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 all longevity experts are in their 50s

good morning 
 Meaning too young to be an expert? 
 Mid-life crisis age  
 ah, I see now haha. Yeah... 

I don't know why people are so obsessed with living longer. Just have some kids (if you can) and you've done your job. 
 GM 🫂☕ Jack 
 My family has a history of living 90+.

They didn't have the best diet but they certainly worked hard. 
 gm 🫂🤣 
 Same vibe as shit coiners… 
 GM 🫂 
 GM & PV! 

What's cracking today?  
 49 but thanks 😂 
 I’m in my 50s and I am no longevity expert… so the inverse is non-true! 🤣 
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 Good Morning ☕.  
 🤪 thats funny. i had grandparents make it to 90s with a simple life. they didnt stop moving. diet was traditional carb heavy. the experts would have said 90s would be unlikely. what the hell do they really know!? 
 Do you want to be an elderly zaddy when you grow up? 
 120 yo or gtfo 
 Good morning. Long live the experts. 🫂 
 nearly there... 2 more years 
 Nice try! 
 Longevity is a scam. Life is a test. Death is not what it seems. 
 Tick tock next block 🧬 
 Lol 🤣 GM 🤙🏻🫂 
 Their egos missed the plot 
 Good morning ✌️🧡

I'll believe them when they're 80 and doing pushups. 
 I saw a 70 year old guy doing upside down pull-ups at the gym a few times. It was incredibly impressive. 
 good morning 🌞

good or bad? 
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 Good morning Jack. Just try to avoid antibiotics and use ground turmeric instead when you get really sick, Especially when you get past the age of 65. Drink water, Especially when you wake up in the morning before you eat, And try to use as little hard drugs as possible. 

Pura Vida! 
 lol, so more of a midlife crisis, holy shit how can I avoid the reaper type of deal eh? 
 Lol and Aubrey de grey looks like Gandalf, but unfortunately when we met he was nothing like him… 🤣🥲 
 But they look 25 
 Yep 🤣
Good morning jack ☀️ 
 Yep.  here is a baker.  😁 
 Cynthia Kenyon (Calico Labs) is 70. 
Just saying. 
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 Good morning, Jack 
 what makes them experts?
 Good morning! Let’s keep decentralizing! 
 GM 🎩 
 fight me - 
 Midlife crisis.

But they will still probably live longer than the one who never studied the subject. 
 The over 60s have given up … or worse 
 Good morning jack 
 “ Gurus” 😛 

Goodnight 💤 
 “Time in the market beats timing the market…” 

- Warren Buffett on young longevity experts 
 This has rung so true to myself while investing. Every time I get cocky and try and trade with leverage I'm humbled back to earth.  
 The Baby Boomers are the first generation in history that will not outlive their parents... 
 I noticed it ! 

Good Afternoon 
 gm jack! 
 By the way Jack, when cash app will work in the Middle East ? 
 Nobody can cheat death. Memento mori. 
 Deep thoughts by @jack dorsey… 
 The great thing about being a life extension doctor is that nobody is going to ask for their money back.