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 “Far right” has been diluted to the point where it’s no longer a useful term in any practical sense.

If I see it in a headline it means nothing now. 
 it never meant anything and most of the provocateurs were FBI agents or handled by FBI 
 my experience before learning about the FBI's instigations was in australia, where most of the rabid nazi types i ever met were people who spent time in prison and had extensive contact with the CIB and other police operations

always, always, open fascists are either first or second level government operatives 
 Yep, it’s not about right or left. It’s about those that want to control what others do, and those that don’t. 
 It often means “not socialist” 
 Theoretically, but in reality, they just want welfare benefits limited to natives. 
 Apparently going to the gym is also far-right these days. 
 It certainly no longer means “conservative”.  The ones on the scene in America today are, more properly, “arsonists.” 
 That's a pretty far right thing u said 
 💯 that word has lost all meaning  
 - having kids
- working out
- beef
- planting a garden
- free speech
- American flag
- Gadsden flag
- Appeal to Heaven flag

These things are all "far right". What did I miss?

 “Far right” = not socialist 
 Far right individuals are socialists. The Nazi party at the beginning was a socialist party. The fascist party was a socialist party. 
 Yeah, the full name is actually Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) or "National Socialistic German Workers' Party.

Nazi is just the nickname for "national socialist", as opposed to the "international socialists", like the Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands, that went up against them in the national election and was controlled by Stalin. 
 Left and right, socialism, capitalism. These words are ALL not well defined. They can be used to explain moral concepts or political strategies. But then it still will be vague. Most times these words are just used for finger pointing/ finding an enemy.

If you want a real discussion, just don’t use this words and explain your though with words that are not charged with emotions.

And discussing the definition of these terms is just a waste of time. 
 Naming things increases information of the words spoken, even if the name is not ideal or the defined realm is not absolute. This increases our ability to think and have complex ideas.

Source: I am German. 
 I see we have a political party now called "Die Partei"? very confusing 
 One of my classmates is a member of that lol 
 They've been elected before. Started as satire. 😂
I think they rotate people in the seat. 
 Nazis named themselves socialists and political right oriented, so that is a fact for sure. 
And I agree often we have to find terms we can use as a reference to describe complex ideas. 

Anyhow these terms are often used in a lot of different situations and often pushed into a new framing for „marketing“ without being specific.

That’s why these terms alone are imo not „ideal“ for describing things. You always need to add information or references to explain what you really mean.

E.G. terms like „socialism is is the opposite of right“ (what is often the current political situation) and „extreme right is socialism“ (what was the situation for political parties in the „Deutsche Reich“) are both wrong in general, but can be useful if you add the specific context. 
 Language is an inter-subjective tool for communication tool that perpetuates itself thatbks to people that use it. Redefining the words every time you use them is a waste of time, unless you're doing some academics work (which is not our  case I suppose). It's like if you were to redefine every postulate, axiom and theorem of mathematics every time you need to apply derivatives...you can do that, but good luck. It's a tradeoff between practicality and transmission of a message: in this context the "right" and "left" words communicate a broader gist, that's the important thing imo. 
 Language is evolving. Not I am changing the definition, society does. 
If you want to avoid misunderstanding, it is important to add precise references (Like in physics when we say „according to xy“) or explain the context, when using vague terms like left or right. There is no precise overall definition for them. 
 It's not FOR you. It's part of the ever-growing dog whistle communication protocol 
 What about 'right extremists'? 
 Basically means anyone the establishment wants to destroy. 
 Like the “red wave” in USA  😆 
 "far right" is only used as an epithet by those among the far wrong. 
 Yep. Only in certain newspapers though. These newspapers also say “ultra” and “far” right whatever that means 
 Did it really ever mean anything? Surely it was just a trigger term to try to label people in a negative light to put other people off actually listening to what they had to say. Simple mind control 
 Would be interesting to ask the same folks how they would define both far right and far left. 
 just another meaningless term used by the establishment against anyone that is not in lock step with their agenda, like extremist or conspiracy theorist etc...  
 “Far-right Bitcoin macro analyst Lyn Alden says far-right doesn’t exist.” 
 So drop the cults, and get behind principals.

For example, taking our police powers back from these traitorous governments, making AIPAC obey the law and register as a foreign agent, end forced taxation, etc. 
 Originally, in the French Assembly
right = conservative 
left = revolutionary

But then the left won the revolution and established socialism, so they are now in power in most countries and the right are the revolutionary upstarts. 
 It says more about how far left today’s Left have gone. From that vantage point, anything Right is far away 😂 
 It's useful in that any media organisation using it can safely be ignored. What they mean by it of course is 'has opinions I disagree with'. 
 It's just a catchall smear word then media throws at anything they don't like.  
 only someone on the far right would say that 
 Nah, it's a catchall for discrediting anyone without actually going to the trouble of dismantling their arguments. 
In my country, while we were under communism the equivalent was the phrase "the people's enemy". Once you were labeled with that, you were effectively an outcast and would leave the country, if you got lucky. 
If you weren't you got a "fair" trial and were shipped to an island called Naked island where you'd be breaking rocks the whole day, every day.
By the end of the 80s that term was thrown around in tandem with several others, but by that time it was so overused nobody gave a single shit about it. The "far-right" label is reaching the same point. 
 it was a joke 
 I should have known... 
 - Conservatives 
- Anti Feminist 
- Money and power are our core values 
- No empathy with the people who need assistance
- Sometimes science fact agnostic like, for example, CO2 emissions doesn’t affect the global warming 
etc etc  
 The left has gone full retard

Never go full retard 
 We just need to split left states and right states up. I would never live in a left-leaning state. The majority of them are trash. People are less capable, more drama, not as friendly, they lack checks and balances in every aspect of life down to gender. 

Personally, I despise the government across-the-board, everywhere in the world, immensely, but the left is just full retard.

A bird eye view, it is absolutely sickening what they are doing to this country.

There isn’t much too complain about what the right . They’re grasping at straws. 
 “Only a fascist would say that” says the NPC. 
 What political terms are useful? 
 100 years later and you are still trapped in the left-right narrative. Left and right are more similar than you want to admit. Like Pepsi and Coke. 
 Anyone against giving me free money is far right. 

 It's never been anything more than a signal to the cult. It just means "enemy". 
 You looking at Drudge Report?