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 Ross Ulbricht. 
 He should NOT be in prison  
 Oh he should. lol 😂 
 Oh really? I thought he just ran a marketplace.  
 Heard something like he tried to have someone murdered, but I'm sure it was in self-defense. It definitely doesn't warrant his sentence. 
 Ross and SBF both FAFO at trial.

Ross could have got less if he admitted guilt from day 1.
SBF is lucky he only got 25 for pissing off judge.

 Should be FREE 
 so are we meeting somewhere international? kona? fiji? tahiti? 
 ..should be pardoned. 
 Free Ross. Free Assange. Free Roman. Pardon Snowden. 
 🤔, you said best thing not to play, so why this move?!  
 Missed me, Jack? 
 How would you make a dealer of OK?
Fucker wouldn’t even be able to speak, let alone lie to deal 
 Difficult to beat facts stranger than fiction.

@Derek Ross 

You dealing smack bruh? 
 what about the united states of america insurgency folks who are now incarcerated

at some point #mindcontrol and #snake will be too obvious to be ignored  
 this doesn't mean ignore it, because it will take over and not in a good way 
 He turned 40. Sad. 
 do you have enough cash to buy us a boat yet? 
 why, what are you doing in ten years?

 Poor guy😒 
 Free nostr:nevent1qqsfd2t6zhs44e7w5g8e3l7ztcnjt5vmncut8t6d2dpj4z2pdym9ynspzdmhxue69uhk7enxvd5xz6tw9ec82c30qyd8wumn8ghj7urewfsk66ty9enxjct5dfskvtnrdakj7qgnwaehxw309aex2mrp0yhxvdm69e5k7tcu9tpjm ❤🤙 
 No sympathy 
 Proves Jack frequents X because Ross is all over my X feed today. 
 Or just that everyone knows it was his 40th birthday 
 it is perhaps prudent to differentiate hackers and bounty networks. id murder is continually becoming more and more pronounced by radicalized nitwits thinking it is religious. regardless - assassin is a mindset, occasionally assassins meet someone they are unable to beat. i have been subject to more paid hunts that you could count - i never see any money for real of course. real hits and "casual discovery".
it is never really effective. that all goes to the soft targets used as plants and bait. if you play the game you always lose. in the end. 

 Interesting. Doesn't make to much sense.... 
 Ross turned 40 in jail the other day 
 the fall guy amirite 
 Time for an old fashion prison break  
 Appreciate you for this. 
 40 🫂 
 Ross Ulbricht. 
 For president. 
 and Julian and Edward