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 It's not the model you wanted.
but it's the model you get.

 My boys got different calculations #Bitcoin

How the Mighty Have Fallen.

American Hero, Joey Chestnut, will not be allowed to compete in the July 4th Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest because he signed a sponsorship deal with Impossible Foods.

 the article I read just kept getting worse 
 agree. he's gonna die from eating such unhealthy food now 
 My biggest takeaway from my first weekend of Farmers Markets:

I was right to think that doubling down on Bitcoiners as my Target Audience was the right move.

At markets, there are many potential customers, but I have to start at zero for brand building and each interaction is 1 to 1.

To Bitcoiners, my brand isn't just Natural, High Elevation Wine, it's also Bitcoin Wine. 🍷

Selling exclusively for Bitcoin is my end goal.

 it makes all the difference  
 Hey Carl!

Friday - Telluride
Saturday - Aspen
Sunday - Basalt

would love to see you out there! 
 Farmers Market Season is Here. 🍷
#Bitcoin Preferred 🫡

 one day! 
 Radio Reporter interviewed me about trading wine for food at Farmers Markets.

Her, "it takes the capitalism out of it"

Me, "No, that's still capitalism. It's just routes around the corrupt monetary system."

I can't wait until people stop conflating Capitalism with our current system.
 this lady was not informed and agreed with my correction 

you're massively overthinking this 
 no just an economically illiterate 
 It's Farmers Market Season! 🍷

 What you got, Nostr?

New Meme Template just dropped

 that'll get em! 
 #Bitcoin at ATHs and all I can think about is Monday Night's camping spot. ☀️

 the Bull Market officially started 😉 
 The worst part about Nostr is that there are fewer people to ratio about #Bitcoin

That's also the best thing about Nostr

 The Printer is Coming.

Choose Your Fighter!

 What Ben is doing is what I do. 
This is what I do with my books and posts. 
Bring the quality. 
 abundance: your path put of poverty sounds 🔥🔥🔥 
 Babe, lets just prep 1 more thing B4 camping

....🤦(Let's just get on the road)

I wanna make ranch from scratch

 it's over bro 🤣 
 Wine so good, it had me down on 1 knee 💍

 I married the game a long time ago 🍷 
 I left it on sale to celebrate it's release for 1 extra day! get it while the getting's good!

 NOSTR Get First Dibs 🍷

North America's Highest Elevation Natural Pinot Noir is BACK. 🌟

After a devastating freeze wiped out our 2021 crop, these resilient vines surged back to yield the finest wine in Peony Lane’s 20-year history. 🍇🍷

From frost to fruition, experience the revival. 👇

Farming in the Highest Elevation Wine Region in North America is RISKY.

At 5680 ft, snow-capped peaks surround us, sending cold air rushing into our valley.

Normally, this limits pests and creates vibrant wines, but in 2021, disaster struck. ❄️

In just 12 hours, the temperature plummeted 60°F.

14°F is usually manageable, but as the first freeze of the year, the vines had no chance to harden for winter.

Colorado growers lost 80% of their grape crop in 2021. My family lost 100%. 💔

A year without fruit production charged the vines with pent-up energy.

This rare phenomenon is what makes my 2022 Vintage so special.

That energy is concentrated into the grapes, resulting in two years of vitality bottled into one extraordinary wine. 🍷

Due to the vines' intense recovery process, our 2022 Vintage is exceptionally limited.

This unique vintage is a rare opportunity.

Special 33% Release Discount TODAY ONLY

Secure your bottle now at PeonyLaneWine.com 🍷

#NaturalWine #PinotNoir #WineLovers #WineRelease

 oh yeah? got family out here? 
 LFG! Love meeting other CO Bitcoiners
gimme a shout next time you're out here 
 thank you! first time making it two-parts instead of full wrap around  
 LFG. appreciate you. you're gonna love it 
 I'm aware. building a new site and sales still work here 

vinoshipper is once again fucking me but they are my only option 
 they act as a third party that gives me liquor licensing in like 46 States instead of having to have all those licenses myself. they also file taxes and help me out with shipping. 

pretty indispensable part of my business and it sucks that they are not into Bitcoin 
 Yessir! Highest elevation Pinot in North America! 

high elevation makes big temperature swings day/night that bring out beautiful fruitiness in the wine and vibrant acidity.

cool climate keeps pests down so we have no need for pesticides or herbicides  
 discount still there because I want more people to try it!

if you're on the fence use code PEONY10 for another 10% off 
 yep! but currently only through DMs. Liquor Licensibg makes it tricky to accept  directly online.

