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 Craig now explains why his evidence was written on a paper notepad that wasn’t yet in production at the time the evidence is supposedly from.

He seems to say he knows better than the witness from the actual producer of the paper notepad, when the paper notepad production started and where it was produced.

 Wouldn’t expect anything different from that clown 
 You can hide shit only for so long. But eventually it will fucking stink. This is the moment 
 Somehow it all feels like a joke. 
I know this joke had impact to you …. 
 Me and many others 
 I hope it will be over soon 
 He did invent timetravel after all 
 After all that hes gonna play a crazy card to get out of jail 
 The standard is "beyond reasonable doubt" and Faketoshi is stretching what is reasonable. He got away with that way too long. He will rot in a cell, proud of how long he fooled the legal system.

Sad how this clearly intelligent man wasted so many people's time and money instead of doing something productive. Prime example of a psychopath.

On the other end of the spectrum you see people end up on the losing side of trials because they lack the skills to stand up for themselves. A friend of mine lost her lawyers twice for just being messed up mentally, certainly also because of the very abuse she was living under for years which she is trying to rectify now.  
 "I was showing my students what the paper of the future would look like."

-creg (probably) 
 Clutching at straws. 
 Did you know that the Bitcoin whitepaper was written in 2023 by ChatGPT?

 leave us time travelers out of this ... CRAIG!!! 
 Dude invented #bitcoin but they don't think he can time travel? 🤣

Time to bring back my campaign for a new flaired hashtag...


 "What did I just read" 😵‍💫 
 You cannot argue with insane. Its impossible. Or negotiate. He’s truly insane. Not normal. 
 wen parallel universe defense?