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 working to get these amazing human rights activists onto nostr https://m.primal.net/IZkb.jpg  
 Please intro me to whoever needs the basic intro or help getting setup. 

Been trying catch as many folks here in Oslo as I can but I know there are more. 
 Can you get them setup with a zap wallet too? 
 Let me know how we can help with these folks jobs to be done 🙏 
 Thank you 
 Masih must get on #nostr 
 Free will 💪 
 Awesome 💯 
 We’re gonna need them npubs when ready. 
 Setting us up for a good old fashioned #FollowFriday Jack? 
 Don't work that hard, u look both caramelized & parched 😎 
 Jack in the Back 
 Hope one of them gets you a new hat x 
 You're ironic,His heart a gentle beauty! 
 That his heart might be but his hat is rather shabby… 
 Incredible work 🙏 
 Jack do u have another shirt or just this one 😃 
 there are other shirts? 
 Lightning store has lots of bangers to choose from 
 How about a shirt within a shirt? https://image.nostr.build/3b7925466dac0f67543c461c3666c45fcaeda279194471801c4f1a740f567bcb.jpg  
 I'm getting that for my Kids. 

I used this and went to a custom shirt store. 
 we could absolutely get you another shirt - 
 i was considering having "no pussy for moderates" made up into summer swag.... 😏 
 Nah, there ain't any other shurts & this one is all salty & drenched in caramel sauce 😎 
 For sure! Check out https://21rebel.store 😉 
 There is no 2nd best 
 I hope you have a dozen of them- I don’t see you as the doing laundry more than once a month kind of guy 
 Nope, there's solely one single shurt... 
 Here to make this happen. 
 Please direct them to #introductions ! 🤙  
 It is the way to get the right people to know and use Nostr in their environments and activities.

Good 🤙🏼👏🏻 
 Thanks mate 🫂 
 Pura vide 🤙🏻 
 Nostr would be perfect for them. Thank you for your purple pill delivery. 
 Nostr should be very appealing for free speech activists 🫂
 Good evening #nostr

A lot of Dans...
 tag them here once you've succeeded 
 Beautiful human beings 
 They will need a good list of npubs to follow.  Thats what should be distributed.  Join, and follow all the people on this list type of thing.

Nostr is nothing witjoutna good follow list  
 I would prefer to not be should upon when joining 
 Well… Don’t bring the ones that simply push political ideas. You kill the credibility of the protocol. 
 Let's goooooooo 
 Make it happen and we promise to not go all crazy on them with bitcoin preaching 😄  
 Who's the homeless guy in the back?

 Wow.. that’s an amazing crowd 
 I cannot tell by the photo what these people do.  I think you would serve both communities better by pitching their cause to the nostr community rather than pitching nostr to whatever community this is.  
 I was looking to see where that big cheeseburger head was all da way in da back!! Love to see ya smile 💋 shorty do whoop!!  
 Is the goal to have them off other platforms or to add to their teacher.. or either 
 Shouldn't we all be human rights activists? 
 get all the cia in one spot? 😏 

no lanyards, dorsey. 😉 
 Oh okay! Where am I, your main girl? And if I’m not there, why am I not there? @jack 
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 Jack,beware of her,she will seduce you...make do things?..that are not for feeling guilty but to jumb deep inside the chambers as accomodate lust on you with just one kiss with just one whisper,,take granted not still your wants and needs don't regret if you answer yes to that compelling game of love! 
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 Υοu can't,Jack is very rich! 
 Rich people don’t like to be seduced? 
 they are afraid... 
 Of getting seduced? 
 rich people don't have friends , ... 
 Jack has many friends? 
 how do you know that? 
 Rich people have more friends 
 tell me one? 
 Elon musk 
 & Mr Facebook man, and the rest of the billionaire community 
 Jack Dorsey hates his enemy Mark! 
 Enemy how come? I think they’re friends 
 never on friday..(hellenic time) 
 I’m missing my husband, sometimes he leaves me in one room and sleeps in another room. Ask him why he does that? 
Am I right @jack 
 Do you have a problem, spending the night with me in the same bed after sex? @jack or is it a rule that you can’t sleep in the same bed as someone else? 
 Mr. Dorsey,Money will get You a lot of women but not real love!! 
 I do love @jack why is it so hard to believe? Is it uncommon for to hear “I love you” for Mr Dorsey? 
 my full name  is Konstantinos Papadopoulos 
 Hahhahahhahhhahhaha lol 😂 okay Mr Dorsey 
 If You can understand love i tell You this,You can understand! 
 Love is understandable in understated ways 
 I do understand it. It is for everyone even for those who try to understand it in ways that others say it’s for those who understand it 
 Understanding is perception 
 Don't blame me if i love and respect You! 
 Good for you, I respect you too 
 I love and respect your Mr Dorsey, @jack 
 Science, medicine & tech push to love and be loved so humanity can continue 👧 🧒 👶 people who are wanting to be single, the system makes them isolated by getting pancreatic cancer, or other forms of embracing death because you’re meant find and be loved to procreate so if you go against the ecosystem then the ecosystem wants you die, so you may as well donate your body to science cause you have no purpose to the ecosystem of the world 
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 If you don’t want to be loved, it’s best to isolate yourself and wait to die in complete isolation or donate your body to science .. just don’t spread your diseases to others of not wanting love or to be loved 
 What is Your opinion about-age is just a number? 
 What’s your opinion of earth? The idea of age is the idea of living on earth 
 Every planet has a different age depending on how close you are to the sun, the farther to the sun ages lesser 
 even though i have said these a million times to myself  i know my love for You is right! 
 I love @jack more than anything. I really hope to see him this year. I honestly want to be at all events he’s at. Wish I knew where he’s headed next 
 Bed time now,good night! 
 Whay????? Bed time in day time? What for? What you doing all night if sleeping now? 
 Where your boss jack? @jack 
 Hellenic time.. 
 Here! ✊🏽 

looking to learn and share with our communities abt it all. 