Shoot me a DM if you want to order. I offer 10% off if paid in Sats 
 it's a cool climate grape that just happens to fit perfectly in my little microclimate.

we harvest just in time to avoid the first freeze every year.

whenever you're ready, take 10% off your first order with code PEONY10  
 hell yes. you got it while I had the minimum order down too. well timed!

can't wait for you to enjoy it! 🍷 
 if you're reading this, you've survived June 1st

may you make it through the month 🫡

 lol that's way too exclusive 
what about the other letters and numbers of the alphabet  
those sons of bitches 
 I didn't know well enough to forget 
I'll never forget again
you have my word 
 idk what that even means so there's no way it could be that 
 bring out ur gey 
 find u a girl who looks at u like a piece of meat

 Camping Season hits different 🤤

 hell yes. it was amazing 
 easy and delicious  
 I love me some chuckeye tho! 
 dog gets bone. we all win 
 meat is the best language  
 that would be ideal, but pairing it with my Pinot noir is amazing too! 
 damn it feels good to be a gangster  
 they call it, el clasico 
 I've given up on them. #Bitcoin

 The whole Pizza Industry™️ is fucking up big time

Mark my words this will be the last May 22... 
 it's gonna be the biggest day for pizza of the year one day 
 did he get canceled? 
 shaq stole his company  
 Of all religions, #Bitcoin has the 2nd Best Holiday Food.

Right behind Judaism with their Chinese Food on Christmas, tradition 
 I was unaware of this. I need to get more religious  
 your pizza looked good! 
 It's #Bitcoin Pizza weather ☀️

 Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I have finally passed Ben Arc's lost keys
Ben 🤝 Ben 

 Every time @ODELL zaps me, I just wait a week and Boost it back to him on RHR.

I think he gets off on zapping himself 🤷😉

 What would this meme say if it was about Nostr?

 🤣🤣🤣 well done 
 you could say that about any wine 
 I want to sell my sats 
 I will take them in exchange for wine 
 Building a #Bitcoin Business isn't about putting a ₿ on your products. That ship has sailed.

You've got to be an innovator on quality and mission.

Here's how 👇

Who are your customers?

While theres no One True #Bitcoin Culture, there are some commonalities that most ride-or-die Bitcoiners share.

1) They see #Bitcoin as a Revolution

2) They value quality

3) They are optimistic about their financial future

1) #Bitcoin as a Revolution

This is where people who want to be a Bitcoin AND crypto business lose me.

Sure, there are people passionate about some individual cryptos, but for the most part people are in for a short term gain and each one is a disparate community...at best.

You need to connect to your customers on a shared mission that is of greater importance than each of you. A mission that they can further by buying your product

Spending #Bitcoin within the circular Economy IS this.

It hits home in two core philosophies:

A) Vote with your money

B) Buy Local

These each say the same thing. Spend your money at businesses that you want to see exist into the future. Spending Fiat at these helps, but spending #Bitcoin is next level.

Your Bitcoiner customers will innately relate to this.

Be a good steward of their faith by staying true to the #Bitcoin mission and by HOLDing the sats they spend (when possible).

I know I don't wanna spend MY Bitcoin at places that just convert it into fiat.

2) Your customers are putting their money where their mouth is.

You product better Put Up or Shut Up

What's the greatest thing you can say about the quality of your product?

"People pay me #Bitcoin for it."

If you want that to continue, you better be selling Quality.

#Bitcoin is the most scarce thing in the universe. Your customers know this. You're not talking to normies anymore.

Its one thing for someone to spend their bitcoin once on your goods to "support a bitcoiner," but if you want repeat bitcoin customers, your product better be good

3) They are optimistic about their Financial Future.

You thought I was done talking about Quality??


This is why many Bitcoiners become health conscious

When you expect to be wealthy, you're going to want to live your life in a way that allows you to enjoy that wealth in the future

If you're selling a consumable, it better make the customer at least feel good.

If you're selling a durable good, your customer better think it will last a while because they'll never forget how much #Bitcoin they paid for it.

Even if you have the Gold-Standard for quality, it won't out-age bitcoin

How do I follow these rules?

1) I am a Bitcoiner. I share my customer's vision.

2) I make really good wine (Ask my mom).

3) My wine is Clean.
- No Toxic Additives
- Minimal Sulfites

These 3 pillars work for me.

How will they fit in your business?

I hope this provided you value!

If you’d like to support me, I sell wine all over the USA!

 define it however you want, but my questions got answered. 
 they're great people!