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 As shitty as it is, there wouldn’t be hit pieces on nostr if nostr wasn’t doing something right. 

That’s how you know you’re over the target. 
 I wonder if they realize that every time they run a smear campaign about how scary decentralized tech is, it's just free advertisement.   
 They hate anything they can’t control. 
 I feel like nostr was just the “shadowy alt-right” platform but the gotcha of the piece was in targeting Dorsey. 
 what piece?  
 Business insider article. 
 Streisand effect incoming 
 Yeah. Wild to see though. Such a blatant and purposeful hatchet job. 

Who's really the one behind it? 🤔  
 VERY true! 
 100% over the target 
 Precisely! 💪 
 This like saying “if he had nothing to hide, why would he care?” 
 It’s not at all like saying that. It’s just saying that these types of attacks should be expected. 
 You’re right 
 nothing more than a flacid virtue signl