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 @ODELL has deleted his huge Twitter account, meanwhile clowns faking as Nostr supporters such as https://twitter.com/fiatjaf keep their accounts up. 
 Well done brother. 
 I got it personally haha I think I need to stick to my principles and delete my personal government surveillance app as well.
 Yep…another still ‘hold’ complicated relationships, meanwhile. 
 May be he is HODLing his X for some shitcoin? 👀 
 yes this fiatjaf person is the worst  
 This is a top quality April Fool's Day note. 
 Took ODell a year longer than the rest of us to ditch that trash bird.... 🤣 
 what a larp 🤣 🤣  
 Why are you still posting to X?  Do you think that one day there could be a Xstr? Odell made a statement but the kids coming up haven’t a clue about Nostr and you need people to go out to colleges and universities and pitch. 
 …and yet I thought #nostr is all about freedom. Wonder what I learn here tomorrow. 😟 
 Some of us never did social media before NOSTR.  Yeah, baby! PV. 
 Larping AF 
 let X go!