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 The bitcoin block reward halves to 3.125 btc in 3872 blocks.

Since January 3, 2009, we have known about this. We have known bitcoin’s monetary policy in full.

No surprises. No committees. 

Just absolute predictability.

The contrast to inflationary fiat money is stark. 
 The current world and its structures are built on fiat. This includes the conflict lines that are weaponized to divide us.

Ignore it. 

Focus on what unites us. 

Focus on sound first principles, sound money, and everything we can build on top of that to make a better future. 
 It's crazy to me to see bitcoiners pick a side in the fiat clown world psyop wars, and go to battle against each other. 
 Knee works again, just six months after surgery! Still hope for old cats! https://video.nostr.build/d64ce22b0bbcc89a882df4566c7cb8d579737556dbbbac6be781302542125a33.mp4  
 Parts of it. That snd GOATA stuff, which is very related 
 Torn, flipped and protruding meniscus 
 If it’s not giving more than minimal issues you should definitely not have surgery. Look into GOATA movement training and knees over toes stuff 
 Damn… That’s a lot of swelling 7 months out 
 Best wishes on a speedy recovery! 
 My brain was saying 7 weeks. My fingers typed 7 months 😅🤷‍♂️ 
 The judge just ruled from the bench.


Further findings of fraud etc will come in the written judgment.

Welcome to law. 
 “If we look in the top left, we can see id4516 and it had internal metadata showing a creation date. You can see a little bit down the page of 11th of November 2002 with a last saved date of the 30th, November 2002 At 8:34. It has an edit time of four billion, 287 million, 839 thousand, 420 31469 minutes. Which is over 8,000 years now.  
You would have to have a literally Neolithic computer for it to be running for eight thousand years! And my vague understanding, is that archaeologists have found evidence of cheese making in Poland at that time, but no evidence of Citrix. “

- COPA lawyer on a piece of Craig Wright’s “evidence” 
 Some choice words from COPA's closing arguments:

"it is clearer than ever – clear beyond doubt – that Dr Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto."

"Dr Wright has been shown to have lied on an extraordinary scale, and it is difficult to think of a precedent for what he has done."

"He has invented an entire biographical history, producing one tranche after another of forged documents to support it."

"Even when the extent of his dishonesty and forgery was exposed to him in cross-examination, he doubled down, forging further documents during the trial"

"In short, he has attempted a very serious fraud upon the Court. To give fair warning, COPA will ask after judgment that the papers be referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions for consideration of prosecution for the offences of perjury and perverting the course of justice."

Judgment and consequences are coming. https://image.nostr.build/4c4d0c8ea62c2e297606b7a608b71c1f6bff728ceb3ff1847213dd907758953f.png  
 Consequences are really really really coming. 
 I’m proud to call Spacecat my friend.

Godspeed, Sir. nostr:note1jsyc0hxt2tfrjmz4r77n9rpflty6f5... 
 Thanks brother 🫡 
 Heading back home to Norway after 3 days in London. 

I’m really happy I made the trip and got to see the terrible person that tried so hard to destroy my life be expertly picked apart and confronted with lies and forgeries on an industrial scale.

To sit there and be healthy and happy, with good bitcoin friends, while he descended ever deeper into his dark web of lies in his ridiculous and pompous suits. He saw me, and I think it bothered him.

More humiliation and serious consequences await him.

I’ll be watching it unfold, and will be happy to see karma served. And I will see both of my cases against him through in whichever way is needed.

But my focus will be on family, friends, bitcoin and all the other positive stuff in life! 🧡❤️💜 
 Hey 🤡

I’m defending myself against him in two court cases. How do you propose I moVe oN? 
 Breaking from court:

Craig Wright wants to build non profit hospital in Kenya 
 It’s so satisfying seeing Craig’s web of lies from the Norwegian trial against me catch up with him here in UK. 

They were so confident I would fold from the threats and harassment but ended up with a trial he lost that now comes back to haunt him in this trial.


 A weird thing is happening as I sit in court watching Craig make up ever more ridiculous stories.

It’s like my brain has developed its own augmented reality filter. Whenever I look at Craig, a big red clown nose appears on his face. 

