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 just had my first ever panini in Italy 

that was so fucking good holy shit
 Broo are you in rome??? I have some places where eat to good to miss😻 
 No chance that panini was al dente tho amirite @TheKid.999 
 Oh nice Panino, I can see Grana, pomodori, rucola.. not sure for the meat.. maybe pork, so Porchetta. 👀🔥💜🫂

Buon appetito Jack 🫂💜 
 It seems sasiccia to me 😂 
 Uhmm.. tu dici? 🤔

Vediamo cosa ci risponde @jack mallers 😁 
 comunque il tipico panino che un italiano non prenderebbe mai 😂😻 
 It seems roastbeef more than sausage  
 Can be indeed.. I thought about cow tongue.. but that's too much Sicilian and with different bread ahahah 
 yeah, I think you are right 😸 
 È roast beef :) 
 Uhmmm solid alternative! Are you there with him? Was that an insider news? 😂🫂 
 nice 🤌✨ 
 Wait till you try the pizza!

Or the spaghetti vongole 
 Food in Italy hard to beat 🇮🇹 
 Get the tripe in Florence. 👍🏻 
 Italians take food seriously. Enjoy!

If you get a chance try porchetta 🤌 if youre in rome https://maps.app.goo.gl/aWaP1G61ZP1Bq1Hk9 
 That sandwich could even be porchetta....oof so good 
 Nah, it looks to clean and lean for that 🤣 
 i agree, but it does look like some sort of slow cooked meat. beef maybe. 
 Stay in Europe! We need you here 🥐 
 More Jack, less QE 
 Thanks for Strike Europe! Sadly, my bank keeps rejecting my instant transfers to Strike.. 
 really? why? 
 I haven't contacted them to ask yet. I get a message saying: this money transfer does not fit your normal activities.. Regular transfers still work.  
 Bon appetito! 
 Paid with lightning? 
 Go eat some real carbonara too 🤌🤌🫶 
 Maybe food is one of the last things Europe still knows how to do properly, plenty of extremely delicious and healthy meals specially in the mediterranean zone. 
 the land of the good food 🍕 🍝 🇮🇹  
 Yeah man, the Italians know how to do food✌️ 
 Now do gelato 
 The real deal 
 Hands down best food in the world. 
 Italy is the home of food 🫡 
 I just took a bite 😂 
 Come to Greece to try souvlaki ! 
 Italians do it better 
 and if you come to visit the Dolomites you get my invite for South Tyrolen Speck 😋 
 panino, not panini. panini is plural :-) 
 🤣 my bad 
 Panini, Panino … let’s call the whole thing off. 
 Try Italian steaks too. The absolute best. 
 not better than chicago. pizza here is better tho 
 Mmm, noted! 
 lol Congrats on eating a sandwich in another country Jack 🤣🫂👍 
 There is no second best. 🤤 
 All the food in Italy is next level  
Try a piadina 👀 
 panino if it was one ("panini" is plural)

looks yummy! 
 The food in Italy 🤤🏆