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 I almost greeted the cashier at Walgreens this morning with “happy halving”… 😂 
 Gm fam. Big things on the horizon. 
 Had a ton of fun talking bitcoin with @trey! 

We discuss:
*Mental models for Bitcoin
*How to stay aligned with Bitcoin’s reality
*Building tools and apps for Bitcoin that work
*Why Bitcoin mining an energy generation is the first place for Bitcoin product market fit. 

Check it out! https://youtu.be/_tzE4YwpD0k?si=2c29ASPvLYVK2PfF 
 Gm fam. 
 Every Bitcoiner needs to watch this and every podcaster needs to talk to the genius that is @CountBTC. 

Learn the spells to shatter the illusions of the NPCs around us. 

You will have a good laugh too. 

 Trumps media company is down bad but still trading at 850x sales. https://image.nostr.build/508ec2af5199b9ab9734f793f9682657bc7b458ca8b554394c41b2ea612e3729.jpg  
 Seems like #nostr is mostly USA focused. I’m wondering how we can attract other countries to jo... 
 I love my wife ❤️ 
 Make sure to subscribe to the FinancialFreedomReport.org for weekly news about financial freedom and Bitcoin. 
 This weekend may be your last chance to do UTXO management before fees get crazy leading up to the halving. 

Don’t wait. https://image.nostr.build/515120084d43ec6e5889c4b99ea1cc140e43ee7f9d4ed90c2cf6c35acf85d92c.jpg  
 Just don’t sell your entire stack. Set aside a forever hodl stash. 
 Zapping notes on airplane wifi just hits different. 
 Tip your bar tender. Here is 37 sats. 
 I resisted but I must bend the knee. 

THIS ALBUM IS INSANELY GOOD. https://image.nostr.build/f6cb6bb4c8708570830b7cd962438d4229ce169f330f5e06cb36095d413a2955.jpg  
 Bend the knee MF. 
 The suits are now educating the public about Bitcoin’s monetary schedule. 

No one is bullish enough.
 Gm team. 

Let get it. 
 Gm to everyone not named Dan. 
 The Bitcoin Policy Summit was excellent. You can watch the main stage live stream here. 

 Gm fam. 

Smashed a run around the entire national mall in DC. 🏃

Lets get it today 
 Like him or hate him, Elon is showing us all what being a Sovereign Individual looks like. https://image.nostr.build/e85d6aed8d399558472e7cdb63486030ac401a4ffb1904295ed4e6725ee7a3ba.jpg  
 Family is the most important thing. 
 Gm 72k 🚀 
 Testing something. Can you send a few zaps on this note pls ?😇 
 My zap failed 


 Pablo is magical. 🧙 
 I’m ready. 

 Manage your utxos and lightning channels. 
 Fam, many of you are not paying attention. 

Please consolidate your UTXOs and open lightning channels before the halving. 
 Im mot an expert but if you need to, now is a good time. 

If you don’t then just chill. 
 It can be. Depends on the details of your situation. 

You also want to have reasonably sized utxos so that you are not stuck with unspendable dust utxos 
 Idk im sure there is a scientific answer but i think .01 is a safe floor if people can afford it. 
 Dust is when the UTXO value is lower than the fee to spend it. 

I would think of the utxo in terms of % of the network. You want your utxo to be a big enough % of the total that you don’t need to worry about getting priced out of spending. 

It’s not easy by any means. 
 If you look at bitcoin price and bitcoin fees both are always trending up in fiat terms and always trending down in sats terms. 

With that being said, at any given time, you want to have sufficiently large utxos in sats terms because fees are priced in sats.

The science of UTXO management is still very nascent. 
 What is the most precise halving prediction available online? 

Please link resources! 🙏 
 Cold butter? Better deglaze with it next time. Then you got hot steamy steaky butter to plate wit... 
 Room temp butter