Not sure why this is happening 🤷‍♂️ 
 “Calvin Ayre is not a financial supporter at all”

- Craig 
 The judge starts the day repeating the strict rules of the court livestream. That absolutely no images or video shall be recorded or shared by the stream participants.

This is because BSV fans yesterday posted still images of me in the court room from the stream.

I expect nothing less from the people supporting this cancer tbh 🤷‍♂️ 
 Day 4 of COPA vs Wright.

Rainy day in London, sauna as usual in the court room.

Looking forward to another full day of Craig being confronted with his forgeries. https://image.nostr.build/adbd538c5b4de902b039a389b7d5f229c0261318f932fa04ca5de8f0e41fcf1c.jpg  
 Craig now explains why his evidence was written on a paper notepad that wasn’t yet in production at the time the evidence is supposedly from.

He seems to say he knows better than the witness from the actual producer of the paper notepad, when the paper notepad production started and where it was produced.

 Me and many others 
 Craig is getting crucified on the stand. Forgery after forgery presented and he can do nothing but keep repeating that the expert witnesses, including his own, are incompetent. 

He has tried a couple of times to appeal to the judge with stuff like “you will understand m’lord as a learned engineer” when he attacks the experts. The judge only seems annoyed with it.

Still 4.5 days left of cross examination. This is a train wreck playing out. 
 Last 5 minutes:

COPA: [Specific question]

Wright: [Random wild and unrelated rants about his degrees, bitcoin designed to operate within the law, Bitcoin Core bad] 
 Can you do that job from jail? 
 Day 3 of COPA vs Wright

I'm present in court to watch, and will probably report a little here and there between the mouthfuls of popcorn.

Craig looks rough. 
 Craig starts the day off ranting about the incompetency of the digital forensic experts that found his evidence to be forgeries, including his own expert. 
 Last 5 minutes:

COPA: [Specific question]

Wright: [Random wild and unrelated rants about his degrees, bitcoin designed to operate within the law, Bitcoin Core bad] 
 According to Craig, the bitcoin whitepaper's take on network security apparently hinges on Amazon Web Services identifying bad actors and shutting them down. 
 Craig says he’s “actually impressed” his own evidence doesn’t have more signs of being forgeries. 

Because of cHaiN oF cUsTody issues leading to the documents magically changing from what I understand. 
 Getting ready to watch day two of COPA vs Wright.

On day 1, it came out that Craig had "found" a FOURTH tranche of evidence in the eleventh hour, after the three previous ones had been found to be forgeries, and now wanted to rely on those.

Today, the witness statement of COPA lawyer Philip Nathan Sherrell was made public, and it shows that the latest batch of evidence is unsurprisingly of the same quality as the previous three.

Most hilariously, Craig has submitted photos of a computer screen, supposedly sent to him by a mysterious lawyer "Mr Makaya". 
Unfortunately for Wright, the photos show (among many other things) a google chrome icon with what seems to be Craig's picture, showing him as logged in. 

Read the full witness statement here:

It really tells the story of how absurd this has gotten. I'm surprised the Judge allowed this latest batch of "evidence", and can only surmise it's to avoid any opening for an appeal.https://m.primal.net/HawB.jpg https://m.primal.net/HawC.jpg https://m.primal.net/HawD.jpg  
 The amount of people who tell me they have force close issues on LND is staggering. Starting to t... 
 Adding me and @bitcoinbonden as having had force close issues with LND :/ 
 I've been reluctant to use the Doctor title for Craig Wright, but with the sheer amount of his doctored evidence being unveiled by COPA, I'm about to change my mind. He earned it! 
 Trial well under way. COPA finished their initial presentation. I'm on my third bag of popcorn.


 There is a livestream, but one had to apply in advance for a link/access. Currently watching.  
 For context re: Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre and why there should be no mercy.

My life changed completely on March 29th, 2019. Almost five years ago now. 

I had made several tweets, warning people about Craig Wright, and making my opinion about him clear. A matter of very public interest.

I was sent a legal letter on twitter DM, where it was made clear that I either had to apologize and acknowledge Craig as Satoshi, or they would file a libel case against me in UK.

When I didn't comply, Craig and Calvin put a public $5000 bounty on my identity and then firmly doxxed me after finding out who I was.

