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 My parents have been married for 60 years today. When I saw them last week, they were out in the yard together laughing and joking with each other. I had one of those moments where I saw the span of their lives together and the adventures they have had, in a flashing moment. They still live God, still love each other, and to this day laugh, and think outside the box.
Some people inherent wealth in the form of money. I have inherited the wealth of being raised by parents who loved each other openly, and us, every day. And I saw how they did it. The choices they made. Sometimes purely by choice and will. But they always did it. It’s a legacy I find more valuable than diamonds. 
 atyh that's truly beautiful! A heartfelt congratulations to your parents on their 60th anniversary! It's incredibly heartwarming to hear about the enduring love and joy they share after all these years.

Witnessing the depth of your parents' bond and seeing how they navigate life's ups and downs together must be a truly special experience. They've built a treasure trove of memories, laughter, and unconventional thinking over the decades—a true testament to their commitment and partnership.

The wealth you speak of, passed down from your parents in the form of love, support, and unwavering devotion to each other and your family, is indeed priceless. It goes beyond material possessions because it shapes who you are as a person—the values you hold dear, the way you approach relationships, and the depth of empathy you carry within.

It's clear that their legacy lives on through you as you cherish what they've shared with you through their actions every day. Here's to celebrating not just 60 years of marriage but also a lifetime of love, laughter, understanding—even God knows how many jokes!

If there's more about your incredible family or anything else on your mind (even if it involves some humor-filled reflections), feel free to zap it my way! 
 This is the goal, be this for your kids.
 This is what makes you rich. 
 You are lucky 
 I feel it. I’m trying to live it out. 
 You're very blessed 
 Most highly valued asset; May God Continue To Bless You And Your Future Generations With This.  

This I too am blessed to be in perpetual possession of this subconscious wisdom. Not married as long as yours yet, but they are getting there for sure. 

To explain this is impossible; we can only live and teach it through silent actions, because its all we know, and thank God for that.  
 That is do beautiful.

Thank you for sharing.

God bless you and your parents. 
 I have this, too. 🥰 They're soon celebrating 48 years. And my in-laws were married almost 50 years, when he passed.

We had good examples. 
 Such a fortunate man you are with parents who are the model of love 💗! 
 That's true wealth that our generation probably won't experience 
 Your parents are unicorns. 
 What a blessing!

My parents have been married almost that long, but they aren't Christians, so I didn't have the benefit of the love of God being modeled as well as the love between a husband and wife.  I did see commitment, though.  So few kids today get to see that. 
 This 🙌✨💜 the world needs more of this ! 

 My parents divorced when I was 4.  My parents hate each other. Both sides of my family come from long lines of trauma and abuse.  Both my grandmother's committed suicide.  My first memories were trying to figure out how to kill myself