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 My 8th grade science teacher taught me the most important lesson I've ever learned: If you're doing something wrong, don't draw attention to yourself. It's not about getting away with breaking the rules. It's about presenting yourself in a way that only attracts the attention you want to get.

It's essentially the dark forest theory. By announcing your presence in a dark forest, you attract anything in your vicinity to interact with you, and if you can't defend yourself, you will be devoured.

It's the same on Nostr. By designing for self-sovereignty at the key-pair level, you allow each participant to project power on every other participant on an even playing field. And announcing your presence invites anyone who notices you to interact with you based on how you present yourself on your profile and in your notes.

You DO have power over what people send to you by building a profile that invites the kind of engagement you want to receive. If you do whatever you want without considering that, you're going to get engagement you don't like. Monsters exist in the forest, and you cannot reason with them.

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 Did he teach you that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell? 
 Yes, that was the second most important lesson he taught me. 
 Can't argue with that G

I want to see continued effort to create safe options for those who want them, but yeah 
 Well said 
 What's everyone so upset about today? 
 Crazy guys saying inappropriate things and harassing women. A tale as old as time. And people keep thinking technology can fix it.

But technology doesn't solve and has never solved inherently human problems.

Every culture in history developed strict rules about how women should act because they have a biological risk of early impregnation without the necessary support system to raise children. And everyone wants to complain about it because it's not "fair." 
 I see. Thanks for the update. Unfortunately I don't know that account. Sorry to hear that though. Nobody deserves that shit. If it's any consolation, usually trolls get fucked up sooner or later by something bigger than them. 
 they are realizing that not everyone is gay... and this gets them, well, #miffed. 
 "I'm so annoyed! I post lewd pictures of myself and get harassed online!" 
 Exactly.  Everyone’s got their knickers in a bunch. 
Chill out people. 
 THIS.. read it more times.
 Us. We're the monsters. 
 I’ve met my share. 

I’m a monsta slayer though. It’s on my resume. 
 I'm just tryna slay the fiat behemoth, the greatest source of monsters the world has ever known. 
 It’s afraid. 
 Well reasoned and based 🤝 
 An eloquent truth.

 Here be dragons. 
 You could run an experiment to see if this is in fact true for people other than white men. As a software engineer or Bitcoin enthusiast - create a new account that presents as a woman. Post about one or both topics for a month. 

Post the exact same content or a variation on this account during that same month. 

Compare the replies side by side. 

Then come back and let us know about your experience.  
 Science. I like it.