They proceeded to put private intelligence surveillance on me, that have tried to gain access to my social circle, both online and physically. Presence in 100s of groups. Monitoring my house. Producing regular, detailed reports on all my activity. Travelled where I travelled and so on. And god knows what else. This is still going on today.

I have been continuosly smeared and lied about on social media and in Coingeek, the publication owned by Calvin.

Threatened directly/personally with bankruptcy and worse by Calvin and his followers on twitter, with my real name, on countless occasions.

Anonymous phone calls with indirect threats. 

My dad was fighting against cancer when this all started. I was dealing with constant legal pressure and threats throughout his fight. When he finally died late 2020, the legal pressure was at a peak and my funding situation was uncertain.

I've had to give up tons of private communication in discovery, to prove I had not been behind "an organized and vicious campaign against Craig."

I've had to turn down professional opportunities, since a good percentage of my bandwidth has been continuously occupied with defending myself legally. The amount of legal letters, hearings, appeals, judgments etc are beyond belief.

I've lived since 2019, with the constant knowledge that my house and belongings are on the line, and Craig's stated goal of bankrupting his enemies would be reality if I lost. 

All the while I've tried to, and largely managed, to shield my child and family as well as possible, but I know all of this has put stress on them as well.

No mercy for these people.
Only Welcome to Law. 
 I’m thankful that I was given the opportunity to find out if I was who I wanted to be. 
 Thanks for the support, brother 👊 
 Very much so 
 Looking forward to that 
 I didn’t let it break me at all. I’m stronger and happier than I was when this all started. Thank you for the support! 
 Craig doesn’t have any assets 
 I’m not 
 The COPA vs Craig Wright trial begins tomorrow.

Finally, after all these years, a UK judge will rule on whether or not Craig is Satoshi and whether or not he is a fraud.

Quite absurd that it’s taken this long to legally establish something so glaringly obvious.

Welcome to law. 
 The movies and documentaries coming the next years will explain it all in minute detail 😊 
 Maybe, if he had one single non-forgery as evidence 
 I chose to not suffer, but instead giving them the middle finger by thriving 😊 
 Broadcast for people who applied for streaming link, including me. Also the court is open for the public 
 Based bitcoiner and farmer, @Eyvythefarmer is now a sovereign node runner and LN node operator. If you run a LN node, consider opening a channel with him. He will need a lot of inbound liquidity to handle the demand for the prime quality meat he produces.
⚡️ nostr:note1pjr7y6wp86at3xe9grxt7z5y9anw4nh36fa2659xuvpvxncaz4ss9qvfuu 
 nostr:npub1cjw49ftnxene9wdxujz3tp7zspp0kf862cjud4nm3j2usag6eg2smwj2rh Sorry to ask a dull questio... 
 Not at all 
 Not really. Still active litigation in two jurisdictions 
 Still funded by last year’s crowdfunding 🧡 
 Oh, just saw this. I will spend it on a glass of wine and a steak then 😃🧡 

Waiting for COPA, yeah 
 If you had $200 total worth of on-chain BTC, and it was your life savings, what would your strategy be to hodl it going forward—knowing that L1 fees will continue rising with adoption? 
 So you think sat-nominated fees will not increase? 

I think for sure that fees nominated in sats will increase too.

The level of privilege it is to write to L1 bitcoin is unfathomable, and the scarcity of block space is not well understood. 
 Only L1 will have pristine and uncompromising soundness. We will have to accept trade-offs in scaling, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 
 got a new phone case for $5 and now IT FEELS LIKE I'VE GOT A NEW PHONE  
 Check telegram 

Chipper bad. Bitcoin good. 

38 hours into a fast. 34 hours to go. 

Feeling great! 
 Imo day two is the toughest, but not really tough 
 Yes. Lifting as heavy/hard as I can 
 Been meaning to be more active here too. The two places are not comparable though. 
 Flat teaspoon of table salt every day 
 In many ways, yes 😊 
 I’m adding a flat teaspoon of salt to my water per day 👌 
 10 days… That’s legit. I don’t want to lose muscle so capping it at 3 days. Also feels great 🔥 
 I’m late day two. No muscle or strength loss yet. (At the gym now) Didn’t notice it during other 3 day fasts either 
 Between 16:8 and 18:6 IF every day 
Well done!