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 Check out the Primal web app; we recently added some new features: 

- Note drafts 
- Emoji picker 
- Faster media uploads with a progress indicator 
- Smart contact list (remembers previous user selections) 
- Revamped custom zaps and zap preset settings 
- Profile page has a QR code now 
- Improved feed rendering 

 Watch a clip of using Primal on a laptop. It's really smooth.👍 
 Je tenterai cette option mais j'utilise Microsoft suis anti Apple depuis que Jobs avait commencé ses sorties de nouvelles versions sans plus...en termes de performance juste une question de marque ans Tim fait pareil de Apple 1, 2, 3 à aujourd'hui on est au 14 😂💵💲 
 Why when I compare in real time with other clients, in Primal there's a delay to show new notes? 
 Le chargement est plus lent idem pour revenir sur les notes suivantes pour répondre.  
 Yes, I experience that too. I could be wrong, but I would guess it's because of the indexer service that's running in the background, indexing all content before it's displayed to you. That's why Primal is so smooth and not janky, because they're not pulling data live from all of your relays. This is why there's a slight delay. 
 Yes, but nostter.app is smooth too and deliver the content without delay. 
But thanks for the answer. 
 Nice to know im not the only one 
 #Primal is becoming unique #experience #Nostr 
 Good to see! I went looking for a QR code a few weeks ago and was surprised it wasn't an option. 
 Bonjour  je voulais vous demander si c'est normal qu'utiksant primal  sur mon téléphone Android il m'arrive qu'à chaque fois  que je veuille répondre à une note l'apps se referme instantanément peut-être j'ai  dû l'apps destinée  à Apple!? C'est juste aux cours de vos travaux sur primal qu'on a commencé à stipuler quelle version pour quel système.. Il se peut que j'aie utilisé la mauvaise version... J'en sais rien du tout.. Merci à vous puis excellente journée  
 Great work! Waiting for the iOS update now 😎⚡️ 
 this is awesome i just wish you guys stop putting the same 10 boring people in the trending spot 
 Awesome updates! Keep on rocking 🚀 
 Great. The timeline with who you follow will be possible ?  
 im new to primal.. what to do here? 
 Go up 🚀 
 Primal has been my default desktop client for months. Great work. Thank you! 
 Hey, I know that guy! 🥹 Primal keeps getting better and better. I switch between Snort/Iris and Primal throughout my day. Keep up the great work, @miljan 🔥 Also, wen GIF search?
 wen qr code for note zaps? 
 LFG! 🌊 
 how do you log out?? 
 Que genio @miljan
Gracias 😊💜💜 
 Primal ist super👍 
 Only on web version?  
 Tried to Zap this note from the web page but got below error (in the js console). I'm using @Alby for my wallet and Firefox v122.0.

Failed to zap:  SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data zap.ts:41:12
    Qt zap.ts:41 
 Hey, do paying other invoices or zapping other notes work for you? 
 Primal just gets better and better. Use it on PC and phone. 👍 
 pa idemo bre 
 primal works great now! thanks! 
 Nice... Primal is a great way to use #nostr 

 Hi Miljan, 

When do you think we'll.be able to make list of followers ? 
 Wow the primal team is ON FIRE 🔥🔥 
 boum ! 
 so the zapping and wallet is built in primal? I remember damus you had to connect your wallet the settings. 
 Excellent let's test this. 👏  
 Fantastic work. This is right now my only portal both on desktop and android.

Feature wishlist:
+ crop images in Android app when posting
+ auto-update feed on destop (nice to see news happening) 
 fuck yeah 🤙 
 Primal on web is so fucking good man. Already tweeted the other day that the surpassed Twitter, which is crucial and important step. The note preview is dope. Nice work! 🤙  
 it has a web client? didnt know! 
 Love primal 🤙 
 I like the animation that happens when I zap. Primal is going to cost me more zaps ... happily! ⚡  
 I can note on my primal app. Do I need more relays? 
 Sorry. I can NOT... 
 Am I right to assume Primal doesn't have a Following and Global feed?  
 Gm 🫡 
 It nukes relays list.