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 Practicing permaculture is resulting in more diversity in wildlife at the homestead 
(Watched these robins hatch in a nest at the yurt)
The number of birds and variety of species seems to increase every year here at the homestead. This spring I came across several bird nests many of which were in the pastures.
Wild turkeys make their nests in the thick grass of the pasture, only to be revealed by the sheep as they graze. Interesting how the sheep managed to avoid stepping on the eggs while they were in this paddock.
By leaving a wild rose bush here and there in the pasture, cardinals are able to make their nests. By keeping are pastures diverse and giving them lots of time to recover habitat is available to support a greater diversity of wildlife, especially the birds.
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 Adorable! 🎶🐦 
 This is really fucking cool. Keep it up Rev. You are doing great work. 
 Another ripper note. So flippin cute!  
 Nature values diversity ✨👀
 Second year on ours and we are seeing similar increase in wildlife diversity. I’ve let things grow instead of mowing everything barren like the previous folks. Listening to a cacophony of birds as I type this. Well done and 🍻.