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 Literally the best product ever advertised at the Super Bowl and they didn’t even have to pay for a commercial.

 Buying one now. 
 Who was wearing one? I got that shirt the second I saw it for sale on Lightning.store 🫡 
 @jack was. Hey @ltngstore you gotta capitalize on this and get your links out on all the socials. 
 Saw the pic. Amazing. 
 Its simple. You buy shirts. Then you smash buy to replace the sats. 

 There will be 10,000 at all the conferences! 
 I had to be "that dude" and pick one up before the price jumped 🤣 
 I want one 😂😂 
 Just ordered one 😁 
 The website might crash tonight 
 How else do we stress test BTCPayServer? 
 Just bought one! We all should! 
 Give me one! 🫣 
 Looking fine tonight Jack 
 Need one 😂 
 If they don't want to give me the t-shirt. 🫣

Someone send me the template in PNG! To make my own t-shirt. PLEASE. 

Private doesn't matter, DM! I need that image, I need that image hahaha. 😳🙏

 Link please of the Super Bowl Satoshi T-shirt video. 
 Found it...
 Someone tell Lina Batarags that you don’t buy that t-shirt on Etsy, FFS. You go to @ltngstore and pay in bitcoin. 
 is it cotton 100%? 
 Should say "Rob Me" on the back 
 Especially if you’re wearing it. 
 Yeah, saw it on TV last night. Whose sky box were you attending? Looked like you were having a good time.