Being in human rights for a freedom movement and entering tech world of this kind is a lil 😰 but ready to learn because it’s clear that our values align atm. 

 Incredible! I hope to see those guys having fun with us here 
 What does "human rights" mean in political speak please?  
 This is excellent! 
 We’d love to onboard them and help them get going on Nostr. Send them our way


 What 🎣bill did💯 
 Yes plz, we need to move beyond censorship. 
 “I think the conversation about free speech is misguided - it’s about free will.

We need to have agency over our content.”~ Jack Dorsey 💜

https://x.com/lizadonnelly/status/1797999161121587314 https://image.nostr.build/8a906f3d8efaa981544c14f9cbcc3c0c966514f8ad5cf1afa4e83c92c4a886d1.jpg  
 “The annual Oslo Freedom Forum by the Human Rights Foundation is underway in Oslo, Norway. The event, June 3-5, has convened an interdisciplinary group of activists, artists, technologists and entrepreneurs seeking to support freedom fighters and humanitarian initiatives in opposition to authoritarian regimes around the world.”🧡🌎💜

https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/watch-2024-oslo-freedom-forum-financial-freedom-track-livestream https://image.nostr.build/55af4aa0345704f6cda2644b375451264f5770319b4b15699b762e998f2cbe43.jpg  
 the sooner the better. we need that #aid and #donor money . much damages to be undaone . 
 It is 100% Orwellian to me how the Oslo Freedom Forum had *zero* media coverage. It’s such an amazing event of brilliant, passionate people coming together from across the globe in hopes of inspiring a better future & world for all of humanity.🌎☀️🌬️🌹🍃✨💋🦁🫂❤️

… “I think that the free speech debate is a complete distraction right now. I think the real debate should be about free will.”

“Give. People. Choice.” ~ Jack Dorsey💜

https://x.com/jack/status/1798525889040527826 https://image.nostr.build/ec25c7a25f853078f2ff3c0aa9736b2011da967afd6d4a71ef752597d1453b60.jpg  
 “If social media is the equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction, then Jack Dorsey would be a contender for the digital era’s Robert Oppenheimer.”

😭 Well, thank goodness social media is not the equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction” - at least not yet. So instead of Robert Oppenheimer you are more likely a contender for the digital era’s Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell & Steve Jobs.⛈️🪁💡🔔☎️💻📱☀️🌬️🌹🍃✨💋🦁🫂❤️

https://fortune.com/2024/06/06/elon-musk-jack-dorsey-twitter-x-social-media-algorithms-free-will/ https://image.nostr.build/f580ccba65a25897d7900fbfb670a1859a36df815626091a7c43cd02afe35673.jpg  
 📝Working Title: 📚

⚖️🇺🇸{America: The Tinderbox}💥🗳️

Futurist. World Builder. I create worlds.🌎☀️🌬️🌹🍃✨💋🦁🫂❤️

https://unherd.com/2024/06/america-is-turning-into-revolutionary-france/ https://image.nostr.build/da73f7b69c0b1a664016ef5104e5c1b19e5cf5d6408936ca65aeabc9e2b7e9fd.jpg  
 The 21st century's Grigori Rasputin has issued another apocalyptic warning about social media. Speaking at the 16th annual Oslo Freedom Forum yesterday, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey described the free speech debate as a “distraction". Rather, the "real debate" should be about "free will".

So here you are  “The 21st century’s Grigori Rasputin” ~ just no.😭

Wrong again. You must be a 21st century enigma because they can’t figure you out - as it should be.📜☄️☀️🌬️🌹🍃✨💋🦁🫂❤️

https://unherd.com/newsroom/jack-dorsey-social-media-is-robbing-us-of-free-will/ https://image.nostr.build/4fd5d7e96960e8cc0f16a60163041e88478f52291d3c6af8bcdf04be75961a70.jpg  
 What 'human rights'? 
 I've been watching the videos from Oslo.  I was just telling my wife how impressed I was by the speakers and the directions they are working towards. 
 #Nostr is most suitable for Chinese use. Pretty good 👍. 
Everyone around me knows that #NOSTR can be used normally without climbing over the wall.😆😝
Not VPN. 
 Sound Money T-Shirt spotted on Gladstein.  Thanks, @jack  👀 🙏💜 

 Me bitching being dramatic:

Someone trying to do something a few people want:

Yeah but how do you make them stay?
What kind of activists are they?
Are they going to want to be surrounded by people who don't give a shit?
Are they going to put up with the nonsense?

Everything is hopeless anyway 😭 
 Sounds great. 
I hope to see more and more Join the only real permissionless network with liberty inside 🤗

We choose #nostr for our long term French / European politic movement for next European vote in 5 years !