocks on mempool.space to further confirm.  
 Nailed it! 🤣 nostr:note14n5x94lvr0ft5f50mdllsu7qxpwyx50yay4ea4xs3ladae597lxs0md385 
 I liked this one too much not to reshare it 😂🤣
 rights aren’t given, they’re taken.

bitcoin and nostr help you take and defend them, peacefu... 
 Because if you don't take your rights, someone else will. 🫡 
 nostr clients should cache any of the previous display names / avatars a user has had (that it's ... 
 How'd she know about it if she's not on nostr? I wonder which is her nym 🧐😂 
 Ah that makes sense 😂  
 I’ve become a power muter since becoming a mom. Haters won’t get my time and attention when I... 
 Yes 🙌 smash that mute with no shame 🤣🤝 
 True... we can be happy for them... 🥲 
 The Great "Hash" War of 2024 
 Halvings are small, only children to your eyes. They have a love of food, brewing of ale and smok... 
 You talking about my guy Hal Ving?  Best bookie in Chi town but watch out, he's always got a swit... 
 What is the Bitcoin Halving? Wrong answers only.  
 You must be Canadian 🤣 
 Amazing 🤩 🤣 
 The Having! Or if you're from the southern US, The Havin'! 😂 
 I can't wait! 🤩 
 And all the S9 operators said, "Amen"  
 Opt out. 

"Under the new measure, people realising capital tax gains of more than C$250,000 ($180,804) will pay tax on the excess at a rate of 66.7%, up from 50% at present. Similarly, all capital gains realised by companies and trusts will be taxed at 66.7%."

 And assuming the Italian government runs itself and its programs as efficiently (or rather, as inefficiently) as other governments, then it's insane to entrust such a high proportion of one's own wealth to them.  
 💯 thievery  
 Years ago I used to sell used books on Amazon for some side income. It was incredibly easy to do at the time. I just looked into doing it again and my seller account no longer exists. To setup a new one Amazon requires the info below. Lmao, that's gonna be a no from me dawg... 🤯

 💯 crazy  
 Psych! Only kidding nostr. Never share you keys!!!

Wonder how many of you tried to burgle me ... 
 See a private key, sweep a private key. 😎😝 
 Broadcast and boosted 🤙 
 Yea I like to rebroadcast notes I think are important to ensure they exist on even more relays. It simply pushes that existing note/event out to your connected relays to make it visible to more users.  
 A good thread about the recent OpenSats topic that's been happening on nostr. Open this note 👇 and scroll up. 
 Do people really use phones to do all sorts of things? I think I use my phone just to listen to p... 
 My phone is my primary device and I do about 95% of everything on it. My laptop is secondary.  
 SeedSigner can use images you take to introduce more randomness into the creation of your new seed phrase.