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 That sure does resonate with me! 
 With me either...I am learning to regulate my emotions. 
 It's hard though isn't it? I'm a chronic over thinker and to be honest, I'm an emotional guy, though I do tend to bottle them up, till it becomes unbearable, then there's an outburst in one way or another😕. Still trying though🙏🏻. 
 What I can say by experience is , to stop a race mind, we need to bring ourselves to NOW, all the time. The only thing "real" is what is happening around. So I tell myself, is not even true. Some days are easier than others. And there's the emotional rush. I get it.  But when we question ourselves...from all thoughts that are illusions, it is not happening, right? So, make it "rational"...do something that gives you pleasure and distracts the mind. I like to paint, for example, or taking pictures, I loose track of time. 
 Thank you for your advice. I hope that we both find serenity, one day🫂. 
 It gets easier with time. Some behaviours we have is like automatic pilot. Bringing self to present, helps to "break" the pattern. With time, and the more you do it, it's like "reprogramming" the mind. We start automatically do the "rational" thinking. Questioning what we think and bringing mind to what is. It takes time and discipline but not impossible.
I hope you find peace and serenity, also 🫂🙌