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 "nostr is just a twitter clone"

 If you have an Android phone I highly recommend to give @zap.store a try. It's cool. It's powerful. It's here. And it works.  
 Do you run it on android 14 by any chance? It severely messes with my phone when Ive tried to use it 
 if you don’t have an Android phone, i recommend downloading Android Studio and trying it virtually 🤙 
 It's all I use on my new phone setup. 
 Same for me, it's insane.  
 It was just an idea a couple weeks ago. I love it so much 🧡 
 my android is degoogled will it work? 
 Yes it should 
 I have obtanium. 

What is thé différence with zao.store 
 One letter. 
 Like the CLI. Very dev friendly. 
 Oh... 👀 
 Can you explain further what's going on here, please?

1 . install bictoin-core
2. enter your npub

.. what does this do / what are the reasons you'd you give your npub?

Thanks :-) 
 It can't feed you info about whether your web of trust endorses the signer for an app without your input.  
 Autocorrect... "input" should have been "npub."  
 Thanks ... need to look into web of trust terminology ...  what does downloading bitcoin-core do if you're only supplying a  Nostr public key? 
 Nothing. The innovation here is that you are downloading Bitcoin-core from a Nostr-based app store, and the keys signing for the legitimacy of the app are being vouched for by people within your web of trust. 
 got it ... maybe ...

would the nostr app host it's own version of bitcoin core? how does that handle the remote origin of the original repo still being github.com? or does it serve the latest code from that remote origin?

truly fascinating .... this is the revolution (one app at a time) that we're all here for :-) 
 get it again maybe ... these apps host/serve this source code from github.com but we can "trust" it through our follow list (so to speak) 
 Download @zap.store and see for yourself @ajrlewis 
 will do ... thanks for your insight! :-) 
 The app could be hosted from just about anywhere. GitHub, a Blossom 🌸 server, or whatever, and signed with a PGP key or nsec when listing it on zap.store, and your web of trust on Nostr can be used as a measurement of the trustworthiness of that key.  
 Damn that's cool. 
 Other stuff 👀 
 What sorcery did you just commit? 
 Wait what? Zapstore command line 🤯 
 Twitter doesn't even zap. 
 neither do most people on nostr 

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 Is the npub entered the apps developer? Not sure what I'm getting here above the gpg signed app releases and a storefront. 
 You are checking with your WOT if you are installing the app your follows follow 
 Does the store also validate signing key (ex. for linux apps)? Or is this only for android and that's left to the package manager/installer? 
 Yes. To start, android only. 
 Twitter literally has this feature 🤣

jokes aside, @zap.store is pretty cool 
 But Elon can change your follow list 
 not sure what that means 
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Then they will laugh at you,
Then they will fight you,
Then you will win. 
 They don’t get it, they are still talking about DID placeholder methods  
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 not everyone very technical here, It would be nice if there was a simple explanation 
 this is an install script on Linux to fetch and install 'Bitcoin Core' which is a free and open-source software that serves as a Bitcoin node and provides a Bitcoin wallet which fully verifies payments. 
 Why script asks for npub then? Bitcoin core doesn't require nostr account 

good point, 
and I have no clue

I have watched several installations of bitcoin-core (on Mac, or Windows and Linux) and the npub part was not in there 
 probably zapstore thing somehow explains that 
 this is zapstore 
 It was a proof of concept for what we're building. It's not fully functional on CLI yet, but it will come. 

You can install bitcoin core from many package managers but often have no idea who built it. You may need to trust one entity and a random maintainer for your distro and there's no easy way to change that. 

If we can make package hashes be cryptographically linked to nostr pubkeys, we can leverage trust signals in the nostr network and do curation to increase confidence in what we're installing.

Web of trust is not the one and only solution to this problem, or a perfect one, but a powerful tool in the toolbox. Our goal is to maximize signal and minimize noise while operating in an adversarial  permissionless environment. 
 In other words that means that some nostr users sort of "sign" your package and if I trust this user I trust your package. Did I get it right? 
 Thanks very much for that great explanation 
 npubs are reputation wallets - not logins.  
 they're more-or-less trusted keys 
 You never know. Elon may join Nostr soon 😉 
 I only now noticed your npub1derggg. Was the third g a lucky find? 
 We're using nostr to build a decentralized permissionless and censorship resistant marketplace. Twitter will never be able to do that ! 
 because they need income to pay their employees 😁 
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 Is this linking Gitian sigs to nostr keys? If so, do I need to add something to my nip5 json file? 
 Very well done 
 Wtf… every day here I see something new what makes me think „btc and/or nostr is gonna change everything“